Rexall Pregnancy Test Review

Rexall claims that its pregnancy tests have a great accuracy and precision compared with other brand on the market. But, should we believe them? Let`s go a bit into details to make ourselves a better idea.

Rexall Pregnancy Test Review

About Rexall

Rexall has a heritage that dates back for over 100 years, managing to evolve in among the most reputable pharmacy brands in Canada.

The company`s history of helping the Canadian citizens has undergone a lot since the last century`s turn, through continuous evolutions Rexall or Rexall Pharma Plus from remedy-type stores to the present-day pharmacies they`re in our days.

The brand has been established at the beginning of the 1900s in the United Drug Company`s early days and rapidly confirmed itself as a pioneer in retail medicine. At the very same time, Tamblyn Drugs was setting up a permanent basis in Toronto, and would become Pharma Plus in the end.

Over the years lots have changed, but the company`s commitment to aiding Canadian communities or families follow a healthier life has only become stronger.

Rexall is a popular brand that designs reproductive health items, like pregnancy tests, lubricant jellies or ovulation tests. The very first thing you`ll require after deciding to bring baby into this world is a pregnancy test. Rexall pregnancy tests are being manufactured for decades, so it`s only obvious to assume that they are quite reliable. And the most essential criterion to take into consideration when it comes to pregnancy tests is accuracy.

How Accurate Are Rexall Pregnancy Tests?

Among the other competitors present in the field, Rexall stands out as a brand that lots of people have come to rely on. It`s quite easy to take a pregnancy test designed by Rexall, as long as you are able to follow a few basic guidelines. They generally come in digital format.

You`ll also need to make certain that you`re taking the test at the optimal time in order to get the best results.

Timing can in fact be very important in order to receive reliable results. Lots of women aren`t patient enough and take their test too early, frequently within a few days after the sexual contact or when they think that they are in ovulation.

Still, the hCG hormone can only be detected after around 12 days from conception. Taking the Rexall pregnancy test too early might place you in the situation of getting a false negative result.

Lot of women wait to take the pregnancy test until they`ve missed the very first day of their period. This usually happens 14 to 16 days from conception, which consists enough time for a pregnancy test to detect the hCG hormone that might exist in the urine.

Some Rexall pregnancy tests could be used as early as the eleventh day from conception. Still, these particular tests cost a little more than other similar tests. However, these tests can also be used when wanting to test early.

Rexall Pregnancy Test Sensitivity mIU

The sensitivity of these tests is somewhere around 20 to 25 mIU/ml of the level of hCG. Generally speaking, the sensitivity of pregnancy tests will depend on the minimum hCG amount detectable. Thus, Rexall pregnancy tests are quite sensitive if they should be compared with other similar brands.

Rexall Pregnancy Test Instructions

  • This test has an hCG strip.
  • This strip is a type of paper that has hCG antibodies, which are very small particles which can attach themselves to the hCG particles.
  • As soon as a woman has conceived, the placenta begins to develop. It produces the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, which can be detected through urine. This is also the earliest pregnancy sign.
  • Our Rexall test is able to detect the hCG hormone in the urine sample and, therefore, it can “tell” you whether or not you are pregnant.

Note: When you decide to perform this test, you just need a cup, a timer and the Rexall pregnancy test.

Interpreting the Rexall Pregnancy Test Results

Here`s how you should interpret the result of this type of test.

  • There`ll be a control line appearing in a small window. The vertical blue line from this window will mean the pregnancy test is functioning correctly.
  • A horizontal blue line similar to the minus sign will mean that you aren`t pregnant, therefore a negative result.
  • If you`ll get a second vertical line after the first horizontal one, you`ll have a positive result, meaning that you are pregnant.

Rexall Pregnancy Test Faint Line

When you are expecting a baby, your level of hCG starts increasing. Most Rexall pregnancy tests are manufactured in such a way that they`ll be positive if you your period has been late for 2 or 3 days, or 15 – 16 days from ovulation. If there is a faint line on your test, there will only be a very small hCG amount in the urine, generally because we are talking about an early pregnancy.

Some Rexall tests are somehow more sensitive to the level of hCG than others. A more sensitive Rexall pregnancy test may turn undoubtedly positive even when a low hormone amount is present, which a less sensitive pregnancy test that has been taken at the very same time may show a faint line.

Lot of women may receive a faint positive result if they aren`t as far along in the pregnancy as they would have expected. If you are in the same case, take another Rexall pregnancy test in 2 or 3 days and you should get more exact results.

If your pregnancy test turns into a faint positive line for a few days in a row, and then changes into a negative result, you might have experienced an early miscarriage. Specialists approximate that around 20% to 30% of pregnancies terminate in miscarriage, so sadly this is rather common.

Rexall Pregnancy Test False Positive

Precision is less important than accuracy, when it comes to Rexall pregnancy tests. During the test, the result sometimes might show that the woman is pregnant even though she`s not. As you may already know, this type of result is known as a false positive result. An accurate result will involve for the result to only be positive if the woman has conceived.

An improper testing procedure or faulty testing kits might, which sometimes happen when dealing with Rexall pregnancy tests, lead to receive false results, either positive or negative. Still, if you repeat the test, the error may be pointed out and notice a lack of precision. This can happen no matter the pregnancy test brand, therefore when using Rexall pregnancy tests as well.

Can a Rexall Pregnancy Test Detect an Early Pregnancy?

These pregnancy tests are really sensitive to the pregnancy hormone, so it can obviously detect a pregnancy very early, as long as they are used according to the guidelines on the box. The set of instructions will offer proper guidance on how you should avoid contamination or your urine sample.

You may not know it, but contamination is the main cause of false positive results. Rexall also offers details on the drugs that may interfere with the result of the test, which means that if it`s used accordingly, Rexall pregnancy tests are as precise and accurate as pregnancy tests can possibly be.

Benefits of Rexall Pregnancy Tests

  • They`re 99% accurate.
  • Their format it`s digital, which means you`ll get a “plus” sign if you are pregnant and a “minus” one if you aren`t.
  • These pregnancy tests are able to detect 5 days earlier.
  • They offer the result in only a few minutes.

Disadvantages of Rexall Pregnancy Tests

  • They come as a single test in a package.
  • Lots of women have claimed of receiving false positive results at their first attempt.
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