What Is Male Ejaculation & How Does It Work?

It`s almost common knowledge these days that orgasm in men is different than in women, in the idea that it includes ejaculation. But what exactly is male ejaculation and how does it work?

Male Ejaculation

What Is Ejaculation?

Male ejaculation is the expulsion of sperm by the opening from the tip of the penis during contractions during sexual orgasm.

Every ejaculation typically contains hundreds of millions of small reproductive cells known as spermatozoids. The process of ejaculation needs the coordination of several functions.

The sperm ejaculation occurs through the urethra, the muscular tube which removes the urine. This takes place during prelude, when the man is sexually aroused during sexual intercourse before orgasm. Even before orgasm, the bladder neck closes to prevent the sperm flowing back into the bladder. During orgasm, contractions of the urethra and pelvic muscles lead to a strong sperm ejaculation through the opening at the tip of the penis.

How Does It Work?

Ejaculation starts when penis excitement has reached the maximum point. At that time, under the command of the sympathetic nervous system, seminal fluid (containing sperm) is expelled through the urethra through rhythmic contractions (15 in number). These rhythmic contractions are part of the male orgasm. They are under the control of spinal nerves, and it takes a few seconds. After the semen comes out of the urethra, ejaculation can no longer be stopped, continuing as an involuntary reflex. Less often, men experience irregular and extra contractions at the end of orgasm.

Development during Puberty

During puberty, ejaculation passes through several phases. These are represented below in a table.

Time after first
Ejaculation (months)


Sperm concentration
(Millions of spermatozoa/milliliters)
0 0.5 gelatinous 0
6 1.0 gelatinous 30
12 2.5 gelatinous 50
18 3.0 It liquefies in an hour 70
24 3.5 It liquefies in an hour 300


To reach ejaculation, it`s necessary to excite the male to lead to the erect state of the penis, more rarely going directly to the ejaculation. Masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal penetration may excite the penis to reach the final stage. Most men have orgasm after 5 – 10 minutes of sexual intercourse.

Distance & Volume

In normal state, seminal fluid flow reaches from 30 cm to 60 cm. In very few men, the sperm jet can reach 8 feet.

The amount of ejaculated semen differs from male to male, ranging from 0.1 ml to 10 ml. Otherwise, hypospermia occurs.

How to Intensify your Partner`s Pleasure when He`s Ejaculating?

  • During the 10 – 15 seconds of pleasure we are talking about, his penis is very sensitive. Now you won`t want to alter his concentration and cumulative pleasure with an out-of-the-way movement that may cause discomfort. If your lover has set a penetration rate, don`t change it suddenly. Likewise, don`t change the technique of oral sex, continue with firm moves, at a fast pace. It isn`t advisable in these seconds to test “new and creative” techniques that may interrupt his pleasure. – Click this link!
  • A classic method that you can try to enhance his pleasure is to bruise your Kegel muscles, the same muscles that you use to control your urine jet. By doing these exercises during intercourse, you may increase his penis sensation. When the female partner start strengthening her Kegen muscles, some men say that “it`s like a hand grabbing your penis tightly.”
  • During your boyfriend`s orgasm, he would love to have sex in a position where he feels best, but also to be able to see you in all your splendor. Doggie style is generally preferred to men because it allows deep and fast penetration, and your penis pushes your walls with the side where the frenulum or thigh is located, a very erogenous area that, if stimulated during orgasm, it intensifies the sensations very strongly. Sexologists claim that a man`s orgasms begins with sensations in the area of the frenum.
  • Last but not least, every man wants his partner to be as passionate during ejaculation as she can possibly be. What that means is for you to enjoy those moments of pleasure, bite him or scratch him lightly, and tell him that you want him. These things matter more than putting into practice any techniques of stimulation you may have studied. The more enthusiastic and natural in bed you are, the more intense his orgasm will be.


The most frequent illnesses related to ejaculation are:

  • Anogarsmia – delayed orgasm.
  • Dry orgasm – orgasm without ejaculation.
  • Anoaculation – a disease in which you cannot ejaculate (there`s no orgasm).
  • Dyslexia – a disease in which erection is painful.
  • Hypospermia – a disease in which the amount of ejaculated sperm is abnormally low.

Sexual Dysfunctions & Ejaculation

Sexual dysfunctions related to ejaculatory abilities are quite many, and might be caused by a large range of causes, either physiological or as a result of trauma or illness.

After ejaculation, a refractory period starts, during which no sexual stimulation will lead to another orgasm or ejaculation.

The duration of this period varies directly with age. It might be short (5 minutes for a teenager or for a man who is a little over 20s) or it might take a few hours or days (for an older man with a severe sexual dysfunction).

Various health issues may cause a lack of sperm emission, or retrograde ejaculation in the bladder.

A total lack of ejaculation during orgasm might occur in insulin-dependent diabetic men who have been injured in the spine or who have undergone a surgical operation following testicular or colon cancer.

Ejaculatory Sexual Dysfunction – Incidence

According to statistics, 2% of all cases of male sterility are due to ejaculatory sexual dysfunction, and the most common form is that of retrograde ejaculations.

Over 60% of men who are sexually active report that they no longer have ejaculation during orgasm after having undergone a transurethral removal of the prostate.

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