11 Dump Mistakes That Might Get You Pregnant!

Before the fun during the weekend starts, you are advised to pay attention to some myths regarding the contraception which is usually disturbing the minds of teenagers, making them do mistakes that can hunt them for their entire life.

Mistakes That Might Get You Pregnant

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1. I Can`t Become Pregnant if I`m Doing Sex Standing

You can become pregnant doing sex in any position. During ejaculation, sperm is projected to quite a long distance especially to make it easier to encounter the ovule. So, when you are doing sex standing, sperm will find no trouble to advance to the uterus and further. And make no mistake, it will find its way even though some of the sperm might leak between your legs after orgasm.

2. It`s my First Sexual Intercourse, I Can`t Become Pregnant

You can and you will! Don`t mislead yourself into believing some people around you with advise you to do sex with no concern because to them nothing happened during their first time. You might not be as lucky as they were. Even though you might have been a virgin, as long as a large quantity of sperm will reach your vagina, some of it might find it way to the uterus. – Additional info!

3. During Menstruation I`m Sure I Won`t Become Pregnant

It`s true, generally speaking isn`t possible to become pregnant during your menstruation because this is the period of time when the unfertilized ovule will eliminate itself. When the fertilization doesn`t take place, it all eliminates through the vagina. Still, in some cases when the period is short, meaning it only has 21 – 24 days, the ovulation, meaning the maximum menstrual period of fertilization, can take place even though your period isn`t over.

4. I Will Wash Myself After He Has Ejaculated In My Vagina and I`ll Be Safe

Washing has no relation with the sperm`s goal and the way it passes towards the uterus. Immediately after ejaculation sperm starts to advance towards the ovule, so during the moment you wash yourself, it may have already reached its destination. – More info!

5. I Can Only Get Pregnant If the Ejaculation Has Taken Place in the Vagina

Another common mistake that teenagers make is to believe that they can become pregnant only in certain positions, which favorite the advance of sperm towards the uterus. It`s true that a woman of 30 years old isn`t so fertile as one of 20 years old, reason for which there have been launched a series of tricks that can ease the conception process. When teenagers are concerned though, things are a bit different. A pregnancy can occur much easily, even when the ejaculation has only happen near the vagina. This is also why sometimes virgin girls become pregnant.

6. If I Have an Orgasm, There Are Bigger Chances to Remain Pregnant

Wrong! Some people think that the presence of orgasm may influence the onset of pregnancy in case of an unprotected sex. Involuntary contractions specific to orgasm in the vagina and uterus can lead sperm to the fallopian tubes, therefore favoring fertilization. But with or without orgasm, pregnancy is possible at any sexual intercourse, and contraception is the only way through which you can control the situation.

7. When a Condom Can Become Your Enemy

In the passionate storm in the bedroom, who is thinking about how to break and put the condom? And in the movies opening the condom with your teeth may seem a sexy move, but in reality if you do this, you may pinch the condom, break it and you can figure it out for yourself what can happen next. Also, don`t use knives or scissors – the package was designed in such a way that you can easily break it with your fingers. – Click this link!

If a condom is expired or not stored in a suitable place (cool, dark and dry), it can turn from your best friend in your worst enemy. Check its expiration date the time you touch it and always take care of where you put such products. The pockets of your jeans or your car aren`t also the best places to store them, taking into consideration that condoms can heat up and lose their strength.

8. If the Partner Doesn`t Ejaculate during Sex, I Cannot Remain Pregnant

False! The risk of pregnancy is present if the partner doesn`t ejaculate during intercourse. Neither the fact that the partner withdraws himself before ejaculating isn`t enough to avoid pregnancy. Sometimes it`s possible that the pre-ejaculatory fluid, which is released during penetration and which is under the man`s control, to contain active sperm that may cause a pregnancy. The “withdrawal method” is a risky practice when it comes to protection, which often leads to unwanted pregnancies. Statistics tell us that pregnancy occurs in 4 out of 100 cases even when the man withdraws on time and in 27 out of 100 cases when the man fails to always control as he should.

9. I Can Take a Pregnancy Test Immediately After Intercourse

To be certain of the result of a pregnancy test, the best period when you need to take the test is when the menstruation should occur or at 1 – 2 days after noticing your period is late. A pregnancy test can detect the pregnancy hormone (hCG) in urine in around 2 weeks from the moment of ovulation. This period may be different from one woman to another and in even when, from various reasons, the woman ovulates earlier or later than usual.  Thus, if you take the test sooner, you most likely cannot trust the result. – Read this!

10. I Cannot Remain Pregnant if I`m Breastfeeding

False! Menstruation might not be present in the following months after birth and regular breastfeeding (minimum 10 – 12 times in 24 hours) may take the role of contraception in the first 3 months. However, because the first ovulation after birth may take place before your menstruation will occur, there are high chances for an unprotected intercourse during this period to lead to an unplanned pregnancy. So, if you want to avoid a pregnancy, use a modern and safe contraceptive method. There are special birth control pills specifically designed for fresh moms. They contain only one progesterone derivative and receive one pill a day for 28 days without a break between the sheets. Ask the doctor to prescribe you the right birth control pills.

11. Unsuitable Lubricant

If you mix condoms with the right lubricant, this may destroy the latex, which may lead to an unwanted pregnancy. If you want to combine the two, buy a lubricant based on water and not one based on oil or petroleum.

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