Pine Sol Pregnancy Test Review

You probably must`ve encountered lots of homemade pregnancy tests. These types of tests are around for quite some time now. Science wasn`t so advanced in ancient times, so people had to use various home-based methods of detecting pregnancy. Some of them were indeed really accurate and even able to detect early pregnancy.

Pine Sol Pregnancy Test Review

About Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

Like many alternative medical approaches out there, the Pine Sol pregnancy test hasn`t been study thoroughly yet by medical communities. If you are planning to use this test in order to see if you are pregnant or not, you only have the online reviews to turn to and make your own idea about its accuracy.

Lots of women who have already used this test have positive feedback about the test`s effectiveness and accuracy when it comes to detecting an early pregnancy. Even so, it would be better if you would back up this pregnancy test with more traditional testing methods, which should include having a doctor confirming the pregnancy by performing an ultrasound and blood test.

This particular method may be compromised by several factors at home. For instance, if you add the Pine Sol in a cup that is dirty, the substances might react with the chemical structure of the Pine Sol and affect the pregnancy result.

Also, if the Pine Sol has been made poorly or is old, your results will also be altered. These are all factors beyond your control and you might not even be aware before testing.

Pine Sol Pregnancy Test Accuracy

The accuracy of this type of test depends very much on the way it is used. Not following the steps properly or taking it too early may compromise the results.

As you already know, no pregnancy test out there has 100% accuracy. This is especially true when it comes to homemade pregnancy tests. The woman needs to cross the results with the opinion of a doctor. Still, various factors such as sterility or timing may have a strong relation with the accuracy of the test.

How to Take the Pine Sol Pregnancy Test?

It`s quite easy to take this test! The things you need to have while doing this test will include a good Pine Sol and 2 clean containers.


  • Use a cup that is clean to collect a sample of the first urine in the early morning. This is very important as the hCG amount is more concentrated now, which will increase the accuracy of the pregnancy test result.
  • Add a Pine Sol amount in the urine sample you just collected.
  • Wait for the color to change so the test result can be confirmed.

The result will be ready in a couple of minutes if there`s sufficient time passed after conception. It you take this pregnancy test before your missed period, you may get a false pregnancy result.

Also, use a bowl or dish that is clean so you don`t offer yourself another reason for which to receive a false pregnancy result. A disposable cup is the ideal choice to take a Pine Sol pregnancy test.

What to Remember before Taking a Pine Sol Pregnancy Test?

  • It`s better if you won`t use a colored or scented Pine Sol. For better results, you should try and always use standard Pine Sol products.
  • Take this particular test in a sterile, clean recipient.
  • Just as other pregnancy tests, the Pine Sol pregnancy test uses the levels of the hCG hormone as in order to detect pregnancy as well. So, it`s recommended using the first urine early in the morning.

Note: there`s no scientific evidence backing up Pine Sol pregnancy tests. However, most women consider it to be accurate enough if it`s performed properly.

What Color Should a Positive Pine Sol Pregnancy Result Be?

When it comes to this kind of pregnancy test, most online reviews outlined that the color of its result change from light brown to gold, which is also the natural color of this particular cleaning solution.

This change should take place within a couple of seconds after adding the urine sample, and shouldn`t take more one minute to appear. It its color doesn`t change, this will mean you have a negative pregnancy result or that is too early for the test to detect the hCG hormone.

With that being said, you should use scented or other color varieties of Pine Sol, but rather only the standard version of the product. Now it`s available in flower or lemon scents as well. However, these particular colors won`t change the color as the standard Pine Sol version does.

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And even though the scented version smells better, the standard Pine Sol version is what you have to use for this pregnancy test.

Also as already mentioned, if you want to make sure that your product will react only to the hCG hormone in the urine and not another chemical substance, you should make sure it`s in a clean recipient.

Some women like using plastic cups are they are more practical rather than a plate or a real cup. They are also very easy to dispose afterwards.

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