What Is Frigidity & What Causes It?

Frigidity, which was long seen as a taboo subject, not only affects the woman, but the whole couple itself! It`s a term broadly referring to a low sex drive in a woman. This particular terms isn`t correctly used most of the time to describe women who are cold, emotionally speaking, or doesn`t respond to the sexual advances of their partner.

What Is Frigidity

Lack of sexual desire or satisfaction has side effects that are noticed not only in the relationship, but can also affect the entire family, or the woman`s social or professional life.

What Is Frigidity?

Frigidity represents a sexual dysfunction manifested in women which has signs of indifference or even aversion to anything sexually related. The dysfunction also manifests through a lack of libido as well as an inability to reach orgasm. Frigidity shouldn`t be confused with other dysfunctions like anorgasmia, when the woman isn`t able to reach orgasm, although she has a sexual desire.

Some experts have defined this dysfunction as a total absence of pleasure, both during masturbation and sexual contact. No matter how it`s really defined, its rather obvious that a woman experiencing frigidity is anorgasmic as well, although a woman who is anorgasmic isn`t automatically frigid.

The presence of this sexual dysfunction creates difficulties in the conjugal life though the absence of sexual feelings, erotic emotions, making it almost impossible to reach orgasm. The perpetuation of this state might favor the occurrence of animosities between the couple`s partners, therefore weakening the relationship.

In some cases, in order to mask frigidity, women mimic the feeling of orgasm during sexual contact. According to various studies, the occurrence of frigidity ranges around 30% to 50% with different shades or intensities depending on various characteristics. Regarding the etiology of frigidity, the absence or decrease of libido may be triggered by lots of causes.


Among the most common causes of frigidity is a traumatic sexual event in the past such as a painful first sexual contact, abortion, rape or excessive fear of an unwanted pregnancy.

Other psychological issues that lead to this dysfunction are the body complexes that lots of women experience, the strict education given during childhood (which catalogs sex as a simple duty with the only purpose to procreate) or the uncertainty caused by the lack of experience.

Frigidity may occur in a relationship due to the partner from lack of communication and who is mostly focused only on his own pleasure. A couple`s issues or work-related problems can also inhibit the sexual desire of a woman.

Intimacy doesn`t have a button that can be pressed on when a partner wants to become intimate, and generally the situation and setting needs to be “just right” before both of them can really enjoy it.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Pain during sexual contact.
  • Inability to reach orgasm.
  • Inability to excite.
  • Burning feeling in the vagina or vulva at touch.
  • Low libido because of physical, hormonal, psychological disorders or communication issues.
  • Lack of libido.
  • Inability to relax the vaginal muscles sufficiently to allow sexual contact.
  • Inappropriate vaginal lubrication before and/or during sexual contact.

Effects of Frigidity on a Couple

Frigidity causes deep frustrations between 2 partners, although the one suffering the most is the woman, because sex becomes only a conjugal duty. Men also become frustrated because they consider that they aren`t good equipped enough to satisfy their partner. Both need to understand that it isn`t an irreversible condition and that the best method to overcome such issues is good understanding and communication.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Diagnosis of frigidity is mainly performed through physical exam and gynecological investigation to find and eliminate any physiological causes which may have led to this condition. If secondary frigidity is involved, there`re specific tests that can be done through, which measures the hormonal concentration of the level of progesterone, estrogen and prolactin.

A low estrogen level or a prolactin or progesterone excess might be the reason for which frigidity occurs. Gynecological disorders, meaning trauma, infections, injuries, can be outlined as well as treated after a gynecological examination.

Regrettably, lab tests and medical assessment cannot reveal in most situations a physiological cause of frigidity. In the following case, the doctor might recommend you to get in touch with a sexologist or psychologist.

The main 2 treatments which apply to this condition arising from emotional or psychological factors are represented by behavioral therapies and psychotherapy.

Behavioral therapy has a shorter duration in time and is recommended when secondary frigidity is involves. In certain cases, the expert might reach the conclusion that couple therapy is required.

Psychotherapy lasts for months or years, and is mostly recommended when primary frigidity or anorgasmia is involved.

When to Visit the Doctor?

Frigidity doesn`t represent an affection that will put life in danger, but it shouldn`t either be ignored. If left untreated, it may lead to serious depression and personal issues.

Natural Remedies

These so-called “natural remedies” aren`t scientifically proven ways to treat frigidity, but rather more ideas that were passed from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, which may or may not improve things for you in terms of frigidity.

Additionally, there are also a few tips about things you should avoid. One thing is clear – it cannot hurt to try!

  • Consume Alfalfa sprouts, eggs, onions, almonds, brown rice, or avocado.
  • Wild yams contain dehydroepiandrosterone, a natural steroid that is very useful in increasing sexual energy.
  • Zinc may be useful in treating this condition – oysters contain zinc.
  • Use sesame oil for body massage.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Ginger is recommended and is just as efficient for both sexes.
  • Vitamin B aids reduce anxiety and increase the level of energy.
  • One teaspoon of fenugreek seeds is advisable as well. If you cannot find some, you could take Fenugreek supplements.
  • If women experience vitamin deficiencies, their estrogen level may be affected, therefore their vagina may not get lubricated properly. They need to take multi-vitamins on a daily basis.
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