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What Is The Nub Theory?

Some of the future parents are desperate to find out the gender of their future baby as soon as possible, and will most certainly try to look for clues from the first ultrasound. Doctors in such situation usually smile and tell them, as they do with many other couples, that this isn`t possible until the ultrasound performed at 12 weeks of pregnancy.

What Is the Nub Theory

Well, there are people who believe this is possible due to a less known phenomenon, known as the “nub theory.”

What Is the Nub Theory?

This theory, also known as the “angle of the dangle,” claims the fact that at 15 weeks the male genital organs (or the genital tubercle, because these aren`t formed in a proper way at this stage, plus both genders will have a small prominence) will be pitched differently than the female ones, so you can try to guess the gender of the baby by a careful examination at ultrasound.

What Experts Say?

The experts of this theory (yes, it seems there are such experts) claim that, if you`ll have a girl, the small tubercle will be “glued” horizontally, while if you`ll have a boy, the “nub” will be pointed upwards (some comparisons with other ultrasounds of a baby already born or who has the gender already known).

Of course, the baby needs to be a good position if you want to be able to see this small part of his body. If they baby moves his legs or has its little butt towards the ultrasound device, then it may be difficult to notice what you want to see. – Read this!

When Is the Ideal Time to Use It?

Generally speaking, starting with the week 11 of pregnancy, you can predict the gender of your baby using this method, but only if the visibility is perfect. However, the accuracy will be better between the weeks 12 and 14. After the week 14, it might be possible to determine the gender, although most doctors wait until the 20th week of pregnancy.

  • 49% accuracy at 11 weeks;
  • 88% accuracy at 12 weeks;
  • 92% accuracy at 13 weeks.

How Certain Is the Theory?

There isn`t any scientific research that would support this theory, and it`s unlikely that your doctor would offer you advice by take it into consideration. However, there are women out there who already gave birth and swear this is true.

It`s pretty hard for an inexperienced eye to identify the gender of the baby from a grainy, black & white image of an ultrasound.

Of course, a bit of Sherlock Holmes investigation for the future mothers that can`t wait to know their baby`s gender won`t do anything wrong. If you`ll even compare a few ultrasounds, this can turn into something fun which haven`t hurt anyone until now. – Similar content!

Overall Conclusion

There are various clinics out there that claim they are experts who are able to interpret ultrasound images and predict the baby`s gender. The truth is that there`s no scientific evidence yet to sustain the fact that the gender of a future child can be predicted so early.

Our verdict? If you like to have fun about this topic, by all means – go for it! But don`t put too much trust in this kind of things if you want to not be disappointment.

Image courtesy of babycenter.com

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