Is It Safe To Vape While Pregnant?

As a woman who is expecting a baby, you might be searching for ways to stop smoking. Some might be wondering if e-cigarettes, known as vape pens, tanks, e-hookah or e-pens, represent a safe way to stop smoking while pregnant. Electronic cigarettes are nothing more than cigarettes operated by batteries which turn chemical substances, nicotine included, into vapors, which then are inhaled.

Is It Safe To Vape While Pregnant

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How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

If you just found out you are pregnant and you used to smoke, you most definitely may consider smoking cessation. Some expecting mothers ask themselves if a vapor pen really represents a sure method to quit smoking. It`s certainly better than the classic way of smoking, mainly because it doesn`t burn, but also because it transmits a much lower amount of toxic substances to the baby. Not to say that there`s no risk of accidentally burning the baby from any ash, matches or briquettes.

The device operates on batteries which convert chemicals (even nicotine) into steam which is then inhaled. The actual truth is that such a cigarette doesn`t really have safety studies that were documented by FDA or a particular legislative framework. Also, we don`t really know the amount of chemical substances contained and inhaled with each and every smoke. However, there are studies made on animals which indicate the presence of toxins in the removed vapors, so the electronic cigarette`s use in public space is still forbidden.

The composition of a vapor pen is rather simple: water, propylene gycol (which is often used in food or in medicine) and a mixture of nicotine, all included in a cartridge. While it`s extracted from the cigarette, the liquid is introduced into a chamber where it`s heated and then transformed into a steam which you inhale. A certain amount of nicotine will reach straight into your lungs, which then is quite easily absorbed into the bloodstream. There are products that are disposable, while other ones have a rechargeable battery or cartridge.

Nicotine represents an addictive substance which is quite toxic when it comes to reproduction and has a very high impact on the fetal brain development (FDA classifies nicotine as a substance in the D category, meaning that it`s toxic). It may also affect the baby`s lungs and increase the risk of sudden death syndrome. Non-smokable tobacco items, like tobacco or dissolving tobacco, have been associated with the birth of a child that is already dead, but also infantile apnea or premature birth. However, it`s true that due to the fact that cigarettes contain a lot of harmful compounds, they might also be responsible for these issues and not necessarily only nicotine. Thus, smoking cessation should include nicotine replacement therapy, like gums, inhalers, patches, pills or any other means which are approved by the authorities. However, it`s vital to have your doctor`s approval before using any of these options.

Is It Safe to Vape while Pregnant?

There isn`t conclusive data on the use of e-cigarettes during pregnancy. However, here`s what we already know: the issue with this new trend is that, so far, they aren`t regulated, meaning they haven`t officially been tasted. If you are using an e-cigarette, you cannot be certain what is in the vapour you are vaping, meaning that you cannot be sure what chemical substances are reaching your baby. – Visit this page!

Using electronic cigarettes is not as dangerous as smoking is for the baby. Even though expecting mothers know it`s harmful, lots of them still continue smoking. If this is your case, vaping can be a solution. It isn`t really safe to vape while pregnant, but if the other alternative is smoking, than vaping is safer than smoking.

How Does Nicotine Affect a Fetus?

The nicotine, that addictive chemical substance from cigarettes, carbon monoxide, as well as many other poisons you`ll breathe in while smoking are carried throughout your entire bloodstream and go straight to the fetus. It`s true that electronic cigarettes don`t contain so many chemicals like real cigarettes do, but because there aren`t so many studies made on this matter yet, better be safe than sorry, right? Just in case, here`s some of the side effects of smoking during pregnancy:

  • Increases the heart rate of the baby.
  • Increases the baby`s risk of experiencing respiratory issues.
  • Increases the risk of SIDS.
  • Lowers the oxygen amount available for the mother and his developing baby.
  • Increases the risks of miscarriage or stillbirth.
  • Increases the risk of congenital abnormalities.

FDA`s Change of Mind about Electronic Cigarettes

According to a press release published in July, 2017, the FDA announced a new plan for the regulation of tobacco and nicotine which should serve as roadmap to better protect children and reduce any medical conditions and diseases related to tobacco.

The health impact of e-cigarettes has been a popular subject in the last few years. However, more and more studies are proving the vape pens aren`t just a more efficient way to quit smoking, but a lot less dangerous as well. The Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom, the very same agency which confirmed the tobacco-related cancer risk in the 1960s advised the United Kingdom`s Government recently to promote the use of electronic cigarettes, along with conventional methods of nicotine replacement, as much as possible as a replacement for smoking.

Still, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has the intention to develop high product standards in order to protect against health risks like ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems and concerns regarding the exposure of children to liquid nicotine.

Is There an E Cigarette without Nicotine?

If you want to get as much as zero nicotine vaping as possible, a brand needs to provide at least 4 levels of nicotine and, of course, including an electronic cigarette cartridge without nicotine.

Green smoke is for the moment considered ranked at the top of the best e-cigs. To sum up some of the main statistics regarding performance, the long battery lasts around 350 – 400 puffs, while the short one lasts around 300 – 350 puffs. – Click here!

The nicotine options provided by Green Smoke accommodate customers searching for an option of zero nicotine. The levels available are tailored to allow vapers to reduce the consumption of nicotine gradually. The levels of nicotine available are:

  • 24 mg.
  • 18 mg.
  • 12 mg.
  • 6 mg.
  • 0 mg.

Support Numbers If You Want to Quit Smoking

  • Great Start Program of the American Legacy Foundation: 866-667-8278.
  • Get in touch with the American Cancer Society`s Quitline on the phone to talk to a counselor. The process if quite easy – a counselor will return with a call at the time of your choosing. You`ll be able to learn why it`s difficult to quit and methods to aid you quit. You can make a difference regarding your health and the one of your baby. Call now: 800-227-2345.
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