50 Things About Sex You Probably Hear For The First Time!

In certain countries, sex is still seen as a taboo subject. If you didn`t visited the Manhattan Sex museum, where you can get to know the whole history of sex, we`ll offer you some of the funniest and unusual things about sex that will most likely make you curious enough to enjoy our article.

Things About Sex

1. Did you know that the vibrator was first used in the 19th century in the treatment of hysteria in women who had all the signs? The orgasms obtained with the vibrators seem to have offered them a serious help to the doctors of that period of time, who fought with the whims of the ladies being treated. – Read this!

2. Seminal fluid contains calcium and zinc, both being able to prevent dental caries.

3. There are 5 times more pornographic online pages than regular pages.

4. From a biochemical point of view, sex resembles the consumption of large amount of chocolate.

5. Men grow their beard faster when they are about to have sex.

6. Do you want to lose weight? Do sex as often as 30 minutes and lose 200 calories.

7. Women who read love novels have sex twice as often as those who don`t accept this kind of literature.

8. There`s a certain type of vibrator, known as “Rabbit,” whose model is very popular for the remarkable “results” in the orgasms chapter, but also for the fun emoticon at its top. It seems that the emoticon was added after reaction of the Japanese clients, who were frowning at the sight of such a sexual toy.

9. Did you know that the average for an erected penis is 12.7 cm, while for a non-erected one is 7.62 cm?

10. Although it`s rather sad to find out this, the truth is that homosexuality remains on the list of diseases in the U. S. until 1973.

11. At least during the WWII, the government decided to spend a large amount of money under the slogan “Protect our army!” by making all kinds of videos and brochures in which the soldiers were urged to wear condoms to any sexual contact. This decision came as a result of the fact that many soldiers returned home with serious venereal diseases, and the government was spending even more with their healing. – Click for more!

12. The “Burlesti” costumes are practically the favorite outfits of the famous Dita Von Teese. What you need to know is that these costumes have emerged from a necessity. Initially, they were designed (with a part of pubic wig included) as a screen and used by the prostitutes of the past centuries to mask all the signs of serious venereal diseases, like syphilis. It`s not bad to tell about this to your boyfriend as well, especially if he`s the type of likes to go out with the guys often.

13. In Hong Kong, the man who cheated his wife had an unfortunate fortune: not only that he needed to pay an important sum of money as a good pension and damages to the wife, but the latter had the right to kill him if she wanted to. It was just that she had to do it with her bare hands, without a gun, which became a bit difficult.

14. Where was the proverbial hospitality of the South of the past – described in novels like “Gone with the Wind?” We don`t know either, since in the American states of Alabama and Mississippi, vibrators and sexual toys have been banned.

15. Did you know that the humans are the only animals that have sex face to face? Or that a normal human being invests 600 hours in sex between 20 and 70 years?

16. Sex has a lot of benefits analgesic effects, hydration, increased immunity, blood circulation improvement.

17. There are women who have an exaggerated fear of seeing, feeling or even thinking of an erect penis – it`s known as itiphalophobia. For people who suffer from this illness, it would be horrible to learn that among all primates, man has the largest penis. – Read more!

18. Fred Flintstone and Wilma were the first couple seen in bed for the first time on television. Curious, right? However, they are cartoon characters. On the other hand, try to look at all the drawings of childhood now, see how many of them have “naughty” suggestions!

19. Woody Allen about sex: “I don`t know what is the question, but the answer is sex for sure.”

20. Oscar Wilde about sex: Everything in the world is about sex. Except sex! Sex is about power.”

21. Orgasms are the moments when we take out the most “pearls.” We mistake the name of the partner, we ask him to change the song, or we wake up screaming “pineapple,” “madam!” or who knows what other word comes out your mind.

22. Have you heard about “formicophilia,” a fetish that involves the orgasm following the invasion of small gases that walks on the genitals?

23. Did you know that most men prefer women with shapes, not those who are very thin?

24. A regular sexual act takes around 16 minutes for Europeans and 7 minutes for Americans.

25. Men take more risks when they know that sexy women look or pay attention to them.

26. Adult movies don`t affect the way a man looks at a woman.

27. Athletic women are considered to be better in bed because they are more competitive than regular persons.

28. Emotional women have more orgasms than cold or tough ones.

29. Typical men have up to 7 sex partners in a lifetime, while women only have 4.

30. Men, suck your belly! For each 16 kg of weight lost, the penis increases by 2.54 cm. – Visit this link!

31. A sex game once a week improves the immunity by more than 30%.

32. A study performed in 2010 demonstrated that the more a woman respects herself more, the faster she gets to orgasm.

33. Yes, sex it`s possible in old age as well! Persons over 60 years old still have sex. It only happens once a week, but it`s better than nothing, right?

34. High heels destroy the spine, but they are sexual beneficial. Researchers have found that women who wear high heels have more tense pelvic muscles, helping them have strong orgasms.

35. Women who regularly masturbate are happier.

36. Seventy percent of the multimillionaire people think that money help them have better sex.

37. A woman out of 4 over the age of 35 says she never had sex. – Click here!

38. Women are 10 times more sensitive to touch then men. That`s why they have orgasm much faster than men do.

39. Thirty five percent of people under the age of 35 enter Facebook or Twitter after having sex.

40. Married women have sex more often than those who aren`t married, but in a stable relationship.

41. When women have orgasm, every fear and concern disappear from their minds.

42. The massage offered to a man can excite a woman as much as the man who receives the massage.

43. It`s proven. One out of 4 Americans is “too tired” to have sex.

44. A recent study has shown that people with an average financial status have sex more than rich people.

45. 100 million couples have sex every year (more info!). This means that around 65.000 couples are having sex right now. If you enjoy calculations, you can also think who, when and with whom makes love.

46. When 2 people kiss, they exchange between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria. Cold viruses, hepatitis B or herpes might be transmitted during kissing as well.

47. A former start in adult movies set a new world record, the youngest woman (22 years) who had 251 sec acts when 70 men in a 10-hour period.

48. Sexual dependence is often faced by people who suffer stress, anxiety or depression.

49. On average, men think of sex every 7 seconds.

50. A spoon of sperm from a healthy man has 300 million of spermatozoids.

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