Small Size Condoms (Snugger Fit Condoms)

There are many debates about the size of condoms, but not so much information about small size condoms (snugger fit condoms) comparing with the large size ones.

Small Size Condoms

Just like first love, the first sexual contact can never be forgotten. You imagine the moment long before it takes place, you ask yourself hundreds of times what you should do, you try to find the answers by advising with friends who already took this step and you try to make it memorable.

Emotions and awkwardness are inevitable, but they are also part of the moment`s beauty. And for this moment to remain beautiful, you need a method of protection to get rid of all your concerns. Your best friend will be the condom. Even if 1 in 3 couples that used it said it happened at least once for it to break or slipped, the condom remains the only method that can protect you against STDs. Therefore, it`s mandatory to use it both “the first time” and whenever you have a new partner, regardless of age or sexual experience.

What Is a Condom?

Condom is a contraceptive method used during sexual contact and which acts as a barrier to prevent sperm from reaching the fallopian tubes and, therefore, the egg. With no encounter between the reproductive cell of the male (sperm) and the one of the female (egg), pregnancy isn`t possible.

There are lots of condoms with different sizes and you need to know the exact suitable size for you. If you want to find out if you need small or large sizes, you need to be aware of the penis girth.

How Is a Condom Used Properly?

The condom is used when the penis is in erection. For a proper and efficient use, the condom is rolled outwards.

  1. It`s used even from the first sexual contact, meaning the first touch of the genital organs.
  2. The condom is placed on the tip of the penis and rolled down with the other hand.
  3. The closed end of the condom is tightened to ensure no air will enter inside. Be careful to condom`s cap free – there will be the place where the sperm will remain after ejaculation.

There are lots of condoms with different sizes and you need to know the exact suitable size for you. If you want to find out if you need small or large sizes, you need to be aware of the penis girth. – Read more details!

Condom`s Width

Width is the most important because if it`s wrongly chosen, the condom can slip or it may squeeze you too hard. If your penis is too thin, then you need to choose a narrower condom, because if you lose it inside the girl`s vagina, you risk her laughing at you for years to come. However, if the condom is too small and you force your penis inside, is less shameful but it may lead to other issues.

Not all suppliers specify the condom`s width on the package, and those who do it, usually mention only the exterior diameter in millimeters. This is the width of the condom when it`s flattened. If you multiply these values with 2, you have the circumference of your condom.

Circumference in cm (inches)

A12 (4.7″)13 (5.1″)12 (4.7″)10.4 (4″)10 (3.9″)10 (3.9″)
B 11 (4.3″)11 (4.3″)10.4 (4″)9 (3.5″)
C10 (3.9″)

Circumference in mm (inches)

A120 (4.7″)130 (5.1″)120 (4.7″)104 (4″)100 (3.9″)100 (3.9″)
B110 (4.3″)110 (4.3″)104 (4″)90 (3.5″)
C100 (3.9″)

Width in mm (inches)

The width of the condom when it`s stretched as mentioned on the package (in mm).

A60 (2.3″)65 (2.5″)60 (2.3″)52 (2″)49 (1.9″)49 (1.9″)
B54 (2.1″)54 (2.1″)52 (2″)44 (1.7″)
C49 (1.9″)

Do They Make Small Size Condoms?

Almost any reputable brand manufactures small size condoms. For your protection, it`s best to always use condoms from reputable companies. A medium condom measures around 18cm in length. Special sizes (small, large or extra large) may have different lengths, from 16cm to 21cm. The condom`s length matters less because for small size penises, the condom won`t roll to the end. Some of the most popular ones are:

Small LargeExtra Large
Lifestyles Snugger Fit Trojan Magnum Trojan Magnum XL
Beyond7 Trojan Large Trojan Naturalamb
Exotica Snugger Fit Durex Ultra Comfort
Trojan Ultra Fit Durex Avanti
LifeStyles Large

How Long Is a Condom?

If you wonder yourself how many inches are in a small condom, you should know that the average length of a penis in erection is of 14 – 15cm (5.5″ – 5.9″) and the average girth is of 12cm (4.7″), so for anything smaller than this size you`ll need to use a small size condom. Anywhere between 14 and 18cm is considered a medium size penis, and for this you`ll need a medium size condom. If your measures are anywhere between these limits, you can consider yourself to have standard sizes.

How Big Are Trojan Condoms?

Men with big penises use Trojan Magnum, but even those are just a little bigger. If you wondering how big is a Magnum condom – it has 20.4cm in length (8″) and 5.4cm in width (2.1″), while their thin version has 19.2cm in length (7.5″) and 5.2cm in width (2″). So with or without them, gifted men are kind of in the same situation with the thin version.

Advice in Case of Issues with Snugger Fit Condoms

  • Talk to your partner about protection – Anything related to protecting yourself involves both of you. Talk to your partner without being shame about any issues involving your condom and find a solution together by maybe using another contraceptive method that doesn`t involved risks.
  • Use the condom in combination with other contraceptive methods – When you aren`t sure that your condom will remain in place, it`s better to use other contraceptive methods. However, only condoms will protect you by diseases.
  • Morning-after pill – If your condom may have slipped, and your sperms reaches the vagina, you have 72 hours to fix the issue. To avoid a pregnancy, the girl needs to buy the morning-after pill from a pharmacy or nearby store.

Risks when Using the Condom

The greatest risk is for the condom to have a manufacturing defect and break during intercourse or to be used improperly, which leads to it breaking or slipping away.

In case one of these “accidents” mentioned above happened to you, it`s important to note that a single drop of sperm that reaches the vagina is enough for a pregnancy to be installed. It doesn`t matter if the sexual contact lasted minutes or seconds, and it doesn’t matter if more or less sperm reached the interior of the vagina – the risks are the same. When the condom isn`t used or an accident happen, even a quick penetration can lead to an unwanted pregnancy.

Most condoms are made of latex. Their disadvantage is that they are easy to break when they are used in combination with lubricating oil gels. Also, because of parabens or glycerin in the material`s composition, latex condoms can lead to allergies, in rare occasions.

Image courtesy of WomenAdvancenc.org

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