10 Things You Must Not Force Your Little One To Do!

Before becoming parents, moms and dads create themselves various images about the way they`ll raise the little one. Most of them plan to act firmly, but lovingly at the same time, thinking that this attitude will bring lots of benefits in the harmonious development of their child.

Things You Must Not Force Your Little One To Do

However, things change when the parents face the fact and must guide the little ones in various directions. Once they reach that point, parents understand that there are situations when authority needs to make room to tolerance, and that the healthiest things is to avoid forcing their child to do certain things, no matter how advantages they may seem.

Here`s a list of things that you should never force your child to do.

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Force Him to Lie

Telling lies is obviously one of the worst habits that someone can have. Don`t ask the little one to be an accomplice to a lie, as most parents do, because this trait might turn against you at some point.

If you want to avoid a dinner planned by your parents-in-law, don`t put your child to say is sick. If a neighbor who you consider tiring knocks on your door, don`t ask your little girl to say she`s alone at home and she isn`t allowed to open the door.

In time, the little one will understand that telling a lie is a general rule. Moreover, the more will repeat this habit, the more “specialized” he`ll be.

Eat when He Isn`t Hungry

Yes, we know that the doctor recommend 3 consistent meals per day along with other 2 snacks in between, but people are different and so are their needs. The human body is designed in a distinct way and, fortunately, it may send us alarming signals when hunger or thirst takes over.

In addition, think well if you ever encountered a child who would avoid telling that he`s hungry. Don`t force him to eat because this may lead to eating disorders on long term.

Claim He`s Someone Who He`s Not

Let`s consider that you have a shy child. It makes no sense to always push him to have more courage, force him to socialize and put him in difficult situations because this may lead to the opposite effect than the one you expect.

If the only thing that he wants is to play on his own, the best solution is to let him do what he wants. While he`ll grow, he may start looking for other people`s company on his own and he`ll learn how to behave in any kind of situation.

Apologize when He Doesn`t Know Where He Was Wrong

We always see around us mothers who tell their child “Apologize!” However, they forget to explain their child where they were wrong.

Make yourself time to explain to your little one the positive and negative points of his actions. This way, he`ll avoid long-term mistakes; he won`t correct a temporary situation that he`ll repeat in the future.

Say “Hello” to a Stranger

Some strangers can be dangerous people. The general lesson of grandparents for their grandchildren is “Don`t talk with strangers!” – Also read this!

No matter how modern we are, this is still valid. Teach your child to be cautious and avoid dangers.

Sleep Alone when He`s Not Ready

Any modern parent considers that a child can take decision on his own. No matter his age, your little one will be able to find out the moment when he`s ready to leave the parents` bed and be independent on his own.

This solution is valid for decisions when you need to give up the pacifier.

Play with a Bad Kid

Even if you are friends with the mother of the bad kid, your little one doesn`t need to follow your lead and tolerate anyone around him. Before putting him in the situation to spend time next to a person, ask him what`s his opinion about that person and if he would enjoy spending time with him.

If his answer will be a negative one, take his mother for a coffee and leave your child to enjoy the presence of the friends he enjoy spending time with.

Follow a Diet

Yes, there are a lot of children who need to pay more attention to what they eat, but it isn`t a general rule that a child who isn`t still developing needs to abstain from eating. – More info!

Nutrients and substances required for a good development can be found in as diverse foods as possible. Put his health above anything else and offer your child various kind of foods to develop harmoniously.

Do Something He Doesn`t Like

We don`t encourage you to support him when he wants to give up, but it isn`t healthy for any of you to get involved in activities that won`t have a specific purpose. When your little one will have a passion, he`ll probably do his best to follow it and become better in that particular field.

His love will compensate and you`ll be able to avoid unpleasant situations of children who reproach their parents that they force him to do something only to satisfy certain shortcomings.

Spend Nights in Foreign Places

If you are one of the persons who don`t like to sleep in foreign beds, then you`ll probably understand that the little one may not enjoy the idea of sleeping to a friend or colleague.

Allow him to do the same thing only if he truly wants and don`t force him to visit houses he doesn`t enjoy visiting only to socialize.

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