How To Get Rid Of Montgomery Glands?

It`s most women`s nature to take into account each spot that appears on their body. When you are expecting a baby, your eagle eyes may have already noticed some tiny eruptions around the nipples. Also known as Montgomery glands, these bumps occur during pregnancy.

What are these bumps, why they appear, how should you take care of them, or how should you get rid of them – these are a few questions we`ll try to find an answer to.

What Are Montgomery Glands?

Montgomery glands, also known as Areolar glands, are sebaceous glands in the woman`s areola that surrounds the nipple. These glands make lipoid fluids, which is an oily secretion to maintain both the areola as well as the nipple lubricated.

Volatile compounds from these particular secretions might serve as an olfactory stimulus for the appetite of the newborn as well.

The gland`s parts that are visible on the surface of the skin are known as “Montgomery tubercles.” The round outgrowths are located in both the areola as well as the nipple. When the nipple is stimulated, these bumps may become exposed and somehow raised.

The skin on top of the surface opening is not only lubricated, but tends to be smoother than the other part of the areola as well. During pregnancy, the tubercles tend to be more pronounced. Their number may vary quite a lot, generally from 4 to 28 for each breast.

These glands are named after an Irish obstetrician, Dr. William Fetherstone Montgomery who described them for the first time in 1837.

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Why Do They Increase in Number during Pregnancy?

While pregnant, the woman`s breasts and nipples begin to get ready for milk production in order to be able to breastfeed after delivery. The enlargement of these glands represents a symptom that the woman`s body gets all pumped up to prepare the woman to pump milk for her baby.

This type of glands grows larger from the onset of the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. When the alveoli which produce milk become larger, the fatty tissue amounts located in the breasts increase as well.

The breasts may swell from two to four times their original size, and our glands become larger as well. As they start the production of oily secretions, the areolas and nipples are well protected and lubricated. – Check this link!

The milk consumed by the future baby is being produced beginning with the 4th month of pregnancy. The areolas where these glands are found darken and become larger as well.

How to Take Care of Montgomery Glands?

Since these glands offer a secretion that is like a natural moisturizer for the woman`s nipples, you have to use lanolin or any kind of nipple cream in order to moisturize the nipples.

In addition, when taking care of your nursing breasts, pay attention to the soaps or any type of products that you may use. Antibacterial soaps might interfere or wash away this natural shield.

Here`re a few different tips that you can use when taking care of these glands:

  • If your areola and nipples are healthy and soft, leave the glands alone. In case if you may have any worries about the way they look, talk to a doctor so he can examine the breasts.
  • Wash the breasts using a water that is a bit warm, and try to avoid soaps which might wash away the substance secreted by these glands that protect your nipples.
  • Don`t treat your Montgomery glands using acne drugs. Not only they might dry the areola, but they may also be harmful. You should try to avoid as much as you can while being pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Even the Montgomery glands might seem like breast pimples, they aren`t pimples at all. You should popping them at all costs.
  • Don`t use ointments, creams or lotions for your nipples in order to prevent any issues. Nipple moisturizers are generally only required if your nipples are very sore or cracked, or if you experience an infection. Some creams might even make things worse for your nipples. If you have a problem with your nipple or breast, get in touch with your doctor before attempting to solve the issue by yourself.

As these glands increase in size, you might notice a white-yellowish substance which looks like mucus on the nipples and areolas. You may maintain your areolas and nipples clean by using a clean towel to clean them.

Keep in mind that sometimes those regions tend to be harder to clean. You can apply some olive oil on the nipples and leave it for around 5 minutes. This will aid soften those areas so that can be easier to clean.

Treatment of Montgomery Glands

You should contact a doctor and talk about the signs you`re having before treatment. Then, he`ll be able to examine the breasts by checking them out for redness.

He can also advise for antibiotics in order to treat a possible mastitis. If these drugs won`t work, after a while he`ll take a sample from your breast milk and send it to the lab for analysis in order to determine a possible cause of infection.

Additionally, the doctor could prescribe some acetaminophen to alleviate fever and pain.

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How to Get Rid of Montgomery Tubercles?

There are both natural and surgical methods to get rid of tubercles.

Normal Excision

This is generally made when the bumps on the areola are in small number and tend to be widely spread. This is considered more a cosmetic surgery which doesn`t leave too many breast scars.

Doughnut-Shaped Excision

This excision is made there`re lots of bumps around a nipple. There`ll be a scar for about a minute left on the breast after this method is performed.

A surgical removal of Montgomery tubercles represents a 30-minute outpatient technique which doesn`t need hospitalization. Talk to your healthcare provider in order to choose the best method for your needs.

Home Remedies for Montgomery Glands

Here you have a few of the do-it-yourself methods that you should know in order to treat Montgomery tubercles in a natural manner. – Read more!

Water Intake

A solution that is practical when it comes to detoxification which flushes toxins and may cause pimples. Chemical substances located in particular products which may increase pimples have to be avoided now.

Dental Cream

Triclosan represents an antibacterial ingredient that is present in the toothpaste, which is efficient in drying out any oil that remains blocked in the pores of the skin.

Apply some toothpaste of pea-size amount around the region of your nipples for half an hour every day and rinse using water for efficient results.

Infusion of Green Tea

Drinking green tea free of sugar represents a great solution when it comes to flawless skin. The antioxidant agents, which are present in the infusion, aid to cut down the free radicals that prevent the clogging of pores.

Fuller`s Earth

Fuller`s Earth represents an ingredient that is available in nature, and which is rich in minerals, including quartz, iron, calcite, magnesium, dolomite, calcium and quartz. It has antiseptic, cleansing and oil absorbing properties, so this makes it an important component in al beauty products. – Click this web page!

This product is very friendly with your wallet, and keeps away all hair and skin conditions.

Citrus Juices

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. This particular vitamin gets rid of free radicals in the human body, which removes the tubercles and provides a glowing skin. Combine a citrus juice with cinnamon powder and use it on the affected region, letting it be for around half an hour.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a soothing agent which, if applied on the region that is affected, it offers relief from builds up of oil. It`s available in OTC gel and cream form.

When to Contact your Doctor?

It happens pretty rare for a tiny bump on your nipples to be a symptom of something severe. More often, Montgomery tubercles represent an early pregnancy symptom and can be noticed at all times when breastfeeding.

Still, if you might be noticing some abnormal changes in your breasts, like if the nipples start becoming bumpy for no apparent reason, you have to contact your doctor to check them out. According to experts, discolored discharge and nipple changes is not a symptom of cancer all the time. You should still talk to your healthcare provided about these particular changes though.

Specialists from MayoClinic.org advise women to see a doctor if they notice nipple discharges from just one of the nipples and are in menopause.

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