Why Are The Veins In My Breast So Prominent?

Breasts are an amazing asset to have. They look great in a neckline with a low cut and add a little extra to just about any outfit out there.

Why Are The Veins In My Breast So Prominent

Sometimes, women don`t really notice other early pregnancy symptoms than blue veins on the breasts.

When you are tuned up to your own body, you might in fact believe or feel you`re expecting a baby within a couple of days of being in fact pregnant. However, most women don`t notice these early pregnancy signs and never really imagine they might be expecting right until their missed period.

You may be surprised that some women are really amazed to find they`re expecting a couple of months after conception. If you are one of these particular women, a pregnancy test that you can rely one may be a good idea to have near you.

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Pregnancy Blue Veins on Breasts Are Normal

Among the earliest symptoms of pregnancy is the change that occurs in the tissues of breasts. The mother`s body needs to be prepared for the arrival of the baby. It`s completely natural for these particular changes to begin as soon as the woman`s body “realizes” it`s pregnant.

Within 2 weeks from conception, there are a lot of chances for your breast to feel fuller, more sensitive and swollen as they start preparing for the baby. Blue veins throughout the breasts have always been there; you just wasn`t able to see them until now as they weren`t this close to the skin.

What Are Blue Veins?

Blue veins represent venous vessels of blood which have a greenish or bluish color under the skin. They are also known as intradermal varices, reticular veins or feeder veins. Blue veins are usually somehow larger than spider veins. Still, they aren`t as large as varicose veins which are normally located in the lower body extremities. – Visit this link!

Blue veins have a diameter of 1 – 2 mm and are usually less tortuous and flatter than varices. They`re frequently seen on the thighs or knees, but can also be noticed on chest.

Causes of Blue Veins on Chest

Some of the most frequent causes include:


This represents the most common cause of blue veins. If members of your family experienced them on their chest or in other places of their body, you`ll most definitely have them too.

Regular Physical Exercise

Weightlifting and other similar types of exercise may lead to an increased flow of blood, which can definitely cause the veins to swell in the body. – Check this out!


Another big issue of breast veins is represented by pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, her breasts have a tendency to swell, but hormones constantly change as well, altering lots of things within the woman`s body.

Veins becoming more obvious in the pregnant woman`s breasts could be connected to a larger medical issue as well, like blood or venous blockages. As a method of precaution, you may want to get in touch with your doctor if the development of blue veins around the breast area becomes too obvious.

Rapid Weight Loss

When your skin will become fragile and thin because of decreased composition of fat, blue veins may occur. This might happen on your breasts, but also on the face, hands or legs.

Medical Conditions

Women who experience liver-related conditions, like cirrhosis, might be susceptible to the growth of blue veins on their breasts. Other medical conditions which may involve an increased abdomen or fluid accumulation in the abdomen might lead to the development of blue veins. – Click here!

OB0GYN Aesthetic Methods & Blue Veins Treatment

Despite the impact that blue veins on the breasts have on the image of that particular woman, it`s generally only a cosmetic issue. It`s essential to remember that the woman`s body goes through quite a lot of changes throughout life and that this is only one of those changes.

Still, it`s very important to talk to your health care provider about this issue, especially if this persists for a longer period of time.

As already mentioned, at first you should seek medical assistance as well as a detailed examination so it can be determined the actual cause of the problem. As soon as the cause will be determined, there`re various treatments that should aid get rid of these blue veins located on your breasts.

How to Get Rid of Veins on the Breasts?

According to WebMD, blue veins on the breasts are usually the result of the rapid expansion of breasts during puberty, breast augmentation or early pregnancy. These veins are pushed to the skin surface and the flow of blood is increased.

Most blue veins fade away after the period of pregnancy ends or augmentation swelling subsides. Still, at times blue veins remain as a constant reminder. You might be able to make them less visible with a few quick simple home treatments.

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  • Add a moisturizer enriched with vitamin K to your breasts on a daily basis. This vitamin aids the production of collagen fiber, maintaining the elasticity of the arteries and aiding the thickening of the skin.
  • Apply a self tanner every day until obtaining the color you want. Tanning using a self tanner can hide blue veins and is a lot safer than using exposure with ultraviolet. Many self tanners out there contain vitamin E, aiding the skin to keep moisture and make blue veins fade away in time.
  • You should choose to wear a supporting bra. Breasts that are unsupported have an increased flow of blood because of gravitational pull. Supporting your breasts will help regulating the flow of blood and lead to blue veins fading away and regain their normal appearance and body positioning.
  • Take sclerotherapy into account. During this particular surgical procedure, drugs are administered into the patient`s veins, making them smaller and restrict the flow of blood. This specific procedure needs a few treatments before blue veins will disappear entirely.
  • This will include pulsed dye laser as well as YAG laser treatments. Both laser therapy types represent good options if you want to remove obvious blue veins on your breasts or any other body areas. The pulsed dye laser will target the obvious veins with a focused light beam, making them eventually to fade away. The YAG laser functions very much in the same fashion; however, it`s best suitable for dealing with deep blue veins.


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