Top 14 Natural Home Remedies For Abortion!

Are you interested in finding out how to stop a pregnancy at home? Pregnancy represents one of the most beautiful stages of a couple`s life; or at least, that`s how things should stay. However, sometimes life has other plans for us.

Home Remedies For Abortion

In many cases, the news that the woman is pregnant isn`t something she would expect or want, especially when for various reasons, the couple doesn`t want a baby. After the discussions between the partners, women choose to abort their baby. This decision usually has a major impact on the woman, and to interrupt the pregnancy, the chosen method needs to be a suitable one.

The termination of a pregnancy is a complex one. Performing an abortion at home can seem a very difficult thing to do; however, many natural remedies are often efficient and helpful. They also help in healing some health issues. Without any doubt, natural remedies represent a better option than abortion pills because there are no side effects. Due to this particular reason, the best thing you can do is to use natural remedies at home to abort your pregnancy. We present you bellow a list of natural remedies that should be sure enough in your attempt.

Top 14 Natural Home Remedies for Abortion


Papaya represents a great remedy for interrupting an unwanted pregnancy. Unripe or green papaya is often used as an abortion source. The fruit has contraceptive properties because of the presence of phytochemicals which stop the activity of progesterone. Doctors are still making research through which they try to demonstrate the relationship between abortion and this fruit to show clear evidence that expecting mothers who drink papaya juice in excess can experience an abortion.

Devil`s Claw

Although this plant helps in reducing various infections and is an amazing anti-tumor, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory remedy, during this particular period of your life it may not have the same effects on your body. Devil`s Claw can trigger uterine contractions and cause your menstrual cycle to occur.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant with lots of healthy advantages. It`s a blood and liver detoxifier, has a antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antifungal, healing effect, and stimulates the immunity of the body. Aloe Vera is a general tonic as well. However, if you are expecting a child, you should avoid using this plant, as it may lead to uterine contractions. Additionally, it also has a very strong purgative effect.


These fruits contain vitamin C as well as proteolytic enzyme bromelain which are known to have led to lots of miscarriages in women in the past. Bromelain generally aids in softening the cervix, which in turn can lead to miscarriage. Thus, pineapple represents among the simplest home remedies when it comes to abortion without having other side effects to the pregnant women`s health. All you need is a fresh pineapple, water and a blender.


It smells and taste great! It has lots of healthy benefits and it`s a wonderful spice. However, now you share the same table with your baby, so to speak, so it`s recommended to avoid putting cinnamon in your food, regardless in what natural supplement form it`s found. It`s possible to trigger similar effects to those caused by Devil`s claw or Aloe Vera. If it`s consumed in high doses, cinnamon represents a uterine stimulant.

Sesame Seeds with Honey & Water

Sesame seeds had been traditionally used as medications for the pregnancy`s spontaneous interruption since quite some time. These seeds excite uterine muscles by triggering uterine contractions which in the end lead to the fertilized egg`s expulsion. These effects might most of the time occur during the first pregnancy trimester. The seeds of this plant are popular for their effectiveness and are quite safe to carry out a miscarriage. It typically dissolves in glass of water, and if drank in the morning mixed with a bit of honey on an empty stomach, it may have the effect you are looking for.

Parsley Leaves

Parsley is a great plant when it comes to natural remedies that can cause abortion, and their effectiveness have been proven over time again and again. The leaves of this plant can be consumed by all expecting mothers, if they want to end a pregnancy as they have abortive effects, they cause cervical dilation, ultimately leading to a fetal death as well as its elimination. The best efficiency is when parsley leaves are combined with vitamin C and their consumption is increased. Still, an infusion of parsley can also be prepared. A few cups may trigger menstruation over pregnancy a couple hours after drinking them.

Goji Berry

Goji Berry are fruits very rich in vitamin C as well as carotenoids, like lutein, lycopene or zeaxanthin, which have anti-inflammatory properties as well. Increasing the vitamin C dose in the organism might represent a great natural remedy which may lead to an abortion. The consumption of Goji Berry can induce miscarriage by increasing the level of contractions, because of the compounds listed above that have abortion-life properties.

Ancient Herbs

Black Cohosh is an herb which will usually prepare your uterus for abortion. Still, you need to follow the intake of red cohosh. Actually, an abortion won`t occur completely simply from using red cohosh, but you`ll manage to reach the target. When using this particular herb, you may experience a few side effects like diarrhea, faintness, vomiting or nausea. However, all these side effects are temporary. This herb may reduce the heart rate; therefore, you shouldn`t try this method if you experience cardiovascular illnesses.

Blue Cohosh, known also as Caulophyllum thalictroides, is an herb which is generally used for some really strong abortion remedies at home. Additionally known as backdrops, squaw root, blueberry root or papoose root, they also represent the best possible home remedies for other various issues regarding females.


Did you know that chamomile tea is allowed during pregnancy? However, the excessive consumption of this particular tea can often lead to abortion. This tea can be prepared at home: you`ll only needs 2 – 3 teaspoons of dried chamomile and 1 cup of hot water. Because it`s recommended during pregnancy, you`ll need to drink lots of cups throughout a day to induce a miscarriage.

Vitamin C

Not many people know, but vitamin C represents a natural way to terminate a pregnancy, and perhaps is the most common from all home remedies. Although using vitamin C seems rather comfortable, there`re several factors that you need to take into consideration first.

An overdose of vitamin C can be detrimental for the kidneys, so anyone experiencing kidney problems may want to avoid this method. And although this vitamin is abundant in a lot of fruits, it`s probably best to think of supplements instead. Why? Because you`ll want to keep a lid on your dosage. And also avoid all supplements containing Rose-hips and Bioflavonoids as they all have side effects.

Take around 10 to 12 g of vitamin C for 5 to 10 days (500 mg) and you may reach your goal. You may have to wake up at night to make sure you keep your levels of vitamin C in par.

Mugwort Leaves

Mugwort represents a common perennial plant which grows in tropical Asia, Africa and Europe. This plant has been for centuries for streamlining the reproductive system of women. It is also a well known remedy for epilepsy, sciatica, colds and flu, digestive issues as well as parasites such as threadworms, tapeworms or roundworms. Mugwort has expectorative, antifungal, antiasthmatic and antibacterial properties. And although in this context we are interested in its properties for causing abortion, this herb has recently gained a lot of popularity as a dream plant.


This represents a very old form of alternative medicine which has its origins from Traditional Oriental Medicine, even since 300BC. The theory states that our body is an energy flow. Ailments usually disrupt this energy flow, and so if certain areas of the body are stimulated, the optimal flow of energy is resumed.

There are around 1,000 puncture points in our body. However, this particular points shouldn`t be simulated while expecting a baby as they might lead to miscarriage.

Extreme Physical Activities & Exercises

A pregnant woman`s body is working feverishly to make sure that the little one is growing healthy. Any excessive physical activity and stress on the body now might lead to a miscarriage. Lots of doctors allow pregnant women to perform light physical exercises, but they don`t recommend heavy weight lifting, jumping or running during the 9 months of pregnancy, because when extremes are taken, a miscarriage can be around the corner without even knowing. A pregnant woman who is running on a treadmill for 2 hours without eating anything is the perfect example of how “unexplained” accidents that lead to miscarriage can happen.

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