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Vaginal Odor After Period: What Causes This & How To Treat It?

Lots of women complain of bad vaginal odor after period, even though they claim they washed well, and this may become a constant factor of discomfort, especially if it`s noticed by the life partner. If you want to know how to get rid of vaginal odor overnight and what causes this uncomfortable thing, you are in the right place.

Vaginal Odor after Period

Vaginal smell is caused by a combination of vaginal discharges, endocrine and apocrine, sweat and other external sources. Therefore, a bad smell after period may be caused by a vaginal infection or disease, and most common symptoms of these infections, besides the bad odor, are abundant discharges (in larger amounts than usually), itching in the genital area or even pain.

A foul odor after period can sometimes be a normal thing. However, if it happens for a longer period of time, it`s associated in certain infectious cause of vaginitis or vulvar cancer. But the smell is influenced by other parasites or bacteria through sexual contact.

Top 5 Causes of Bad Vaginal Odor after Period

The causes of bad odor after period may be related to:

Care Products Used in Excess

You probably said to yourself that you can never be to clean or fragrant. Well, you should know that using hygiene products in excess may lead to changing the normal vaginal pH and vaginal bacterial flora, causing a bad odor. Therefore, you should be careful when using wipes, soaps or shower gels. Keep in mind that if you don`t find the cause of these problems and don`t treat them, they may lead to pelvic disease or even infertility.

A special cause of fishy odor after period can also be related to certain tampons, diaphragms, pieces of toilet paper or sponges. So, be very careful when you wash yourself!

Bacterial Vaginosis

This is maybe the most common cause of bad vaginal odor after period. The factors that favor these infections are excessive showers using fragrance products and sex without a condom. Other signs of bacterial vaginosis are itching, unusual discharges, pains and a different consistency of the discharges. – More info on bacterial vaginosis

Vaginal Fungal Infection

This type of infection is widespread, but this doesn`t mean it shouldn`t be a reason of concern. The symptoms are similar to bacterial vaginosis, but the distinctive factor is the appearance of whitish abundant discharges with a bad odor.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

As you may already know, pelvic inflammatory disease is also one of the main causes of bad odor after menstruation, which may even lead to infertility. This disease may be caused by unprotected sex and manifests in a very bad manner: fever, severe pain, abundant discharges and even pain during urination. – Read more on pelvic inflammatory disease!

Chlamydia & Gonorrhea

These 2 infections are part of a larger category of STDs, and the most serious thing about them is that besides the bad smell, there are no other symptoms. A lot of times, they pass unnoticed because they don`t manifest in any way. Other times, they may be the cause of pain during urination and abundant discharges.

Home Remedies for Smelly Discharge after Period

Now that you`ve seen which are the most common causes of experiencing a bad vaginal smell, you should also be aware of a few methods of treatment. However, keep in mind that the gynecologist is the best able to tell you what`s causing your problems, so use these methods only until you reach a doctor.

Complete Set of Tests

First of all, a complete set of medical examinations may exclude the cause of pathological nature for the possible vaginal odor that you may want to get rid of. If there`s an infection, a treatment with antibiotics may resolve the issue easily.

Adopt a Proper Intimate Hygiene

Due to the fact that excessive hygiene is one of the main causes for different vaginal odors, it`s important to know what proper hygiene should be like. It`s necessary to wash yourself twice a day. Use soaps with neutral pH or use only water. And how much strange it would be to hear this for a thousand times, keep in mind that the vagina should be washed from front the back to not favor the introduction of bacteria into the vagina. When you`re menstruating, it`s mandatory to use cotton tampons and avoid scented ones. Also, after bath, don`t get dressed before drying yourself completely, because water and synthetic materials are the favorite environments for bacteria. Lastly, try to avoid vaginal washes or those in excess, because they favor candidiasis. Avoid underwear from synthetic materials.

Watch yourself what You Eat

Among all the other problems that are caused, processed foods, cooked food, alcohol, onions and garlic, nicotine, excessive consumption of meat or fats lead to a bad vaginal odor. Therefore, you should consume all these things in moderation and be very careful with hydration, because only consuming 2L of water per day leads to the removals of toxins from the body.

Note: Consume more probiotic yogurt, which provides a lot of benefits for vaginal flora!

Shave Yourself Properly

There`s probably no right manual of how to shaving properly, but excessive pubic hair is an oasis of fun for bacteria. You shouldn`t always be completely shaved, but don`t let pubic hair grow too much as once entering in contact with clothing, may lead to itching, sweating and bacteria which may change the way your vaginal discharges smell.

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