How Late Can a Period Be Before You Should Worry?

How late can a period be before you should worry? This is a question for which most future mothers are definitely interested.

If your period is late, you need to ask your doctor`s advice to be sure you are not experiencing any serious medical condition.

How Late Can a Period Be Before You Should Worry

Lots of women after they start their sexual life and know they may remain pregnant anytime, often they start to worry if their period is late. No matter what methods of contraception they use, if the period is late 1 day, countless negative thoughts start to pop-up in their mind.

Before becoming a teenager, some girls may have their period late a few days. Sometimes they try to hide this from their mother, but most of the time a mother can tell if something is wrong. It can all be related to some hormonal disorders, but they`ll never know if they don`t go to the gynecologist. Later when they become a teenager, they`ll also find out that a period can be late for any number of reason, and that a pregnancy is only one of them. – Learn more!

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10 Most Common Causes for Late Period

  • Stress: it can affect lots of aspects in our lives, including menstruation. Sometimes we are so messed up that our body decreases the hormone production which causes ovulation, and in fact menstruation.
  • Diseases: A sudden disease, short or even for long term can cause a late period. However, this happen temporary.
  • Sudden changes in the schedule: Changes in your daily routine can mess up the biological clock of your organism. This is mostly true if those changes are major, such as starting to work at night instead of during the day or vice-versa.
  • Medications: Maybe you are starting to take a new medication and then your period is late or even missing Talk to your doctor about these changes.
  • Extra Weight: If you have too much weight, there may be changes in your hormonal cycles which can even stop your menstrual cycle. Most women return to normal with their fertility and a regular menstruation once they lose those extra pounds.
  • Too Little Weight: If you don`t have enough fat in your organism, your menstruation can disrupt or even stop. Normally, weight gain will help you return to normal. This is a frequent cause for women who work hard or are sports performance.
  • Miscalculations: Menstrual cycle varies from one woman to another, even though averagely it lasts 28 days. Sometimes it can happen for us to worry that it`s a bit late, when in fact we didn`t calculate it properly. If you experience irregular menstrual cycles, or if you know you are ovulating, calculate your menstruation every 2 weeks after ovulation. This can help you track the duration of your menstruation easier. – Visit this online page!
  • Perimenopause: This is the period in which you find yourself in transition from the reproductive age to infertility. Your menses might be lighter or severe, more frequent or rare. However, most of the times they aren`t normal anymore. If you don`t want to become pregnant, be sure you are using contraceptive methods because you can still be fertile without you knowing.
  • Menopause: This period appears when your body doesn`t produce eggs and you don`t have a menstruation anymore. Menopause can be natural or can be caused artificially by surgery or certain aggressive treatments, such as chemotherapy.
  • Pregnancy: Yes, if your period is late, there are some chances for you to be pregnant. A simple pregnancy test will help you determine if your period is late due to a fertilized egg.

Medical Reasons

If you are a teenager, it`s best to choose a gynecologist in whom you can trust to tell her everything. Choosing a woman as your gynecologist may prove to be easier when sharing all those intimate details about your body. If you are interested in what medical reasons may be related to your situation, don`t keep your breath for too long as you`ll be surprised of the number of causes that can affect your menstruation.

A lot of the reasons where hiding behind medical causes which treated in time have found their solution. Some, due to lack of knowledge a few decades ago, weren`t detected until the very last moment and not always there was something that could be done for them.

Among the medical causes we remind the thyroid disorder, early menopause (the woman`s ovarian reserve ends before the average age of menopause and no longer ovulates), anovulation, ovarian cysts, polycystic ovarian syndrome. The last 2 if untreated, they may generate serious complications which can put the woman`s health in jeopardy. – Click here!

Additional Causes for a Late Period

The main physiological causes for your late period are mostly represented by hormonal disorders. Fortunately, these issues resolved quickly as the doctor will prescribe hormone treatments or contraceptives designed to kill 2 birds with 1 stone: they regulate the hormone level (therefore, menstruation as well) and prevent an unwanted pregnancy. But this treatment can be taken only after testing the hormonal dosage and under medical prescription.

Stress, intense physical effort or changes of environment can affect the regularity of menstrual cycle.

In some cases, menstruation can be late between 1 and 7 days, while in others for months. It`s recommended to ask for the doctor`s advice if your period is late for a long period of time, because as it was already mentioned, a pregnancy isn`t the only cause for a late period, but sometimes can even mean serious complications.

In addition, a period being late can draw an irregular menstrual cycle which can lead to fertility issues, and the moment that you choose to become a mother may not be the same with the one chosen by your body.

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