What Is The Best Early Pregnancy Test?

If you consider you may be expecting a baby, the next logical step is obvious: take a pregnancy test! You can either visit your gynecologist or hospital for a blood test, but lots of women prefer to use the easiest option, and that is to take a pregnancy test in the comfort of their own home. Fortunately, you can find plenty of reliable tests on the market that are incredible easy to use and cheap.

What Is The Best Early Pregnancy Test

There`re lots of distinct types of tests also out there, but how can you know which one is the best one? Obviously, that will very much depend on what you understand by “best.” There`re a few factors that differentiate different types of tests, however, for most possible future mothers the best test is that particular one which has the lowest threshold for detecting the hCG. The more sensitive is a test to this hormone, the earlier will be able to detect a possible pregnancy.

How Soon You Could Get a Positive Pregnancy Test Result?

There`re 3 factors to be taken into consideration here.

When Implantation Happens

As you may already, pregnancy tests detect the presence of a hormone, known as hCG. This hormone is produced at implantation by the embryo. Implantation may occur anytime from 6 to 12 days after conception, but usually this occurs 8 to 10 days. Once the implantation has ended, the levels of the hCG hormone will double every couple of days. So in part, the answer to how early you could get a positive test result will very much depend on when implantation happens.

Baseline hCG Levels

Another part of this answer will depend on the baseline hCG levels. Even if you don`t expect a baby, you have a small amount of the hCG hormone within your body – somewhere up to 5 mlU/ml. If you may have a higher baseline hCG level than another woman, and you`re both pregnant and both of you had implantation occurred on the very same day, you might get a positive test result earlier than that woman, since hCG hormone doubling time will include the baseline hCG hormone of your body, so you`re a little ahead than the other woman.

hCH Hormone Doubling Time

The final factor to be taken into consideration is hCG doubling time. While the levels of the hCG hormone double every 2 days, this figure might vary from one woman to another. If your particular hCG hormone doubling time will be on the slower part, it might take a bit more until you have sufficient hCG hormone within your body to see a positive pregnancy test result.

Blue or Pink Dye Pregnant Tests?

As there isn`t sufficient reasons of concern already, you also have to decide whether you want to buy a blue or pink dye pregnancy test. Is there a difference? – More like this!

Most experienced users when it comes to pregnancy tests will probably share you to avoid the blue dye ones, if you can. The reason behind this is that blue versions offer an “evaporation line” or “false positive” more frequently than pink dye ones do.

What Is an Evaporation Line?

An evaporation line is meant to represent the evaporation of urine in the pregnancy test window where is positioned the antibody strip. This may lead to a colorless line which might be mistaken f a result that is positive. Generally, an evaporation line should be more grey than blue or pink. It might look more a like a shadow than anything else.

If you want to prevent these lines, you just need to follow the instructions of the test. Most of them need a few minutes or less to be read. If a test may be interpreted later than 5 minutes, the 2nd line might in fact be such a line and not a positive result.

Some women find blue dye tests more difficult to read as well, especially when it comes to early pregnancy testing. Testing before period is due may lead to a faint positive result. You might have to squint to notice it and this may raise questions if it`s in fact there or not. Most women find that there`s less guesswork when choosing to use pink dye pregnancy tests.

Best 5 Early Pregnancy Tests

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test

The FRER (First Response Early Result) is your usual test that you pee on it, which include a wide tip and curved shape that makes it user-friendly. Hold the test in your urine jet and it will most definitely pick up any existing pregnancy hormones in no time. A few minutes later, your test will either show 1 pink line if you aren`t expecting or 2 lines if will going to be a mom. And yes, the faint line will count as a positive result.

Known to be the most sensitive early pregnancy test available on the market (according to scientific research), the manufacturers claim it`s able to tell you whether or not you`re expecting 5 days in advance your expected period. Simply remember that the hCG hormone may not have accumulated sufficiently in your organism just yet, so according to the company`s testing, it`s just 76% accurate 5 days beforehand. Its accuracy will increase near your expected period. For best accuracy, take it as you get out of the bed in the morning.

There`s a whole bunch of positive reviews online. It seems like the First Response Early Result gets more and more love with each use from the happy future mothers.

Wondfo Pregnancy Test

The Wondfo has taken away the absorbent tip and plastic applicator of the regular pregnancy test and offered you quite a simple strip (the very same that can be found in standard tests) to dip into a urine cup. And you probably didn`t know this by now, but the Wondfo pregnancy test strips are very accurate and medical grade. Unlike other different pregnancy tests, these ones are strips and they`re received in a pack of 25, but you can get a pack of 50 as well.

Despite the increased number of strips, these particular pregnancy tests have kind of the same price as other pregnancy tests, so you may very well continue testing minus their cost.

The big benefits of these tests are that they include 25 strips each and they take around 5 minutes to show results. So the pregnancy is detected early on. While the downside if that they don`t have some accuracy statistics available by the manufacturer. Still, there are thousands of women who have used these pregnancy test strips with a satisfactory accuracy level. So, it`s really safe to assume these strips have rather the same accuracy as the other early pregnancy tests; however, keep in mind that this is a 25 miU/ml test, and does not come with 5 or 6 day early prediction statement. – Find out more!

One Step Pregnancy Test Strips

One Step pregnancy test has a low level of sensitivity of 10 miU/ml. Due to the fact that this test uses strips, this pregnancy test are really great at early detection and quite accurate. Lots of women have been able to detect their own pregnancy quite well thanks to this particular test.

Women claim that they have tested positive 6 days before a missed period successfully. The single note of caution regarding this particular pregnancy test is that they are frequently difficult to read because of the color change of the strips.

Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test

This particular pregnancy test has a usable and cute design, with a massive sponge tip. However, it seems it is less sensitive than other tests and rather harder to hold.

In our own research, manual tests seem to beat the digital tests regarding how fast they`re able to offer accurate readings. As a downside, digital versions are more likely to wrong readings.

After using a few, we learned that the digital ones in fact also use the exam same type of strips you can find in manual tests. It`s just the digital tests have a specific sensor designed to detect the darkened line – around 1 minute after you`d be able to see it for yourself anyway. And unlike manual tests where you need to decipher on your own how many lines became darker and know whether you are pregnant or not, the digital pregnancy test doesn`t leave any doubt: it shows words for you to read the answer.

ClinicalGuard Pregnancy Test Strips

Sold in packs of 20 strips, they are in fact tests strips and not your usual “+” or “-“ model types which you might be used to using. Using color bands, these pregnancy tests also test the hCG hormone and have a 25 miU/ml sensitivity.

These pregnancy test strips represent a cheap way to detect whether or not you are pregnant without too much hassle. No matter if you choose to split the pack of test strips with friends, or you just want to keep them to yourself, that`s entirely up to you to decide!

The very best part of this pregnancy test is that because it comes with a lot of strips, you can just repeat the test as many times as you want or need. So, it does not hurt to have a few near you for an easier access from time to time.

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