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What Sexual Positions Increase The Chances Of Pregnancy?

Not all sexual contacts when you are doing unprotected sex will end up in a pregnancy. There are more factors involved in the process of conception, and sex is just one of these factors. Sometimes is useless to just having sex when trying to have a baby if you aren`t doing it the right way. Even though it`s the most important aspect of the conception process, the sexual intercourse must happen at the right time.

Sexual Positions

When Is the Right Time to Remain Pregnant?

To be able to conceive after an unprotected sexual intercourse, this should happen when you are ovulating. Also, it`s very important to have several sexual contacts in this period of time to increase your chances to remain pregnant.

Most experts claim that the best time to be making sex is 1 or 2 days before ovulation or at least once in the peak day of your ovulation.

The sperm survives in the vagina for 2 or 3 days, but the egg only 12 to 24 hours, that`s why is best for the sexual intercourse to take place when the egg is present, meaning at maximum 1 day from when the ovulation starts. From these reasons it`s recommended to be having sex 1 or 2 days before ovulation because the sperm released in this period of time will wait for the female`s ovaries to release the egg to fertilize it and remain pregnant.

How Do You Know You Are Ovulating?

Ovulation is one of the phases of a menstrual cycle. If you have a regular cycle of 28 days, you should know that the ovulation appears in the 14th days from your last menstruation. However, when you have a irregular cycle, you need to calculate or identify through various ways the fertile days. – Visit this link!

Your body will offer you certain signals when you are ovulating. You are able to notice that at around 14 to 21 days after menstruation, depending on the length of your period, you can experience symptoms like:

  • Sensitivity in your breasts;
  • A discomfort in your lower abdomen;
  • Abundant vaginal discharges with a thick consistency;
  • Your cervix is open, soft and a bit higher;
  • The basal temperature (measured with a special thermometer) is a bit increased;
  • Spotting during your period (some women notice small blood spots when the egg is released from the ovaries).

What Sexual Positions Increase The Chances Of Pregnancy?

When you are trying to remain pregnant, your partner`s sperm need to get as close as possible to the cervix and stay there or as long as possible, so the sperm`s chances to fertilize the egg increase. The idea is not to force the sperm to move toward the cervix against gravity. In other words, it isn`t recommend to stand above.

  • The easiest way to meet the conditions described above is to adopt the missionary position by leaving your partner at top. This particular position allows for a deep penetration which will favor the sperm reaching the cervix.

In addition, after ejaculation, if you don`t change the position, the sperm will remain inside a longer period of time. After penetration, place a pillow under the pelvis, add your knees to your chest and sit lying down on your back for around 15 minutes.

  • If you start to get bored from the missionary position, you can spice things by trying variations of the same position. For instance, you can leave the bed for a sofa. Or, if you are more into the rustic style, try directly on the floor.

The back seat of the car is a good choice as well. However, make sure you have opaque windows or that you are in a secluded location and don`t violate any of the local laws.

  • If you are a conservative couple and don`t suck the idea of giving up the comfort of the master bedroom, you can instead try other sexual positions. An idea is to lie down on the bed on your back with the pelvis on the edge of the bed, while the partner will stand in front of you or on his knees on the floor.
  • Another option is for you to sit on your elbows and knees, while your partner will get on top of you.

This is a position that allows a deeper penetration and experts agree on the fact that it`s the optimal option to conceive a child if the woman has a retroverted uterus.

  • If all these position seem uncomfortable, it`s time to relax a bit. Stay both of you lying on the bed, both of you on the same side, while your partner keeps you in his arms. Although this isn`t the more appropriate position for penetration, you`ll enjoy yourself and you`ll feel protected, which also helps with the conception.

When you want a child, the sexual contacts aren`t enough. You need to follow a healthy lifestyle and, more than this, don`t forget to enjoy yourself of the special moments spend with your better half.

There is no scientific evidence that these positions can guarantee you`ll remain pregnant. However, they`ll allow a deeper penetration which is rather important when trying to conceive. This way, when your partner will release his sperm, he`ll be closer from the “place” where the egg is fertilized.

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