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U-Check Pregnancy Test Review

Not all tests used to check if you are expecting a baby are the same. Every test that can be used in the comfort of your home comes with a set of rules that although seem the same, sometimes they may be rather different. For this particular reason, not all pregnancy tests are made equal.

U-Check Pregnancy Test Review

Certain women out there will choose to use a digital test as they are usually more sensitive and can detect lower hCG levels. Other ones prefer more traditional pregnancy tests as there is nothing quite as looking at the 2nd line that appears slowly.

About U-Check Pregnancy Test

U-Check pregnancy test strip kit has been designed to let you find out if you are pregnant or not. It may seem rather simple how it works on the outside, but it can be pretty complex when looking into it.

This pregnancy test is a strip test. There`s no well to drop the urine sample or a holder for the strip. Also, because it`s a strip test, it`s a reader with one single slot, both lines appearing in close proximity.

Minimum hCG Levels Detected by U-Check Pregnancy Tests

Each device is quite sensitive after the woman`s body reaches a specific level of hCG. The accuracy of the pregnancy test is given by the minimum level of hCG hormone that can be detected by the strip. This type of test can detect around 25 mIU/mL of hCG.

U-Check Pregnancy Test Specifications

  • Case Pack Quantity: 24 units
  • Case Pack Dimensions: 5 ” (L) x10.7 ” (W) x7.7 “(H)
  • Case Weight:1392 lb
  • Case Cube: 74 cubic feet
  • Per Piece Weight:1308 lb

When to Use a U-Check Pregnancy Test?

The perfect time to use this test kit depends on the sensitivity of the strip. The test`s sensitivity represents the lowest level of hCG hormone that can be detected. As you may already know, the hCG production of hormone begins after conception.

This test should ideally be used in early morning because the woman`s urine becomes more concentrated at night and has higher levels of hCG in the morning.

When it comes to the menstrual calendar, U-Check pregnancy test should be used as it follows:

  • The test`s strip offers very accurate results 11 days after ovulation. Count from the menstrual date and you`ll notice it will come around 2 or 3 days before the due cycles.
  • The test works for certain women even 3 days before their period, but chances to get a false negative result are 40% higher.
  • According to those who manufactured the product, the U-Check pregnancy test strip kit has an accuracy of 99%. Should we believe them?!!!

U-Check Pregnancy Test Evaporation Line

You have to check the results after around 10 minutes in order to rely on the accuracy of the test. This particular test is well known for displaying an evaporation line as soon as the accuracy period ends. This line appear after taking the test when the urine sample starts to dry on the strip. Lots of women confuse it with a positive result, only to figure it out one a second pregnant test attempt that the test result wasn`t positive.

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Do I Need a Second Test?

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that with this pregnancy test, you should always double check, meaning to take a second pregnancy test soon. This is something that most experts advise anyway, so this isn`t really a big issue.

Wait a couple of days, and take the test again. If you are really pregnant, your chances of getting a positive pregnancy result will be much higher. Obviously, this won`t apply to women who aren`t expecting a baby.

If you don`t have a positive pregnancy result 1 week after a miss period, you should make an appointment with your gynecologist. He`ll perform a blood test and ultrasound, and you`ll have a 100% sure answer whether or not you`re indeed pregnant.

U-Check Pregnancy Test Price

You can find these tests on Amazon at various sellers for $4 – $5. You can also buy several in one single box at around $15. Other online resources where you can find them at affordable prices are Jumia, Walgreens or Ebay.

U-Check Reviews

There are a lot of 4-star and 5-star reviews on Amazon, but there are pretty much reviews of 1-star as well.

Some customers claim they are frustrated they weren`t able to find a mIU rating, and they needed to speculate with no concrete info. That being said, maybe it`s best for customers to read the product`s reviews before buying the product.

Other customers complain about the sensitivity of this test, which isn`t that good. Instead this category of customers assume that this test would only be good for women who already took a pregnancy test and they`re just kind of paranoid about the result and still want to get tested.

However, there are also customers who were satisfied with U-check tests, considering them small, fast and easy to use. Other ones consider them pretty great because there are so many tests in one single box.


U-Check pregnancy test represents a great option when you want to check if you are pregnant or not. But obviously, it`s not really the best test out there. Leaving the fact that is cheap aside, your chances of obtaining a correct result regarding your possible pregnancy is only a bit over 50%. This is pretty low!

In certain situations, some customers have confirmed the results being less than effective. There`re lots of other pregnancy tests out there, which are much more efficient and probably at the same price.

This type of test demands too much attention to details to be certain it works properly, and this isn`t really the right moment to consume extra energy on your part.

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