What Is The Best Potty For The Little One?

Every parent wants what is best for his little one, so even the choice of a potty will become an important subject in the family in which at least one of the family`s members has the age of 18 – 20 months. It`s considered that now is the moment when the child becomes aware of the fact that he needs to use the potty, reaching the physiological and cognitive maturity for this purpose.

What Is The Best Potty For The Little One

Here are the guidelines that parents should use to guide themselves when purchasing a potty.

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Potty Type

This aspect distinguishes a potty into 2 categories:

  • Classic potty.
  • Modern, multifunctional potty.

Parents who want either a spare potty for travel, either a cheaper one will bet on the classic option. This is made from a single-piece plastic, very simple and molded with a wider base for more stability when the child sits on it. Among the advantages of this type of potty, we remind:

  • Cheap price.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Durability.

If you prefer a more modern approach to raise your little one, you may have already read a few articles regarding the typology of the modern potty, multifunctional or 3 in 1 as it`s also known. The parents will appreciate this model in terms of design and accessories, with at least 2 notable models: portable and with reducer. If you go often in trips with your small one and you always want to be ready for anything, you`ll choose the portable model, which is a version that folds and is accompanied by disposable storage bags.


A suitable potty shouldn`t be too small or too big, as most experts consider when talking about the best potties on the market. They say that the diameter and height of the potty`s vessel are the most important coordinates that should be taken into account by parents. If you start potty training at 18 months, be sure that the potty`s diameter has about 20 – 22 cm, and if the child is older, you can extend your searches over 22 – 23 cm. Also, the potty needs to be high enough, at least 16 – 18 cm to avoid the baby`s contact with the substances eliminated when using it. However, it should also be chosen in such a way to ensure a correct position. If you choose a potty adjustable reducer, when the child uses the toilet, he should support his feet on the chain, so you should take this into consideration as well.


Two essential aspects that need to be mentioned: back and handles. The parents who start teaching their child to use the potty from early ages (between 9 and 12 months) are advised to choose potties that are as ergonomic as possible, which have solid backs that children can use to support their backs. Also, the child should be able to support his arms on the lateral handles or they should be positioned so that they offer enough safety and stability to the child when he uses the potty. Some potties don`t have lateral handles, but they are designed with a small flattening on the front, which can be used as a handle. – More info!

Special Functions

These can be of 2 types:

  • Basic functions – child diversification.
  • Interactive features – attention and entertainment.

If there are parents who want to teach their child to use not only the toilet, but also the urinal if we are talking about a boy, they can buy 3 in 1 potties that include a urinal as an accessory, which can be mounted at the appropriate height.  If you try to get your little one used from early age to sit on the potty, you`ll have problems trying to maintain him focused on what he needs to do, so you can buy him a musical potty. These models are designed after the example of interactive toys and include various buttons, lights and melodies. Some experts in baby development issues suggest limiting these products for certain periods of time, because they aren`t believed to form a clear idea for the baby about the justification of using the potty, making him confuse this activity with playing. – Read this!


It includes the material and details of texture and color of the product. Just about any potty available on the market will be made of plastic. This is due to the fact that this kind of material can be shaped without sharp edges and is light and durable. Most manufacturers specify some information regarding the quality of the used plastic, showing the fact that it isn`t allergenic or doesn`t contain harmful or toxic substances for the baby`s skin. No matter if you decide on a classic model or a multifunctional one, choose models designed with joyful colors, which will attract the little one`s attention in a pleasant manner.

5 Cool Potties that Are Ideal for Small Children

Funny potties, equipped with various toys and accessories, can be the ideal choice for the little ones which aren`t very receptive at this moment in their life. If nothing seems to work, then try to grab your child`s attention by choosing types of potties which seem more interesting and fun to be around them. Here are a few suggestions that may attract your child`s interest like a magnet.

Fisher Price Ducky Fun 3 in 1 Potty

  • It can be used when your child is barely starting to learn how to use the potty.
  • It will immediately attract the child`s interest because has the form of a duck.
  • It`s equipped with a toilet seat reducer which can be detached from the potty, ensuring an easier transition.
  • It includes a system of rewarding which plays songs and can be started every time the child pees or poops using the potty, as a method of rewarding his success.
  • Later, when the child is ready to start using the toilet, he can use this type of potty the same way he would use the toilet by using the potty`s uplifting system.

The Fisher Price Cheer for Me Potty

  • Children learn how to use the potty in a fun way.
  • It`s equipped with music and will delight the children with various songs.
  • It can be use by both boys and girls.
  • Ensures a stabile comfort and a proper hygiene being equipped with a vessel which can be removed and washed after every usage.
  • It can be used in 2 ways, proving its efficiency in both the transition between the diaper and the potty as well as between the potty and the toilet. For the little ones who just start to learn to use the potty, this can be placed on the floor, and for the older children it can also be placed on the toilet. – Read more!

The Dino Potty

  • It has the shape of a dinosaur and it`s quite practical for both your little girl or boy.
  • Unlike the usual potties, this is equipped with a system to avoid splashing for boys.
  • It`s equipped with handles for an easier transport.
  • The potty`s vessel is removable for an easier washing.

The Multifunctional 3 in 1 Potty

  • This potty is designed after the shape of the toilet, so your little one will not only learn how to use the potty, but will simultaneously get used with the idea of the toilet as well.
  • It has a support for toilet paper and handles for an easier transport.
  • Using this type of potty, the baby is going through 2 essential steps, not just one: the mini-toilet and potty.
  • It`s adaptable system for the toilet makes it efficient and pragmatic, being able to be used since the baby learn how to use the potty until he`ll be 5 years old.

Saro – The Musical Potty

  • It`s very colorful, imitates the shape of a real toilet and it`s very practical.
  • It`s has bright colors which attracts the attention of little babies and stimulates them to get closer and use it. – Find out more!
  • It`s equipped with music which gets the attention of small children even more.
  • It proves it`s pragmatism by the fact that it has a system through which it can also be used on a real toilet.
Image courtesy of momjunction.com

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