What Does 2 Lines On A Pregnancy Test Mean?

When noticing your period is late, you`ll be experiencing the very first symptoms that you may be expecting a baby. You should take a pregnancy test as soon as you can to get rid of any doubts.

What Does 2 Lines On A Pregnancy Test Mean

If you experience very early signs of pregnancy, like implantation bleeding, you could take a pregnancy home in the comfort of your home before your late period.

No all pregnancy tests are sensitive, but some of them are. They are able to detect a pregnancy a few days before a missed period very accurately. But after taking a pregnancy test, you might not be as excited as before and may even get confused when noticing a faint positive line.

In most pregnancy tests, one single line will mean that the pregnancy result is negative and you aren`t pregnant. Two lines will mean the test is positive and you`re expecting a child. However, a faint positive line might leave you wondering when you least expected.

What Are Pregnancy Test Lines?

A pregnancy test is usually all about lines. Certain line alignments display the result of the test. There`re distinct types of symbols used in such a test. There`re distinct dyes used and each brand is different from the test`s display point of view.

One thing to remember is that unlike other products, you must void purchasing 2 pregnancy tests from 2 different brands.

These lines have particular colors and designs. They also have a specific manner of hCG estimating.

This is also the reason for which to get accurate pregnancy results, the basis of comparison needs to be uniform. Two distinct pregnancy tests have distinct timing, sensitivities or accuracy.

Duplicating pregnancy test also mean to repeat it with the same procedure of the very same kit! For instance, if you took a pregnancy test strip, then you should repeat the exact same process when repeating the test the next morning. Only then you can change the method of taking a pregnancy test.

What Are Faint Lines on Pregnancy Tests?

This is maybe the most frequent as well as controversial subject involving pregnancy tests. Let`s make things as clear as possible – if a second line can be notice on a pregnancy test, it generally means you`re expecting a baby. Whether it`s lighter or darker in color, it doesn`t matter. If it appears, you`re expecting!

Unfortunately, not all women are convinced of this. When the second line is almost unnoticeable and this happens in such stressful moments as when you may consider you are pregnant, you may throw away the pregnancy test without even realizing it.

Otherwise, you might just sit there standing and agonizing within yourself over whether you may be seeing that second line or not.

If you notice a faint second line and you`re not quite sure if it`s actually there, show it to a friend and ask her what she sees. Women who aren`t pregnant aren`t bothered about excitement or desires that may cloud their judgment and show them things that aren`t really there. Still, it other people say is there, that is actually a positive result. – Click here!

There is another essential thing you have to know regarding faint lines on tests. If you need to wait more than the recommended interval of time to check out the pregnancy results, you may notice a faint line, but which doesn`t indicate you are pregnant.

Actually, this particular line could in fact be the evaporation line that you may have heard about. These lines occur on such tests when the urine sample starts drying out and evaporate. The evaporation will create some sort of a shadow on the pregnancy test which is more of the time faulty judged for a positive pregnancy result.

Very, Very Faint Line

If this is your case, it might be a bit too early for the pregnancy test to detect your pregnancy. You might not have enough hCG hormone into your body to be detected by the test. The result might be negative as well.

You should wait until you notice your period is late, even a couple of days more if possible, and take a different pregnancy test. If you aren`t able to receive a positive pregnancy reading even that your period is late, get in contact with your doctor to ask about taking a blood test. Also, ask about what your period may have been late.

Causes of Faint Line on a Pregnancy Test

A faint line appearing isn`t really something that rare, and there may be a few different reasons for this happening.

You Are Pregnant

If you take a pregnancy test and its result reveals a faint positive line, you might be pregnant. Certain women see the line very clearly, while for others the line is somehow faded. In such cases, faint positive lines might be due to the low hCG levels.

Right after becoming pregnant, the body starts producing the pregnancy hormone. The level of this hormone grows as the pregnancy evolves. The pregnancy tests that you take at home are manufactured to detect the hCG hormone, so you`ll get a positive result if there`s hCG in your body.

It`s vital to keep in mind that the more pregnancy hormone there`s in your body, the easier is for the pregnancy test to display the positive line and for you to be more visible.

Certain women out there take a pregnancy test in very early pregnancy. They frequently take these tests before or right after their missed period. Although the hCG hormone might be present in the urine, they have a lower hormone level, which results in a positive test result with a faint line. Such women are expecting a baby, it`s just they are still in early pregnancy.

Early Miscarriage

Unfortunately, a faint line might be a symptom of early miscarriage, also known at times as chemical pregnancy, which usually occurs within the first 3 pregnancy months.

If you had a miscarriage and you take a pregnancy test, it might show a faint positive line. That`s due to the fact that your body might still have hCG hormone remained in your body from the pregnancy you just lost, even though you aren`t pregnant anymore.

You might experience bloody discharge which looks similar to a menstrual cycle and mild cramping. Bleeding might appear around your first missed period, so you probably might never even know you experienced an early miscarriage. However, if you take the test and you`re bleeding at the same time, and the test`s results reveal a faint line, you might just have experienced a miscarriage.

Sadly, there is no treatment for such medical problems, but you should talk to your gynecologist about it.

Early miscarriages aren`t rare, occurring in 50% – 70% of all pregnancy losses! Such medical issues occur frequently because of abnormalities involving the fertilized egg.

Still, the real good news in these cases is that women who have experienced early miscarriages can conceive later. And lots of these women eventually give birth to healthy children.

Evaporation Line

On the other hand, you aren`t pregnant every time there`s a faint line appearing on the pregnancy test. Sometimes, that positive line that you think you see it`s just an evaporation line. This misleading line might be present due to the evaporation of the urine from the pregnancy stick. If an evaporation line occurs on your test, you might think by mistake you are in fact pregnant.

Sometimes, it`s not easy to make a determination whether what you see is an evaporation line or a positive line. The main difference is that evaporation lines make their presence in the pregnancy test`s window a few minutes after the necessary time for checking the results of the test.

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It`s essential to read and follow the instructions of the test accordingly, if you take a pregnancy test by yourself at your home. You`ll see on the package how much time you have to wait until checking the results, which might be within 3 to 5 minutes, depending on what the manufacturer specified.

If you wait and check the test`s results within the time frame that was recommended on the package and still see a faint line, you might in fact be pregnant. But if you miss that particular window in which you should have checked the test`s result and you forget checking the test 10 minutes later, that faint positive line might just be an evaporation line, meaning you aren`t expecting.

If there is a confusion about the faint line being either a evaporation one or an positive line, it`s best to always repeat the test. If possible, wait 2 or 3 days before taking the next test. If you are expecting a baby, this will provide your body enough time to produce more hCG hormone, resulting in an undeniable, this time clear positive line.

It aids to repeat the test the next day in the morning as well. It`s much better if your urine is less diluted. Make certain you check the pregnancy test results within the recommended time frame in order to avoid any possible confusion between a real positive line and an evaporation one.

Next Step

If you aren’t sure if the faint line is a positive one, repeat the pregnancy test a few days later, or simply schedule yourself an appointment with the doctor`s office for a blood test. This way, the doctor will take you a blood sample and perform an ultrasound examination, and determine if you are indeed pregnant.

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