What Does Pregnancy Glow Mean?

It is a saying that each expecting mother hears at some moment, no matter if it is from strangers or close ones: “You are glowing!” But what do we actually know what it means? Do women get a glowing appearance when they are pregnant, or is it just some sort of a myth?

What Does Pregnancy Glow Mean

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Is Pregnancy Glow Real?

While expecting, a mixture of various factors are able to “design” a pregnancy glow. Increased volume of blood brings even more volume of blood to the blood vessels, leading to a shinier skin. Changes in the levels of hormones may cause the glands of the facial skin to release sebum, making the skin to appear flushed.

However, the aspects contributing to pregnancy glow could have a downside. Fluctuating levels of hormones while pregnant may make you more susceptible to experiencing acne.

The best thing you can do is to enjoy this pregnancy glow, as it`s a wonderful sensation that may never come back.

There`re lots of frequent concerns or physiological changes which may make their appearance along with pregnancy, like swelling, nausea or fatigue. Still, this pregnancy glow represents one of those physiological changes a lot of women are happy to experience during pregnancy.

This pregnancy glow that we keep talking about represents one of the changes of the skin resulted from the hormonal increase while pregnant. Again, if you notice yourself experiencing this condition, better enjoy it while you can.

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When Does the Pregnancy Glow Start?

The pregnancy glow is a frequently discussed subject, but which is most of the time understood badly. Due to the fact that pregnancy glow represents an all-embracing expression for a large variety of pregnancy-related side effects, its impact on each pregnancy is distinct for each woman.

Certain women out there have it rather early while expecting, while other ones have it since the 2nd pregnancy stage. Other women claim they didn`t experienced any pregnancy glow, although other people told them they seem to glow.

Depending on what body you have, your pregnancy negative effects and hormones, you might have this pregnancy glow at some point or not.

What Causes the Pregnancy Glow?

There isn`t a specific cause that leads to this glow, at least from the scientific point of view, as there weren`t any studies on this matter made yet. However, there`re some consistent explanations which would imply it`s kind of related to a few physiological changes which might happen while pregnant.

Physiological Causes

Sometimes the saying “What you have in your mind will reflect on your face” it is kind of true. While pregnant, many women will feel “happier” and will have positive thoughts in their mind a lot more often, which will make them more refined and graceful.

High Circulation of Blood

When your pregnancy evolves, the volume of blood is higher. This will increase the circulation of blood and there`ll be more blood amount being pumped through your blood vessels. During pregnancy, your skin will retain more moisture, which will make it smoother and a bit more plum around your lines and wrinkles. It will give your skin a more brighter appearance.

Excessive Sweating

As more volume of blood, weight and higher demand on your body, the temperature of the body elevates during pregnancy. This will often lead to more sweating, which in turn will clear out all the skin`s impurities, leading to you feeling more radiant.

Hormonal Causes & Skin Glands

Higher pregnancy hormonal levels represent the main cause behind our pregnancy glow. This increased hormonal level, especially hCG and progesterone, will make the facial sebaceous glands to release even more sebum. In turn, the higher oil amount will maintain the skin radiant and supple.

Still, the production of oil might also lead to skin pigmentation and pregnancy acne.

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How to Manage this Glow?

So, we established that pregnancy glow represents a natural phenomenon during pregnancy. Lots of women can`t wait for this natural pregnancy stage to occur and consider it to be a blessing. Still, due to the amount of oil increased in the skin, often it leads to acne., known as pregnancy acne as well.

If this might be the situation, you can always use a cleanser that doesn`t contain oil in order to clean the face and help your body reduce the oil amount from the skin.

Also, be certain you`re getting a good sleep at night. It`s very important to have sufficient rest in order to maintain your pregnancy glow.

Fortunately, you might be able to show your pregnancy glow to everyone and manage to avoid the mask of pregnancy. On the other hand, the skin pigmentation is one of the physiological changes of pregnancy.

The mask of pregnancy, or melasma, involving brown patches which develop around the face or neck. Lots of women find these aspects to be a lot less desirable than our pregnancy glow. – Read more!

If you think it may be possible, you should avoid going out when it`s too sunny. You`ll increase your chances of hyperpigmentation, which is definitely not good for you during pregnancy. You can always use a hat and a protection formula against the sun.

But there`s great news! The mask of pregnancy won`t be around forever. As the name implies, is has a lot to do with the pregnancy, so once you gave birth, it will disappear in finnair.

Unfortunately, there`s bad news as well! The pregnancy glow will disappear after birth as well. In the end, the essential thing is to take care of your skin using proper care practices regularly, regardless the fact that you`re pregnant or not.

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