Sticky Discharge Before Period

Many women have a large range of various types of discharge that are experienced throughout a menstrual cycle.

Sticky Discharge Before Period

A woman might produce about a teaspoon a thin or thick much without odor every day, and its color might change from clear to white or brown in no time. You may not even realize this, but what you see is not completely random.

Hormones and what is going on within your body has much to do with all the textures and colors of your discharges.

What Is Sticky Discharge before Period?

Your sticky discharge you might notice before your monthly period is often known as leucorrhea. This discharge is full of cells and fluid which are being expelled from the vagina, and from time to time it might even seem a bit yellow.

This particular part of the menstrual cycle is known as the luteal phase. It occurs when your progesterone hormone peaks in the body. Progesterone makes your discharge seem cloudy or white. On the other hand, on the estrogen hormone is the dominant one, your discharge will have a tendency to be watery, clear or stretchy.

Certain women look at their discharges in a way to track their fertility, something which is also called fertility awareness method (natural family planning approach).

When your discharge is thin and stretchy, it`s seen as being fertile, and it occurs around the period when the egg might be released. A thick and white discharge isn`t seen as being fertile mucus, which makes sense, as you commonly see this mucus when you aren`t fertile anymore – between ovulation and when your period starts.

No matter the texture and color, the discharge maintains your vaginal tissues lubricated and healthy. As long as this particular discharge doesn`t come with signs of redness, pain or itching, it`s completely normal.

Is It Normal to Experience Sticky Discharge before Period?

Lots of women wonder at a certain point in their life if it`s normal to experience such discharges before their period. Young women, like preteens or adolescents for whom these experiences are new, might ask themselves why they have these discharges on a monthly basis.

Lots of women find such discharges to be embarrassing sometimes. They may concern themselves that their clothing items might be stained or the fact that those around them may notice these unpleasant moments.

Actually, as long they don`t suffer from any medical condition and they`re perfectly healthy, women can remain relaxed in being aware that their discharge before period is something completely normal and can almost never be noticed by others around.

Still, lots of women choose to wear panty liners during these particular periods of time to feel more comfortable. Panty liners or maxi-pads can be found in a large range of scents and sizes to aid any woman who needs them to stay fresh during these moments.

While some of the women out there choose to wear tampons during periods, health specialists warn them not to use them when it comes to thick white discharge before their period. They are inefficient in curbing cervical mucus and may increase the risk of developing toxic shock syndrome at a later time.

Another product that it commonly used by women before period is feminine spray or powder! This type of product doesn`t pose any health risk and aid women feel drier.

As uncomfortable and even embarrassing as it might be for some women to experience these discharges each and every month, they need to recognize them as a symptom that their reproductive system is working properly.

What Does It Mean When Your Discharge Is White and Sticky?

It`s really something that you`re aware of what kind of discharge you have. This will make you alert if any changes occur. As far of the sticky thing that comes out from your vagina, it`s completely normal to experience sticky, thin or thick discharge every now and then.

Still, it shouldn`t come with an unpleasant odor, as this may be a sign of an infection or disease. Normal vaginal discharge is a good sign that your body functions properly. It`s also the body`s attempt to keep the vagina clean and moist.

The thickness and texture of vaginal discharge usually changes for one reason or another during a month. For instance, vaginal fluid has a tendency to be stringy and clear around ovulation. Still, if you`ve notice some sort of a change in vaginal discharge and experience any of the following symptoms, contact a doctor:

  • The vaginal discharge comes with an odor.
  • The vaginal fluid is bloody, but you aren`t on the period.
  • The vaginal discharge is lumpy and white, similar to cottage cheese (e.g. yeast infection).
  • Redness, swelling or itching around the vagina.
  • The vaginal fluid is yellow, gray or green (e.g. pus).

White Discharge before Period: Sign of Pregnancy?

After the woman`s conception, her fertilized egg will attach itself to the uterine lining. This will lead to one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms – spotting (bloody discharge) and cramps.

This is known as implantation bleeding and it takes place anywhere around 6 – 12 days after the woman`s egg gets fertilized.

The cramps that are experienced are similar to menstrual cramps, and some women confuse ones with the others. They also confuse the bleeding with a possible period. However, these cramps and bleeding are lighter in sensation. – Find out more!

Besides this bleeding, a pregnant woman might also notice a rather white vaginal discharge. That is most likely related to the thickening of the vaginal walls that begin right after conception. The increased development of cells in the vagina leads to this discharge.

This specific discharge, which might also continue during pregnancy, doesn`t pose any danger and there`s no treatment required for it. However, if it`s accompanied by a bad odor or a burning/itching feeling, you should talk to the doctor so he can be able to perform you a medical examination on whether you have a bacterial infection or not.

Is White Discharge a Sign of Period Coming?

Vaginal discharges before periods are usually thick and white.

As already mentioned, during a menstrual cycle might sometimes change. As the onset of the cycle, when your menstruation will end, discharge is white, thick. Some of the women out there might go through a vaginal dryness after their periods will end.

As the middle of the menstrual cycle or right before ovulation, vaginal discharge turns egg white and sticky. After ovulation and right before period, the discharge becomes white and thick again.

These particular changes occur because of hormonal changes during menstrual cycles. A discharge that is white and thick might be a symptom that the period is near. This happens because of low estrogen and progesterone levels.

Image courtesy of fertilityet.org

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