Is Light Pink Discharge A Sign Of Pregnancy?

There are lots of women who have some basic knowledge about spotting or light pink discharge. But, most of them aren`t really aware of all the possible signs of this sort of bleeding! Most women only know that pinkish discharge with a few drops of blood might appear while pregnant around 1 week before the next menstrual date.

Is Light Pink Discharge A Sign Of Pregnancy

What Does Pink Blood Mean?

Some pink blood (spotting) is completely normal at the beginning of pregnancy. If you experience a light pink mucus discharge and your period should occur in a couple of weeks, it might be due to implantation spotting. Also known as implantation bleeding, implantation spotting occurs when an egg that was just fertilized attaches itself on the uterine wall. When the embryo implants itself inside the uterus, very small blood vessels might break and lead to some pinkish brown spotting.

What Causes Pink Discharge?

Pink bleeding between periods is generally caused by an amount of blood mixed with cervical fluid that is expelled from the body. This is commonly caused by:

  • Ovulation.
  • Hormonal imbalances.
  • PCOS.
  • Hormonal contraception.
  • Implantation bleeding.
  • A delayed period.
  • Rare cases: Endometriosis, STDs, cervical cancer or PID.

Note: The most often cause of pink discharge is implantation bleeding. As you may already know, this occurs at 10 – 14 days after conception. Sometimes, this discharge is light pink, while other times it`s similar to a shortened period. However, not all women experience this type of discharge.

Is It Normal to Have Light Pink Discharge in Early Pregnancy?

While expecting a baby, the cervix (the bottom of the womb as well as that particular part which will eventually open and stretch during labor) becomes highly vascular, meaning the cervix has lots of blood vessels, so it isn`t too hard to bleed.

If the cervix becomes irritated while pregnant, it might lead to some pinkish red discharge. This might occur at any particular point while pregnant. It might be caused by an infection, sex or a cervical examination performed by the doctor who supervises your pregnancy.

Lots of other times, there isn`t an obvious reason for this pink bleeding occurring, especially in early pregnancy! There`s a study which discovered that ¼ of women claimed some sort of bleeding during the first couple of months of pregnancy. Some experts speculated that this type of bleeding represented an early symptom of the placenta not developing as it should, but it isn`t known all the reasons for which bleeding can occur. You should get in touch with your doctor immediately if you experience these signs or if you feel worried.

How Long Is Spotting in Early Pregnancy?

This pink bleeding should last only for 1 or 2 days, but the situation is different from one woman to another. On occasion, future mothers may continue having a light pink-brown discharge for the 1st month or two after conceiving, so you might want to take a pregnancy test around the time when the first period is due. If this bleeding becomes uncomfortable or even painful, you should contact a doctor.

How Is This Pink Discharge Different than Menstrual Period?

There`re 3 main ways that can help you make the difference between your period and spotting.

  • Menstrual periods typically start light and become heavier with time passing. This pink discharge (implantation bleeding) doesn`t typically get heavier.
  • There`s less blood than during your period, unless you are usually used to have light periods.
  • It should happen earlier than your period is due. Still, it might be difficult to tell if your periods are irregular.

Can Stress Cause You to Spot before Period?

Yes, stress can make your period go crazy, which in turn might make you even more tensioned.

Stress may cause the body to release an additional dose of cortisol, which in turn may cause the body to release less progesterone and estrogen, and therefore mess with the menstrual periods, make them to be late or irregular, or making you experience spotting when it isn`t yet the right time for this to happen.

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