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Mango During Pregnancy: What Are The Benefits Of Mango?

Did you know that consuming mango during pregnancy is one of the best decisions you can take in terms of your diet?

Mango During Pregnancy

Known as king of fruits, mango is very rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and very low in calories. But these aren`t the only benefits offered by these fruits.

Can a Pregnant Woman Eat Mango Fruit?

Yes, mango is recommended by many doctors as the ideal choice during pregnancy. These fruits offer a high amount of vitamin E, vitamin A and significant doses of vitamins B, C and K. Regarding minerals, mango contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron and fibers.

It`s very rich in insoluble fibers. One fruit contains 3g of fibers, which makes it ideal for lowering the level of cholesterol. The fruit supports digestion and works well with diets for weight loss, not only due to fibers, but also because of the high content of water. A large fruit has 130 calories, which makes it the ideal snack. More than this, mango has a special taste that makes it rather unique.

Mango has 96% from the recommended daily quantity of vitamin C, and through the complex package of antioxidants, it protects the eyes and heart, ensures the skin`s health and supports the immune system. Mango protects against cardiovascular diseases and a few types of cancer. The proportion of vitamins and minerals makes it the ideal fruit for reducing the risk of kidney stone formation for women, but also has the quality in improving the brain`s function.

Mango Juice during Pregnancy

Mango juice is a wonderful option during pregnancy. This juice contains important source of vitamin A and C, which help in regulating enzymes and metabolic processes. This will allow the organism to manage appetite a lot better. One cup of mango juice contributes to up to 42% from the overall amount of vitamin C that is recommended daily. Among other benefits, mango juice also has anti-cancer properties. – Read more!

Mango Relieves PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

This fruit is distinguished through its capacity of relieving symptoms of PMS. The effects are the result of the high content of magnesium and an important dose of vitamin K, both of them having the effect of lowering blood pressure and reducing the clotting process, plus the effect of normalization the metabolic processes.

Mango Has a Low Glycemic Index

It`s a sweet fruit as it has around 31g of sugar. But it has a low glycemic index, so the level of blood sugar won`t rise very fast after it was consumed. This makes it perfect when satisfying the need for something sweet without high risks even for persons with diabetes.

Altogether, mango during pregnancy is ideal if consumed once per week. It`s also great to be included in the diets of children.

Is It Ok to Eat Mango Skin?

Although eating raw mango during pregnancy might not seem such a great idea, in some parts of the world this is considered perfectly normal. Due to the fact that its peel contains some healthy chemical compounds and great antioxidants like norathyriol, resveratrol and mangiferin, lots of women prefer to consume them raw. But although the skin of this fruit is edible, some people may suffer allergic reactions, so it may be best to contact a doctor before thinking of eating its skin.

Myths about Mango during Pregnancy

There`s a myth regarding nutrition during pregnancy according to which the consumption of exotic fruits (mango are included here) might lead to a loss of pregnancy. As mentioned already, this is only a myth.

In the same context, it`s said that seeds from exotic fruits consumed at the beginning of pregnancy may favor abortions. Doctors claim that diets aren`t related in any way in triggering miscarriages and that there are other medical problems responsible of this unpleasant situations during pregnancy.

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