What Are The Best Disposable Diapers?

Along with the arrival of the baby into this world, new mothers are armed with lots of questions regarding the situations that may appear when it comes to taking care of the little one. One of these issues is also represented by what type of diaper to choose.

What Are The Best Disposable Diapers

Lately, it has started a real trend about reusable diapers, which from a dermatological point of view are much more recommended for the sensitive skin of the baby.

On the other hand, disposable diapers are a lot more advantageous as they fit quite well on the baby`s body, they can be used both at home or when you travel long distances with the little one and even more, they helps you save time and keep your baby clean longer.

The choice is yours in what type of diapers you choose, but don`t think only about your comfort, but how comfortable is your baby as well.

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How Were Disposable Diapers Invented?

Victor Mills, a chemical engineer from the U.S., revolutionized child care while having been employed for the Procter & Gamble Co. with his invention of the disposable diaper. The engineer began working on this type of diapers in the 1950s, having test subjects his own grandchildren. While most of us think our parents know more than us, Victor Mills thought grandfathers knew more. He was in the look for an easier and more comfortable way for his grandchild to wear his diapers. This is the way Pampers took life.

When Did People Start Using Disposable Diapers?

Procter & Gamble reveals Pampers in 1961. Up to 1970, babies from the United States go through averagely 350.000 disposable diapers, which was making up around 0.3% of American municipal waste. By 1980, U.S. babies wear over 1.9 million tons of disposable diapers, making up 1.4% of municipal waste. In 1981, this type of diapers began using super-absorbent polymers, which reduced their size with almost 50%. By 1990, disposables constitute 1.6 of municipal waste. As a consequence, 7 out of 10 U.S. citizens claim they`d support the ban of disposable diapers. In a duel from the distance, the National Association of Diaper Services and Procter & Gamble assert the merits of cloth and disposable diapers, respectively.

What to Look for in a Diaper?

The little one will spend quite some time on your lap. No matter if you are feeding or just holding him, he`s in your arms quite often.

The only thing protecting you and his outfit from getting wet is represented by a really good diaper. And obviously, if his outfit will get wet, you won`t get away from this discomfort.

While no diaper can guarantee that you won`t get dirty from time to time, the best ones can still minimize this particular risk. Here`re a few of the factors you need to consider when choosing what diaper to get for your baby.

Leaking Protection

Any diaper you purchase for your baby, there`ll be leaks, there`s no doubt about it. It`s not only a reality, but sometimes they`ll happen when you`ll expect the least. So you`ll want a type of diaper that can provide fast-absorbing layers and can offer protection for hours. You might hate the idea of letting the little one hang out for some time in his wet diaper, but still, those absorbing layers are created for a reason and the absorbing layers will whisk any leaks away from his little bottom really fast.

Comfort Factor

The baby needs to feel comfortable. If you may notice the diaper`s material is rubbing him or causing discomfort, you may need to reconsider your diaper choice. The little one will be in his diapers each and every hour during a day, and that`s pretty long to put up with this situation. You should also take into account that the baby might have allergies to a specific material. Before deciding a certain type of diaper and purchasing to many of that type, you may want to run a test to be certain the baby will not have a negative reaction to those diapers.


If you that sort of person who`s always in the search of affordable products, change your habit when dealing with diapers. You`ll most definitely be sorry if you don`t. It won`t be only a big inconvenience, but on the long run you`ll lose money as well. You`ll need to change your baby a lot more often as an inexpensive diaper won`t absorb as much fluids as the most expensive ones, which obviously are a lot more expensive.


You`ll need your little one to wear the smallest diaper size available, but he should still feel comfortable. If you jump sizes, the cost for each diaper is higher with diapers bigger in size. You won`t want to cram the little one in some sort of a diaper which is too small for him only to save a few bucks, but it`s definitely something to take into account when you`re searching at sizing up.

Advantage of Disposable Diapers vs. Cloth Diapers

Disposables have one great advantage of being able to perfectly mold on the baby`s body, therefore preventing any leaks of fluid that might create discomfort to the baby and an unpleasant odor for other people around. At the very same time, thanks to the special particles made available in the design of these diapers, they now have the ability to absorb fluid a lot more effectively. It distributes the fluid evenly inside and turns it into gel so leakage can be prevented. Additionally, it also keeps the moisture away from the baby`s skin, preventing any possible irritation.

Also, disposables are designed of materials which keep the skin dry and let it breathe. They are also flexible enough so the baby can move in freely. Moreover, this type of diapers saves a lot of time for mothers, don`t need washing or drying, are quite hygienic and don`t occupy too much space in your luggage.

Best 5 Disposable Diapers


While in this hospital, Pampers Swaddlers will perhaps be the very first diaper that will touch your little one`s buttocks in his first days of life. They contain leaks, they fit well and are soft, so you`ll probably be quite happy with them. In fact, Pampers Swaddlers are amazingly soft and they are also created with an umbilical cord notch designed for newbies.  They are also created with a specific line which changes its color in order to show when they are wet. This type of diaper comes in a sensitive option as well.

Pampers Baby Dry diapers are really absorbent, therefore really good when it comes usage at night (they have 3 layers, not 2), and at night they contract with the little one`s tummy in order to ensure a tight fit.

Read more on How To Choose A Baby`s Crib?

Last but not least, Pampers Cruisers are created to be less bulky for older and more active babies. They begin from the size 3. The disadvantage is that this model isn`t eco-friendly (chlorine-free, to be more specific).

Honest Diapers

These diapers are made from plant-derived materials. They skip traditional chlorine processing and are eco-friendly. Their great advantage is that they come in lots of different cute designs.

While you may be able to find them in Target or Costco, you`ll find that they aren`t as popular as other brands.

Some fresh mothers consider them a bit pricey, but no one complained about babies getting rashes by now. So, that`s probably a great thing to hear for mother moms out there.

Huggies Snug & Dry

Huggies is another well known brand that deals with disposable diapers. For some of the babies out there, these diapers fit even better than Pampers Swaddlers. They offer 4 layers for an even better protection against leaks, but also fast-absorbing layers to wick away any possible moisture from your baby`s sensitive skin.

They don`t have any scents, which translates in less chances of diaper rash or skin allergies for some babies. And although they aren’t as soft as other brands, they are incredibly thin.

In addition, some of the consumers out there report that this type of diapers aren`t that great at night, as they sometimes tend to leak.

Luvs Super Absorbent Leakguards

Almost any new mom thinks about Luvs as being able to hold a lot, soft and they don`t leak. According to our users, these diapers represent a solid choice. They not only fit as well as other regular diaper brands, but they offer protection against leakage without the expense. – Read this!

Remember that the no-frills price point will actually mean fragrance-free options and like wetness indicators are not available.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation diapers are ideal for babies who are more likely to experience irritations or with sensitive skin. They are fragrance and lotion free, the core doesn`t include chlorine bleach and they`re hypoallergenic. They are also considered better for the environment and more-eco-friendly than most traditional diapers out there.

This type of diapers comes with beautiful animals prints, while the quilted liner is designed with unbleached cotton for a soft fit.

You may consider them a bit pricey at first, but if a chemical-free diaper is another factor for you, then it might be worth it.

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