17 Ways To Feel More Sexy During Pregnancy!

While expecting a child, your body will pass through various serious changes. Additional kilos, your waist becomes thicker while the baby grows and sometimes the first signs of cellulite and stretch marks occur. But there`s the full half of the glass as well!

Sexy During Pregnancy

There are women who have the tendency of considering that the period of pregnancy is a temporary period that passes fast and, consequently, they don`t feel the need to adapt their wardrobe. It`s a big mistake, because should never be used as pretext not to take care of yourself. On the contrary, during pregnancy you should try to prove yourself and your partner on a daily basis that you are the very same woman who you used to be.

Pregnancy represents your opportunity to value your beautiful new shapes and the skin of princess. Here are a few tips and tricks to make you feel sexy each and every pregnancy month.

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1. Show a Bit of Skin

We don`t say you should stay with your belly or breasts for everyone to see, but not to stay wearing shirts with neckties and sleeves either. It would be a shame if you don`t value your new decolletage. If not now, then when?

2. Generous Forms & Molded Clothes

Wide blouses don`t show your shapes and silhouette. The bust and tummy are reasons of pride, so make them stand out by choosing clothing items that favor you. And don`t forget to highlight your waistline! – Click this web!

If before becoming pregnant, you used to wear molded tops and skinny jeans, now that you are expecting a child and you start gaining weight, you shouldn`t start wearing training pants and t-shirts 3 number bigger. Lots of clothes during pregnancy will beautifully round on your body and they feel quite comfortable as well.

3. Invest in Jeans for Pregnant Women

If you are able to wear some of your favorite dresses or blouses, you may need to say goodbye to some of your favorite jeans for the last part of your pregnancy. Maybe it`s a bit more comfortable to wear black tights during the third trimester of pregnancy, but if you have beautiful buttocks or long legs the jeans will only accentuate your shapes. Don`t purchase more than a few pairs of jeans – only a few in a couple of basic colors.

4. Choose Vibrant Colors

Don`t stick only to black or grey! Try some shades of yellow or red as well! Or if most of your clothing items are in dark colors, try to wear a scarf with a colorful thin jacket. Vibrant colors will always make you feel positive, and this is exactly what you need on some of those difficult days of pregnancy. – More similar content!

5. Give Importance to Accessories

A pair of cute shoes, some great earrings and some colorful beads can make wonders for your new look. Long necklaces are perfect to make your décolletage a bit more obvious, but don`t forget about the accessories for your hair: claws, flowers or bangs.

6. Clothes your Own Size Are a Great Choice as Well

If you want to save some money, you should buy yourself a XXXL dress even from early pregnancy to be sure you`ll wear it even from the month 6 of pregnancy. But you`ll most definitely won`t get any compliments for the way you look. Choose clothing items in which you hide your belly, but which shouldn`t make you feel overweighted.

7. Rich & Shiny Hair

It`s almost common knowledge that women have great hair during pregnancy. Let your hair free and enjoy this wonderful advantage that you won`t have anytime soon. Your new curls will most likely make you feel great. – Click here!

8. Show your Fine Legs

Your life partner will probably cannot wait for his future baby to be born, but while he`ll wait, he may want to spoil you for offering this great gift of having a child. You can always ask him to massage your legs or give you a hand with your pedicure. You`ll great a great time together doing things you normally don`t do!

9. Toned Body

Yes, some of the sports you may used to practice are forbidden now, but most definitely a bit of physical activity cannot hurt. Easy walks or jogging in the park will keep your shapes in their place and give you a general well-being sensation.

10. Sexy Lingerie

Your generous shapes may also need some sexy lingerie. Your life partner will most definitely find it hard to keep his away from you.

11. Beautiful Decolletage

You`ll probably feel your breasts grow from the very first pregnancy weeks, but it`s will be a great advantage for your partner who will most likely notice the difference. Now your invitations for a walk in the park won`t surely receive positive answers.

12. Enjoy Privacy!

If your pregnancy develops in a healthy manner and the doctor who supervises your pregnancy tells you that you have no reason to worry when it comes it sexual contacts, you should try and take advantage. A woman`s libido will usually increase during the second trimester of pregnancy.– Read this!

13. What about a Massage?

An evening that you`ll always remember can start with a refreshing massage. Offer your partner some moisturizing cream and let him go to work. You can just sit and relax his gentle touches.

14. Eat Everything, but with Measure

There may be moments when you dream of eating chocolate at 02 AM in the morning. Don`t get rid of this thought; it will only hunt you. A little spoil every now and then is ok as long as you know your measure. And keep some fresh fruits or vegetables near you at all times, just in case those cravings take over. – More info!

15. Shiny Makeup

You should show the beauty of your facial skin with those light shades and natural colors with every chance you get. Some cheek powder and mascara will often do wonders!

16. Low Heels Are your New Friends

Although you used to be a fan of high heels, not it`s not the right time to wear them. That`s if you want to stay safe. You may hurt your ankles or legs in the process, and from beauty to pain sometimes is a very short distance during pregnancy. – Read about this!

17. Take Care of Yourself

Perhaps you`ll often feel exhausted, but that shouldn`t mean you should forget about yourself. Schedule yourself a manicure/pedicure session every now and then, or maybe a spa treatment can be exactly what you need. It`s a common saying that if you look good, you also feel good, so the vice-versa might be true as well.

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