Is Nausea Common During Your Period?

When Mother Nature decides to make us a visit, sometimes it`s both inconvenient and uncomfortable. But it`s also something completely natural that most women go through.

Is Nausea Common During Your Period


We are talking about nausea during period, but for some of these women nausea comes with constipation, diarrhea or vomiting as well. What leads to these unpleasant situations almost every month and what can be done about it we`ll soon find out.

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What Causes Nausea during Period?

There are lots of women susceptible to nausea, but why is this happening? When does this typically happen?

A menstrual cycle is rather distinct from one woman to another, so you shouldn`t expect for this particular detail to be the same experience for everyone.


Dysmenorrhea may seem to be a medical condition where nausea is accompanied by abdominal pain, headaches or cramps. It`s believed that the prostaglandin production during a woman`s menstrual cycle may lead to the uterine walls contracting and, therefore, leading to nausea or cramping.


For nausea, there may be a more serious reason – endometriosis, a medical condition that occurs when the cells which make up the uterine lining develop in the exterior of the uterus. These particular cells develop in very large numbers and line both the uterine or abdominal cavities.

During the menstrual cycle, these specific cells are affected by hormonal imbalance and production. Endometriosis may lead to abdominal cramping, bloating, rectal pain, nausea and diarrhea. – Check this out!

Probably, the most frequent sign of this condition isn`t nausea but debilitating pain!

Endometriosis can prove to be so serious that may need surgery or even a hysterectomy. Still, this medical condition isn`t the main cause of nausea! A sugar imbalance or deficiency of vitamin B might be leading to nausea during period as well.

Can Nausea Be a Sign of Gynecological Disease?

Period signs can often vary from one woman to another, so what is “normal” for you may not be the same for another woman. Still, as mentioned above, nausea during period can also be associated with dysmenorrhea, a medical term for painful period which may very well affect your daily activities.

Dysmenorrhea could include mild or serious pain (e.g. lower abdominal cramps), but also backache, fainting, vomiting or nausea. For most women who are healthy It`s believed that is the fault of the levels of prostaglandins for signs such as nausea before, during or after menstrual period. In theory, it`s thought that the higher the levels of prostaglandins, the worse the symptoms are.

Still, painful periods as well as signs such as menstrual nausea could be a symptom of medical conditions such as fibroids or endometriosis. No matter the condition, these signs should not be allowed to ruin your entire week. Get in touch with your gynecologist if these period symptoms get in the way of daily chores.

Quick Home Remedies

If you may experience nausea, there`re a few quick things you can do:

  • Take a seat in front of a fan or get a bit of fresh air.
  • Consume foods such as rice, toast, banana or applesauce.
  • Consume small, frequent meals through the entire day to maintain your level of blood sugar steady.
  • Try sipping ginger or ginger candies that use real ginger.
  • Add a cold compress on the forehead.
  • Drink water and tea to remain well hydrated.
  • Take a 30-minute walk your local area or practice moderate physical exercises.

Natural Remedies for Continued Relief

Not only herbal teas are comforting and warm, but they might have the strength of knocking out nausea as well. They are also usually safe of being consumed on a daily basis.


Peppermint represents another great plant which might alleviate vomiting or nausea. Research on individuals undergoing chemotherapy has proven that this herb might aid quite a lot with nausea. It has a great taste as well.

You can prepare peppermint tea by simply tearing some fresh leaves of peppermint, steeping them up for around 3 – 7 minutes in 2 boiling water cups, and then drinking it. There`re bagged peppermint teas on your local store as well, such as Traditional Medicinals Peppermint tea.


Ginger might aid with just about anything from seasickness, PMS symptoms or pregnancy nausea. Although not all experts do not really agree that this particular herb treats nausea, lots of research favors this herb over placebo.

The anecdotal prove is also pretty strong. Actually, you have perhaps heard of various people advising you to drink ginger to relieve stomach illness.

You could prepare some ginger tea by just taking a piece of ginger, peel it and simmer for around 10 – 15 minutes with 1 or 2 water cups.

Swanson Organic Ginger Root tea may be available at your local store or online as well.


Chamomile is a herb which has been used in medical field for hundreds of years. It is considered to be a digestive relaxant and might aid with just about anything from flatulence to vomiting, motion sickness or even nausea.

This plant has anti-inflammatory properties as well, helping with other PMS symptoms, such as uterine cramping.

If you are lucky and have access to chamomile flowers, you should prepare tea by simply pouring a boiling water cup over 3 or 4 tablespoons of the buds. Then, let it step for around 5 minutes and add some sprig of mint for flavor.

If not, you could make bagged tea, such as Taylors of Harrogate Organic Chamomile tea.

Essential Oils

You don`t like tea? Some women really enjoy aromatherapy to aid them with various PMS symptoms and nausea. In other words, ginger, peppermint or chamomile essential oils might make you feel better if you`ll start using a device known as diffuser.

That being said, studies offer mixed results on whether aromatherapy is really of any help or not!


The acupuncture PC 6 point on your wrist is well known for this unpleasant symptom. You don`t really have to visit an acupuncturist; you can just purchase a special wrist band that will apply regular pressure to that particular acupressure point and aid alleviate these symptoms.

Vitamins for Relief on Long Term

Vitamin supplements represent another great option, especially if we are talking about a relief method on long term.

Vitamin B6 can help quite a bit when it comes to vomiting or nausea. There`s a study performed on pregnant women who experienced nausea. This group of 31 women, 15 of which experienced nausea before expecting, received vitamin B6 on a daily basis.

Only half of the women who took this vitamin still experienced nausea after taking this vitamin. Experts advise on taking around 50 – 100 mg of vitamin B5 every day.

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Other minerals or vitamins which might aid ease nausea include:

  • Calcium with vitamin D (1000 – 1300 mg).
  • Vitamin E (400 units).
  • Folic acid (400 mcg).
  • Magnesium (400 mg).

Other types of supplements which might aid relieve nausea may include:

  • Evening primrose oil.
  • Black cohosh.
  • Chasteberry.

What about Medications from the Doctor?

If your signs of nausea are serious and natural remedies don`t really do much, you should visit the doctor`s office and seek advice. If these signs are serious, a physician might take into consideration prescribing you some really powerful anti-nausea drugs, like antiemetics. However, most of this type of treatments shouldn`t be taken for more than a couple of days.

Additionally, a doctor might take into account treating the PMS issue itself, especially if he notices you are concerned by other signs associated with your nausea. If so, he may advise you to use hormone-based drugs, like birth control pills. They work by interfering with the woman`s ovulation and menstrual cycle.

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