7 Nice Things To Say To Your Child?

When it comes to being a parent, affirmation isn`t either the only thing or everything. However, it`s crucial to your child`s healthy emotional development. To keep a positive atmosphere in your home, sometimes you need focus because it doesn`t always come naturally.

7 Nice Things To Say To Your Child

Are you aware that you need to build up your child each and every day as well? Generally, we`re aware of what we tell our children! We are always trying to avoid using negative language and speak clearly so that they can understand what we are trying to say. But have you thought about those things that you almost never say to your children? Are there things that you rarely tell your child, and which he or she would like to hear?

“What would you like to hear from your parents?” This is a provocative question and most answers range from simple to complex, and from funny ones to really deep answers. However, thanks to them, a model has been made. There are some really consistent things that your child doesn`t only want to hear, but really needs them.

“I Love You”

You can always offer you child lots of stuff, but you will never be able to offer to him too much love. When you`ll tell your child you love him, you`ll let him know that he`s valuable to you. It offers them one more fan in their audience. Loving them offers them courage and enough time to develop. It offers them healing when being hurt and allows them to make all the necessary mistakes for a human being to grow healthy in a society. And more than anything – it offers them hope. Saying “I love you!” every now and then lets your little one know he`s worthy, likable and valuable. It takes away all their fear and give them in exchange the security and confidence they need to support themselves throughout life.

“I`m Proud of You”

There`re things that make you proud to have such a child. They might have exceptional artistic skills or amazing physical abilities that make him perfect to practice sports. Find at least one thing that would make you proud of your child and compliment him on it. When you talk with other people about your child, what do you think would you say? What characteristics or traits of your child would you mention to other people? If you usually see only the negative side of him, then probably it`s time to take a look at his positive features and go and tell your child this. You might be overwhelmed by the simple change of attitude that a simple “I`m proud of you!” can bring.

“I Believe in You”

All those years of adolescence are most of the time unsure. You child might have the feeling of uncertainty if he would be able to succeed. Do you take the time to tell him that you still believe in him or in what he does? Do you offer him the required faith and support he needs? When it was the last time you took the time to tell your child that you would believe in him or that you are certain that he would succeed in life? Maybe now it`s the perfect time to do it. – Learn more!

“You Are Important”

This particular sentence is vital. You may really believe that your child is special, but have you told this to him? And if yes, when did it happen the last time you said this to him? Again, these words can have a really great impact on his self-esteem, but on your relationship with him as well. Embrace your child every once in a while (even if he`s a teenager) and tell him how important or how special is to you. It will only take a moment, but it can make a huge difference.

“I Forgive You”

As a parent, it`s rather easy to think that your time and needs are more valuable than those of your child. So, sometimes you might make the mistake of treating him like he`s there to meet your desires and demands the way you want. This most of the time is totally unfair. No one is perfect! As a parent, you are just as guilty of saying thinks you don`t really mean or doing things you shouldn`t do. No one can meet all the expectations of everyone around us, and you are no exception.

As a parent, you need to find the balance between keeping in mind that your child has feelings and having him face up to the consequences of his own actions. It`s your job to teach him how great he is despite his imperfections. Don`t condemn him, forgive him! – Visit this link!

“I`m Wrong & I`m Sorry”

When you are able to admit you are wrong to your own child, you should him compassion for the way he`s feeling. You should him that you are human too. When they perceive you as being real, you instantly show them perfection isn`t real as well – not for anyone. You need to be honest to be able to accept your own imperfections, and when doing this with your own child, you also manage to help him deal with his own imperfections, therefore improving their self-esteem. You allow them to learn through you that being imperfect is OK.

Managing to take ownership of your own mistakes creates a positive environment where open-mindedness and tolerance exists between to 2 of you. This will later become the basics upon which he`ll learn to build other future relationships.

“I`m Listening!”

It`s really crucial to listen to your child so he knows that you`re interested in what he has to say. If you listen to your child thoroughly, you`ll soon learn about what`s your child all up inside. It won`t only connect you to his inner world, but it will create a chain of interactions that is mutually fulfilling where both of you will feel the value. In order to avoid misunderstandings that are necessary, it`s always helpful to take a moment and reflect back to him what he has communicated as a confirmation that you`ve heard them properly. As soon as understanding has been established, you`ll be able to guide, encourage and praise him.

As a general rule, keep a positive attitude around your child, make him feel safe and loved, and besides everything, make him love himself and the ones around him. Other than that, you just let nature run its course!

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