15 Things About Testicles You May Not Know!

An active sex life and good communication can transform a common relationship into a passionate, adventurous and mysterious one. In order not to fall into the daily routine, you need to learn to know your partner both psychically, emotionally and physically.

Things You Didn’t Know About Testicles

Because we are at a lesson about sex, today we`ll learn a few new things about testicles, the most important men`s jewelry.

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1. From What Do Testicles Hang?

Testicles hang outside the body because the ideal temperature for sperm production should be 1 or 2 degrees lower than body temperature. In situations where men are cold, testicles get closer to the body.

2. How Sensitive Are They?

The 2 balls are very sensitive and fragile that even at the slightest blow, men feel a terrible pain in that area and in the abdomen. Most of the time, some “males” get to impose their partners not to play with them, being afraid of pain.

3. What Is the Connection Between Testicles and Nerves?

Testicles are responsible for producing sperm and testosterone. The amount of testosterone is essential because it determines the muscle mass of men, the facial hair, but also the temperament, the nerves and the reactions they have. – More about this!

4. How Much Is the Penis`s Direction Influenced?

Men generally have their penis straight to the right. This is because the testicles are unequal, meaning one is higher than the other. When the penis is in erection, its “not straight” line is even more noticeable than usual, but you don`t have to scare yourself. It`s a normal thing found in most men.

5. You Can Anticipate when your Partner Has Orgasm

Good news for you: you can tell when your lover has orgasm just by looking at his testicles. They rise slightly just before ejaculation to “connect” with the body, and you can take advantage of this chance, enhancing its pleasure by methods known only by you. – More here!

6. It`s Allowed to Play with Them?

Yeah, if you`re not too bad. It`s very important to be careful not to pinch, bite or use your nails. You have to be gentle, easy to massage without suddenly. If you have a close relationship with your partner or are disinhibited, you can kiss them and walk around with your tongue (a lot of women don`t agree with this method, considering it not suitable).

7. Testicles Can Change their Sizes

If your partner is the type of man who becomes extremely excited, passionate about the moment, his balls might grow even by 50% in size before having orgasm, because they accumulate blood during excitement. – Read this!

8. The Myth of “Blue Testicles”

Yes. Blue testicles occur when a man is excited for a long time without orgasm. The blood accumulated in the testicles remains there, and because of the fact that it doesn`t have oxygen, the testicles swell and become blue. So the next time he complains about the color of his jewels, you may need to go to action.

9. Castrated Men Are Considered Better Lovers

In Ancient China, the men who protected the harem of the Emperor were castrated. The so-called eunuchs were incapable of having sex with concubines. The Greeks and the Romans castrated their prisoners to obey them.

In of 17th and 18th centuries in Italy, a lot of young boys with a beautiful voice were castrated for the sake of art. They were cut off the “jewelry” before they reached puberty, so they could cultivate their talents and be able to sing with their sharps voices. These boys have been respected among the lovers of art, but also among women. Since they couldn`t conceive a child, they became famous as excellent lovers.

10. Testicles Are Also Made of Microscopic Tubes

A lesser known thing about testicles that may be of some interest is that they are also made up of microscopic tubes closely tied to the semen. If these tubes were to be stretched to a maximum, they would measure almost 500m.

11. Lifestyle Influences Testicles

Nutrition and sport strongly influence testicular activity and testosterone production. This hormone give a man sex appeal, so in this case, libido might increase or decrease depending on the diet.

12. Scrotum Isn`t Simply a “Bag”

The scrotum isn`t just a “bag” that holds the testicles. In fact, it`s made up of muscle fibers that contract during excitement or cold, to bring the testes as close as possible to the body and dilate the heat to keep the testicles at a low temperature.

13. Testicular Cancer

Although it`s very rare, testicular cancer occurs in men between the ages of 29 and 35, especially in white men. The most common symptom is a painless swelling of the testicles. Sometimes a man noticed this bump just after he got hurt at the scrotum. Any protrusion of the testicles should lead you to a medical checkup.

An early detection of the disease means a successful treatment as well. That`s why it`s very important for every man to make a routine of self-examination of the testicles. This type of cancer is fatal if untreated, but more than 70% of the patients survive.

14. Testicular Torsion

Testicular torsion usually occurs in adolescents, but it was seen in older men as well. The lower part of the stomach and testicles are connected through veins, nerves and spermatic ducts. They can change their position, which stops blood circulation in the testicles, because the tubes are literally twisted around them even more times.

Strong swelling and pain may occur in the testicles and even at the bottom of the stomach. A doctor must fix the testicle in the proper position and catch it in such a way as to prevent another torsion.

Medical assistance is required because an untreated twisted testicle may cause irreparable damage to the testicle and needs to be eliminated.

Testicular torsion is sometimes referred to as “winter syndrome” because it`s more common in winter when it`s cold outside. Therefore, it`s not advisable for men to make sudden changes from cold to hot, because the scrotum and its interior is relaxed in a warm environment, but it contracts into a cold one.

15. Orchitis

Orchitis is an inflammation in one or both testicles, which is usually manifested by swelling, diver and pain. This medical condition can be caused by different types of bacteria or viruses. There might also be pain during urination, ejaculation or sex, and in extreme situation, blood in sperm.

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