50 Ways To Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

If you are attempting to have a baby or you are already pregnant, you probably already know that to stay healthy when you conceive a child and have a pregnancy without problems during the entire 9 months implies several changes to be included into your lifestyle.

Stay Healthy during Pregnancy

The idea of being pregnant not only mobilizes all the chapters of life to be adapted to the miraculous phenomenon that you are experiencing, but also all your emotional, physical and mental resources for a good passing through this unique period.

50 Ways to Stay Healthy during Pregnancy

Depending on how healthy you are physically and emotionally, so shall your little one be. The ingredients for the recipe are simple and easy to remember: love, hope, food, health, regular doctor visits, non-toxic people around you, tolerance, and so on.

Here`s a list of 50 tips which you should consider to have a healthy pregnancy until birth:

1. Get in touch with your doctor before getting pregnant.

2. Change your diet habits to a wider variety of healthy foods.

3. Do easy physical exercises! If you start early, it will be easier to stay healthy during pregnancy.

4. Educate yourself!

5. Eat a new vegetable that you didn`t try by now.

6. Read a pregnancy book from A to Z.

7. Document yourself from experts about the relation between contraception and pregnancy.

8. Quite smoking!

9. Stop drinking alcohol.

10. Avoid taking any kind of drugs or treatment without talking to your doctor.

11. Take prenatal vitamins recommended by your doctor. A daily dose of 400mg of acid folic it`s a good start.

12. Invite your partner to be by your side when you introduce these healthy changes into your diet and lifestyle.

13. Track your menstrual cycles. Learn about them to figure out when you are ovulating and are able to remain pregnant as soon as possible.

14. If you need a new gynecologist, don`t hurry and find an experienced doctor.

15. Talk with your friends about pregnancy and the idea of becoming a parent.

16. Avoid chemicals which can harm a pregnancy. This means inside your house, at work or in any other place.

17. Visit your dentist before remaining pregnant because certain dental problems cannot be resolved during pregnancy when some treatments or operations from the dental clinic cannot be performed.

18. Talk with every doctor you encounter about the fact that you are trying to remain pregnant. It`s very important to say this before anything else to avoid being put to certain tests or chemical substances which can harm your pregnancy.

19. From now on you should avoid cleaning after your cat or dog. This task should now be performed by another member of your family.

20. Keep in mind that it may take at least 1 year of proper sexual activity to remain pregnant.

21. Get the word around that you are pregnant. If people around you know about your pregnancy, it will be easier to stay healthy.

22. Talk to your parents and take what you can from their experience about what it means to be a parent.

23. Start a pregnancy journal or blog.

24. Use remedies that don`t imply drugs for various medical conditions such as nausea, burning or constipation.

25. If you may think it can be something suitable for you, register yourself to those cute courses for pregnant women.

26. Track your meetings with your gynecologist and keep a close touch with him at any moment, in case you suspect something is wrong.

27. Remember to eat at least 300 – 500 kcal/day, but not junk food. Try to get those extra calories from nutritional food, such as fresh fruits, vegetables whole grains and dairy.

28. Take into consideration several options where to give birth, in case you didn`t consider this already with your gynecologist.

29. Do everything you can to stay away from bacteria and diseases. – Visit this!

30. Inform yourself about symptoms of miscarriage and premature birth to be aware of what to track and intervene quickly with your doctor.

31. Check if there are professional midwives whose services you can use along with your doctor. Statistics show that women who use midwives when giving birth feel safer when giving birth.

32. Track your daily diet to be sure you have the recommended daily intake of proteins and vitamins.

33. In addition to healthy food, you may need to get iron supplements, vitamins and minerals. This is important.

34. Avoid drinking coffee, soda or tea.

35. Try to rest or sleep as much as possible.

36. If you need to paint, renovate or decorate your baby`s room, stay away from all those chemical substances that are used when painting and renovating a room.

37. If you have someone close who already has a baby, try to spend some time with him and his mother to familiarize yourself with the idea of having a baby.

38. Swimming is a good physical exercise for the last trimester of pregnancy. Relieves a lot of pains and makes you feel less voluminous.

39. Take some breastfeeding courses. It will prepare for the reality of this important task.

40. Stretch yourself as much as possible before going to bed to avoid cramps during sleep.

41. Keep a birth plan to help you clarify all the things you need to do which are related to this experience.

42. Prepare your camera for taking pictures and videos when your due date approaches.

43. Practice relaxation and breathing exercises whenever you can, at least once or twice per day. It will help you with your labor quite a lot at the right time.

44. Practice pelvic exercises to help you with your back pain during the last trimester of pregnancy when your belly will increase. It will also help you with your headaches and may encourage your baby to take the right position for birth (with his head down).

45. Have the luggage for hospital ready. There are big chances for the moment when the “water will break” to take by surprise. It`s best to be prepare for this as well. – Learn more!

46. Re-check all the characteristics and signs of labor.

47. During your last weeks of pregnancy, take warm baths. It will help you relax quite a lot.

48. Make pictures with you before birth. It`s a unique memory.

49. Read beautiful stories about successful births, beautiful babies and healthy parents which are in the 7th heaven.

50. Kiss and hug your baby. Welcome him into this world.

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