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Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms: 18 Signs That May Surprise You

Regardless of how happy you`ll going to be to find out that you carry a new life in your belly, remember that the following period of 9 months of pregnancy with all its pleasures and special moments, it`s also accompanied by unusual pregnancy symptoms.

Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

Some of them can be avoided with a little attention to the diet and other food habits which in pregnancy aren`t so easy to tolerate by the organism. However, others will take you by surprise when you`re least expecting.

Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

Here you have a series of „unique” pregnancy symptoms outlined below:

Stuffy Nose & Sensitivity

Do you feel like you have a stuffy nose? Then you are one of the 20% to 30% pregnant women who experience congestion during pregnancy. Pregnancy rhinitis, as it`s called, may start to take effect even from the beginning of the second month of pregnancy and could continue until birth, or even a few weeks after. – Read this!

You are probably asking yourself what`s the connection between a pregnancy and all those nose issues that you are experiencing. No matter if you manage to understand why this is happening or not, it does happen. Actually nose bleeding and other various sensitivities related to it may happen rather often. You can treat these symptoms with natural remedies, such as „sniffing” saltwater or using a humidifier. If these methods still won`t work, talk to your doctor about other options.


When you think at your pregnancy, you are most likely thinking that you`ll be extremely tired and that you can fall asleep rather easily. No matter if you are tired or not, sometimes you might experience insomnia which is caused by your pregnancy. It can manifest itself as an incapacity of sleeping or incapacity to fall asleep back after you just woke up (as it may happen especially due to the frequent nocturnal visit to the toilet).

Some advices to fix this issue which doesn`t involve medical assistance are: regular physical exercises, quitting coffee, cola or any other form of caffeine, and relaxation. It`s very important for both you and your baby to try and get away of all the daily issues that involve stress.

Gastrointestinal Problems

All those hormones which „play” with your organism during pregnancy act with a lot of precision against your gastrointestinal system. There are well known those reactions which aren`t worthy of a lady, like hiccups or gas elimination. You probably don`t feel very comfortable when such things happen, especially in the public, but this reactions are perfectly normal and those around you will understand that they cannot be completely controlled.

It can help you avoid these unpleasant situations if you manage to avoid foods that are extremely spicy. It`s believed that they cause this type of reactions. Moreover, follow a diet that you already tried in the past – you`ll find that this will also help you with your morning sickness (more info!). However, if you feel the need to eliminate has, don`t abstain yourself! This will only cause you pain or distress.

Excessive Saliva

Do you feel the constant need to spit? Experts still have no real proof why so many future mothers salivate so much during pregnancy, but nausea and hormonal changes can be some of the causes of this symptom.

Memory Leaks

You may start to forget all sorts of small things or you may not be able to imagine new information. Stress and fatigue may have something to do with this. But if you live a carefree life, the appearance of the pregnancy might be the explanation. The increased level if estrogen and oxytocin might occur through small memory loss with an amnesic effect.

Air Bloating & Constipation

Progesterone, the hormones responsible with the installation of pregnancy, slows the intestinal transit that leads to constipation and bloating – you might alternate between these 2 symptoms. You may also experience once of them. The fact is that you may start to experience these new symptoms from just about any reason.


Pregnancy signs are also responsible for skin rash in the form of acne. Hormonal changes stimulate seborrhea glands which start to inflammate under the form of pustules (pimples). Once the hormonal balance is restored, pimples or acne disappear.


You have, all of a sudden, cravings for non-food stuff, such as ice, chalk or even dirt? Then it`s possible to be diagnosed with pica. No one really knows what cause these pregnancy symptoms, but it`s believed that a combination of bio-chemical, psychological and cultural factors can be the cause.

Linea Nigra

The amount of melanin is increasing due to the abundant discharge of the melanostimulant hormone, meaning the skin pigment, which gives the skin a darker shade. Although it seems rather strange, linea nigra is already „rooted”: the white line between the navel and the pubic bone turns into a brownish color. Later in pregnancy, the areolas, nipples or scars may pigment themselves.

Excessive Sweating

The increased flow generates more heat, and sweat is the weapon that the organism uses in its attempt to regulate the body`s temperature. Therefore, you may be sweating more.

Developed Smell

Your favorite perfume might not make you sick. You may feel your skin smelling too much as a …skin. Your smelling is now awaken to life by the increased levels of progesterone and estrogen.

Blurry Vision

The increased level of estrogen favors the appearance of „dry eye.” It`s about the irritation of the eyes, which causes a blurry vision and an increased sensitivity to light. But if you think you see double or specks of light in your visual field, it might be a good idea to let your doctor know about it. You may have vision issues, other ones than simple pregnancy symptoms.

Itchy Nipples

Yes, another side effect of pregnancy that you may experience is to sometimes experience itchy nipples. In conclusion, if you aren`t sure you are pregnant and you also experience some of these other signs, it may be safe to assume that in 9 months you are expecting a baby:

  • Your nipples may become more sensitive – some women even claim that they become so sensitive that is irritating;
  • You may experience swelling or pain in your breasts;
  • The nipples and areolas may become darker;
  • The veins from around the breasts may become bigger and more visible;
  • The small bumps on the areolas may increase in size.

Your Hair Doesn`t Fall Anymore

Hair loss is a common issue, but not to fall at all? Yes, it`s possible. Hormonal changes not only can prevent hair loss, but can also make it more bright and vibrant.

Bone Pain

The variation of the calcium concentration in the blood determines bone pains, especially in ligaments and pelvic area (the joint between the waist and foot).


You may be surprised to discover that although you don`t usually have pimples, you may start to experience these problems during early pregnancy – because they number among the early pregnancy signs. However, the facial skin will be repaired as soon as the hormone levels will adjust. The best thing would be to just wait to go away on their own and not squeeze them because this may lead to scars or spread of bacteria.

Varicose Veins

Hormones are the main factors responsible for the appearance of varicose and hemorrhoids. The increased blood volume leads to the dilatation of the anal and rectal veins, as well as those of the feet. Moreover, some experts consider the sudden appearance of varicose veins at a reproductive age a sign of pregnancy.

Dental Problems

You may ask yourself where`s the relation between your belly and your gums? And you may be right. But it seems that pregnancy symptoms are extending to the mouth. Thus, there`s the possibility that when you are pregnant to experience inflamed gums. As many other strange early pregnancy symptoms, this pregnancy sign may occur because of the constant changes of the levels of progesterone and estrogen, as well as the increase in the blood flow during this period.

Gums can accumulate large amounts of blood, creating small trenches, which when then become inflamed will bleed even when are easily touched during brushing or flossing. If you notice your gums bleed often or abundantly, visit your doctor.

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