What Are The Signs Of Having A Boy?

As an expecting mother, wondering if that little human being inside you is a handsome boy or a pretty girl represents a question with which you may already be familiar. Common sense tells you that there`s no such thing of being able to know in advance if you`ll have a girl or a boy.

What Are They Signs Of Having A Boy

But you cannot wonder whether or not there`s some sort of truth in those myths. Maybe there are particular signs that may show that you are going to have a baby boy. It sounds incredible, but what if it`s true?

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When Is Sex Determined?

The gender of your baby is determined when the conception occurs, meaning when the male sperm meets the woman`s egg. An ultrasound examination performed about 18 to 20 pregnancy weeks is able to show the gender of your future baby.

Still, you should know in advance that in various countries, such as India, this is illegal and you will be eligible to punishment by law in case you consider asking. So the folklore regarding the guessing of the future baby`s gender goes on until the end of pregnancy. And who knows? If taken rather lightly, it could be quite fun.

How Soon Can You Find Out?

Although sex gets set right from the start, you may want to wait a bit until you make a decision about painting your nursery in blue or pink.

There`re a couple of methods of finding out the gender of your future baby earlier, which include the below.

Cell DNA Blood Tests

You are now able to take a blood test after only 9 pregnancy months. This will reveal the sex of your baby. Cell DNA tests, such as Panorama, are free and work while pregnant as your blood carries traces of the DNA of your little one. You offer a sample of your blood, the lab will analyze it, and you`ll have your results between 7 and 10 days.

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However, the main purpose of this type of tests isn`t to reveal your baby`s gender. In fact, they are the first line of testing when it comes to various congenital abnormalities, such as Down syndrome.

Finding out whether you`ll have a boy or a girl is only a bonus. Due to this reason, such tests are not always covered by your insurance if you are less than 35 years old or might have a history of genetic illnesses.

Additional Genetic Testing

You might have CVS or amniocentesis while pregnant. This kind of tests are rather similar to cell DNA tests, however, they`re somehow more invasive. Just like cell DNA tests, you are able to find out if you`ll have a baby boy or not, only not as early. An amniocentesis is most of the time done around weeks 15 – 18, while a chorionic villi sampling (CVS) is done around weeks 10 – 12.

If you are only interested in finding out the gender of your little one, you might want to go over such tests. They have some risks of miscarriage. Usually, they`re recommended for couples that have a history of particular genetic diseases in their family or women who are older.


Normally, you are able to find out your baby`s gender by ultrasound. This will generally be done around weeks 18 – 20. At this point, the doctor will take a look at the image of your future baby and investigate the little one`s genital organs for various markers that will suggest whether is a girl or a boy. This will be part of a much larger anatomy scan.

Even you perform an ultrasound examination, the doctor might not able to find out the baby`s gender because of various factors. If the little one “doesn`t want” to cooperate, you may need to just wait to find this out or might have to redo the ultrasound.

What Are the Signs of Having a Boy?

You should confident on one thing – anything else than an ultrasound is gibberish. There`s practically no evidence to show that anything more than an ultrasound would prove that you will going to have either a boy or a girl. Of course, we are talking about science.

On the other hand, you might have seen ladies out there taking one glimpse of you and saying “Oh, he`s definitely a boy!” Sometimes, they may be right! That usually is only a lucky guess. Speculating on the baby`s gender has become the favorite game of everyone – strangers or family members.

What Myths Say?

There are lots of myths that refer to the sex of the baby. In addition, the instincts of the mother are added to this guessing game as well. Still, there`re other signs which can show that it might be a baby boy. If you consider yourself one of those curious moms, here`re you have a few incredible “signs” which indicate your future baby may be a boy.

Morning Sickness

Among the main signs which start while pregnant is morning sickness and nausea. Lots of women experience this symptom, but other ones do not. Hormones change and sometimes is rather hard a pregnant woman to keep food within.

Obviously, morning sickness has been associated with the baby`s gender as well. If you may be facing signs of excessive nausea and morning sickness, you might expect a boy.

Heart Rate

It has been scientifically proven that the baby boy`s heart is different than the one of the girl. Lots of experts consider that would suggest that if this stays under 140 beats a minute while pregnant, then you`ll have a boy.

Your Face Isn`t Fuller

Some women claim that they notice their face wasn`t fuller while pregnant with a baby boy. Other ones say their face definitely was fuller when expecting a baby girl, especially while in their last trimester of pregnancy. Obviously, there isn`t any research done on this subject, but lots of women like how it sounds.

Changes of Personality

It`s believed that the gender of an unborn child influences a couple of personality changes. Women who are rather aggressive, dominant or hold in their nature are a lot more likely to give birth to a boy. And it kind of makes sense as the behavioral aspect has always been associated with high testosterone levels.

You Have More Headaches

Also, there are women out there who claim they experienced increased headaches while pregnant when they had a baby boy than when they expected a girl. No matter the case, you probably can notice the high number of headaches during your first pregnancy, no doubt.

Breast Size

Some will also argue that while expecting a boy, your right breast become larger than when you are expecting a girl. The logic could have some sort of a relation with the fact that baby boys need more milk, so the body prepares itself for the milk supply and nurturing of the future baby boy, but why only the right breast become larger? –Check this link out!

Linea Nigra

While pregnant, linea nigra represents a rather dark line which comes across the tummy of the future mother. As her pregnancy evolves, this line will become darker. It might be quite interesting to know that this line could have some relation with the baby`s gender.

It`s believed that if linea nigra develops from the belly`s bottom until the rib cage, you are going to have a baby boy.

Weight Gain

Along with your round tummy, the weight gain`s nature might indicate gender. When carrying a boy, the additional pounds are obviously more visible unlike when you carry a baby girl.

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