What Is A Good Room Temperature For A Baby?

When the weather turns cold and becomes really chilly outside, it`s not easy to figure it out where to set the thermostat. If outside it`s snowing, how warm should the baby`s room need to be? Or how cool should you make it in the middle of summer? And how do you know if the baby is too hot or too cold? They are able to tell us whether they are comfortable or not, even if not through words.

What Is A Good Room Temperature For A Baby

When setting up the baby`s room, we`ll take a few rules into consideration to create the environment and comfort he needs to grow as healthy as possible.

The optimal temperature in your baby`s room is essential. In fact, if the baby is very small, he needs a different room temperature than older children. The most important advantage of ensuring a correctly heated room is avoiding sudden infant death syndrome.

What Is a Good Room Temperature for a Baby?

As already mentioned, the values are different in newborns than older children. They usually have to stay within these limits:

  • Infants: the room temperature needs to be around 22° C to 24° C.
  • Older children: the room temperature needs to be around 18° C to 22° C.

The ideal temperature for a baby needs to be somewhere around 22° C at night and 24° C during the day.

During summer, the baby`s room should never be less than 20° C, but it`s best to keep it around 22° C.

A room thermometer is indispensable in the baby`s room. It will always help to maintain the same temperature and will warn you every time it drops too low or gets too high.

A good general rule is to maintain the room`s temperature comfortable for an adult dressed lightly. If the room feels too cold or too warm for you, it`s definitely the same for the child.

What Temperature Is Too High for a Baby?

The APP and most experts agree with the fact that a normal baby body temperature needs to anywhere between 36° C and 37.9° C. if the rectal temperature of your child is anything over 38, he`s experiencing a fever.

The reading of temperature doesn`t represent the only indication if fever is severe or not.

  • Age: this is a factor; fever is more severe in babies up to 3 months.
  • Behavior: this is another factor; an increased fever which does not stop the little one from feeding or playing in a normal manner might not be a real reason for alarm.

Remember that anyone`s temperature goes up around late afternoon or early evening and drops at night. This is a natural cycle of our body temperature and explains why most doctors receive most calls related to fever around late afternoon or early evening.

Also, keep in mind that a normal temperature of the child can only be represented by a rectal reading. If his temperature is out of range, this might be a symptom of sickness, so you may want to get in contact with a pediatrician, especially if the little one experiences other signs such as persistent cough, stuffy nose or sore throat. – Read more!

What`s the Proper Room Temperature if the Baby Is Sick?

For instance, if the little one catches a cold, it is perhaps best to maintain the nursery at a temperature that is consistent, even though it`s almost common knowledge that colder temperatures might be a bit more comfortable for a congested baby or one who has difficulty breathing. On the other hand, if the baby is burning up from a fever, you can put more airy fabrics on him, and obviously call a doctor.

Risks of a High Temperature in the Baby`s Room

Generally speaking, the recommendations related to the baby`s room temperature aren`t always respected in the sense that often create an environment that is too hot for an infant. They also have the tendency to overdress him from fear of the baby not getting cold. Therefore, there`s a danger of overheating him.

Additionally, the little one will become dehydrated and sweat. Even worse, it was discovered that the sudden infant death syndrome occurs more often if the temperature in the baby`s room gets over 24° C.

What Is a Proper Humidity Level in the Baby`s Room?

When talking about the humidity in the child`s room, people associate an increased degree of humidity with an increased risk of mold growth.

The humidity value in the baby`s room is vital, but usually parents realize this when the child`s breathe becomes noisy, and the pediatrician draws their attention regarding this aspect.

It`s essential to buy a hygrometer to measure the humidity degree in the little one`s room. Hypothetically, it needs to be around 40% to 60%. Basically, children feel better at a level of humidity of 55%.

The recommendation of keeping the humidity between 40% and 50% is mostly referring to the fact that an increased humidity degree favors the development of molds, which are very damaging to anyone, especially infants.

Still, there`re several conditions which need to be fulfilled for the mold to appear and its development doesn`t only depends on temperature, but also the geographical orientation of the room, ventilation, construction material and thermal insulation.

Additional Recommendations

Don`t protect your child from the outside environment in an excessive manner, because this is where he`ll need to live. Allow the access of guests in his room, but don`t over-agglomerated to avoid creating a virus-friendly environment. Don`t let the guests touch the little one directly in order to prevent any skin bacteria being transmitted. He can be touched through his clothes though.

If the little one will be too warm, he most likely won`t want to eat and you may be surprised to find out that he often falls asleep during feeding.

Build the ideal environment for the child by taking into consideration some minimum hygiene rules, but also your own rules and what you want as parents for your own baby.

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