What Is Couple Therapy And When Do We Resort To It?

Let`s be honest for one moment: until couple therapy was accepted worldwide as one of the best methods of solving interpersonal conflicts it passed quite a lot of time. In fact, I don`t think it took only one generation to cover the entire period of time until psychotherapy was accepted. There are still countries that don`t accept from the social point of view the entire concept.

What Is Couple Therapy

What Is Couple Therapy?

Couple therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps couples of all kinds to recognize and solve the conflicts to improve their relationship. Through couple therapy you can make well-thought-out decisions regarding the reconstruction of your relationship or going on separate ways. Some couples resort to psychotherapy to strengthen their relationships and gain a better mutual understanding. This type of therapy also helps couples who wish to marry, reach a deeper understanding and eliminate pre-marital differences. In this kind of therapy, the relationship is the focal point, although each partner expects to focus on improving self-consciousness.

What Is the Role of Couple Therapy?

The psychologist will listen both partners, he`ll listen to their wishes and try to bring the contradictions to a stages of negotiating, because most of the times, although the needs of both partners are different, they both have their share of justice. Couple therapy will have effect only if both partners discuss openly, if they`ll pass over the embarrassment of talking about their own needs and concerns, if they`ll understand that the psychologist is only the binder that can help them to regain unity and that the change will first need to come from them. The psychologist can identify the problems that the couple is experiencing, he can offer support and he will help the couple to find the best solutions. But without efficient participation and involvement of both partners and without establishing clear goals, couple therapy cannot have the desires success. – Click here!

Can Couple Therapy Solve Our Problems?

In a way, becoming a psychotherapist is the same thing as becoming a doctor. The difference is only in the object of the work and treatment. Naturally, no one gives you the people`s lives on your hand without making sure you have enough knowledge to handle without making irremediable damages.

Until becoming a psychotherapist, you leave behind thousands of hours of physical study, being a mandatory requirement to get the attestation. After finishing the university, it takes around 3.500 training hours. Forming a psychotherapist is the equivalent of a specialization in medicine. You also need a period of supervision, which is the equivalent of residency and hundreds of studies read and often done. – Check this!

Then, after getting the necessary attestation, you need to get the required psychological tests. They cost a lot of money and come with certificates of application. That`s why it`s never recommended to trust a psychological test that came for free. The price is a few thousand Euros and can only be applied by an expert. No one would leave them free online, considering how hard is to get them.

Now, all this was outlined for you to understand that the one who has the determination, the ambition, and first of all the courage to start on such a journey and finish it is, if not an accomplished professional who loves his job, at least someone who has more than enough knowledge to solve the issues of every couple, no matter how hard or serious they would be. – Read this!

And, among the studies of a psychologist, it has been statistically proven that those who follow this profession have at least an IQ far above the average. How else can you get there without him?

So, can psychotherapy solve our problems? More than certain, yes!

The Benefits of Couple Therapy

Couple therapy usually brings couples or partners together for joint therapy sessions. When working with a therapist, you`ll gain new abilities to strengthen your relationship:

  • Open communication for the couple.
  • Managing to solve together the emerging problems.
  • Discussing the differences of opinion in a rational way.
  • Analyzing the good and less good parts of the relationship in order to identify and better understand the source of the conflicts.

Which Is the Best Form of Couple Therapy?

Eriksonian, psychoanalytic or integrative? There are a large number of trainings, and each of them has their pros and cons. A good psychotherapist will do the one he joined to work. In any way, today there are a few psychotherapists who only adopt the methods of a single training. Most use a mélange of methods, tailored to the client, so he can achieve good results.

However, if you feel the sessions of couple therapy don`t suit you or don`t bring any results, you can always change the psychologist you are going to. It`s your freedom to choose who you want, and because all psychotherapists are professionals, they`ll often be the ones recommending you a more suited colleague for your desires or problems.

When Do We Resort to Couple Therapy?

In general, people choose to go to this kind of therapy to solve the issues which arise in the relationship, no matter if it`s about the need of both partners to find their happiness within the couple, to better manage the difference of opinions regarding raising the children, discover and remedy the sexual problems or even manage to break up amicably, if there are no chances of reconciliation. Couple therapy is recommended when, due to repeated dissatisfactions or amid tensions accumulated over time, one of the partners or both cause fights constantly more or less justified, when they constantly bring blame to the other partner, or when it comes to verbal or physical violence. – More details!

  • We want to improve a cloudy relationship.
  • Problems of couple communication.
  • Sexual difficulties.
  • Conflicts related to raising children.
  • Financial issues affecting the couple`s stability.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Infidelity.
  • Domestic abuse.

What Are the Most Common Reasons?

The reasons why couples end up turning to a therapist to restore their balance in the relationship are numerous and often combined: lack of communication, feeling of guilt, sexual issues, conflicts caused by the children`s education, distancing, etc. On the other hand, statistics show that they appeal to couple therapy especially those couples with intercultural differences, as well as couples who make up recomposed families. However, experts recommend that couple therapy is often accompanied by individual therapy. For instance, in the case of domestic violence problems, it`s recommended that the individual be treated individually. In a similar fashion, in cases of infidelity, it`s recommended to have individual therapy as well.

What Does a Successful Therapy Mean?

The purpose of a therapy isn`t necessarily to save the couple at any price. The paradox is that a successful couple therapy can mean both the restoration of the relationship`s balance, but it can also mean separation, accepted and acknowledged by both partners as a solution to each of their lives.

How Do You Find the Right Therapist?

First of all, you should inform yourself about the types of existing couple therapy: behavioral, analytical, systemic, etc. Collect your information, especially from friends who have already used various types of therapy. If you have already made individual therapy, it`s preferable for a couple to resort to another specialist, but this isn`t necessarily a rule.

Like any therapy which involves adjusting feelings, emotions of communication, couple therapy varies from one case to another, just like its effects. However, it`s often the most appropriate means of adjusting the balance of a relationship.

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