Can Jumping While Pregnant Hurt My Baby?

It`s almost common fact that some physical exercises that are allowed before pregnancy are forbidden while expecting, so jumping while pregnant might not be such a good idea, you may think.

Can Jumping While Pregnant Hurt My Baby

Every woman who is pregnant wants her precious cargo carried in her belly as safe as possible. And although jumping can have great effects during pregnancy, you most likely wonder in what way it can affect your future baby. Having knowledge about the risks or benefits of jumping during pregnancy can aid you make a decision whether or not this type of exercise is suited for you.

Can Jumping While Pregnant Hurt the Baby?

Actually, the truth is that it can`t. Our bodies were designed in such a way that we can move, jump or run without affecting the baby. We can trust nature that equipped the woman`s body with a system that absorbs every shock, so that the baby can remain safe in the womb while the mother can see of her daily things like usual. The amniotic liquid covers the baby like a puffy cloud and always absorbs all impacts.

The kind of impact that can really harm the baby will always come from catastrophic falls, not regular jumping. So, you should avoid any situation where you aren`t able to control your footing. You need to always remain active as the pregnancy evolves so that the brain knows how and when to coordinate the changes within your body and your center of gravity, thus helping you to prevent any unwanted falls.

Different Types of Exercises that Include Jumping

As you may have guessed, jumping involves a number of different types of physical exercises, like skipping rope or jumping jacks. If there isn`t a deliberate type of movement that involves jumping up and pounding back down, then jumping is kind of the same as jogging.  Also, different types of jumping may offer distinct effects for pregnant women. And although it may be beneficial at times, jumping used as a single type of exercise might not be the best possible option for expectant mothers.


It`s kind of common knowledge that exercise during pregnancy improves your health. Like mentioned above, while jumping while pregnant may not be the best choice in terms of exercise, moderate types of jumping exercises always offers benefits. A strong woman is prone to experience an easier birth than a woman who isn`t in shape. This strength is also useful after childbirth. The healthier and stronger you feel, the easier it will be with the recovery after birth.


Always remember that every time you are jumping while expecting as a means of physical exercise, you`re taking some kind of risks. According to Lisa Stone, a certified fitness expert, there are several risks involved.

  • Depending on the intensity of the jumps, one risk may involve premature labor. The reason behind this is that the uterus is pounding down on the cervix every time your legs touch the ground. If the force exceeds a certain level, it can trigger labor contractions. If you choose to land with the legs apart, the intensity of the contact doesn`t change.
  • It may cause vaginal bleeding. Jumping exercises may involve a jarring movement. Sometimes, it may cause premature contractions or vaginal bleeding when pregnant women are concerned.
  • Ligament injuries are also another increased risk. During pregnancy, the body of the woman produces relaxin, a protein hormone that was first described by Frederick Hisaw at the beginning of the 20th This hormone loosens your ligaments around the pelvic area. As they soften, they become somehow prone to injuries.
  • It may lead to miscarriage. Due to the growing baby inside the womb, the center of gravity shifts during pregnancy, so it`s easier to lose your balance when practicing jumping exercises.

Additional Options

While jumping around a bit won`t necessarily cause any injuries to your baby, a premature baby might suffer some negative effects. And although premature labor is a known risk, it may very well lead to other complications. It might be better to take into account other types of exercises while pregnant. According to PregnancyToday.com, although light jumping is completely acceptable in early pregnancy for both the mother and her baby, jumping jacks need landing in the squatting position, also sometimes known as the birthing position. Obviously, this alone will make this specific type of jump more prone to premature labor. In turn, light aerobics, stretching exercises or walking are great options for expectant mothers.

Be Smart & Use Common Sense

No matter what type of exercise you want to start, whether it`s biking, jumping or running, you should first talk to your doctor about it. Each woman is different and, thus, has different needs in terms of exercises. For instance, an athlete may tolerate heavier types of exercises more easily, while amateurs in terms of practicing sports may get exhausted even after 10 minutes of walking. If you want to make jumping a part of your daily exercise routine, ask your doctor to advise you about it first. Be careful with your body and stay always well hydrated.  If during your physical exercises, you experience any bleeding or contractions, get in touch with the doctor right away.

Have you practiced jumping exercises by now? Have you talked to your doctor about it? He`ll be able to offer better suggestions regarding this type of exercises and share any tips you may need to take the best decision.

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