What Makes Burning During And After Intercourse?

Sexual intercourse is probably the most rewarding life experience. But itching or burning after intercourse can be really painful at times and quite frustrating. Any rashes or sores that are the result of infections may lead to itching.

Burning During And After Intercourse

Rubbing during sexual contact might lead to burning. But happens only the first time when you are having sex, if you didn`t had sex for a long time or if you skipped prelude. Generally speaking, these sensations stop later!

Sex while pregnant might lead to burning because the woman`s cervix is very sensitive now. There`re a few important causes for which burning during or after sex occurs.

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Causes of Burning During & After Sexual Intercourse


We`ve mention this first because is the most common cause of burning during intercourse. Fungal and bacterial infections might lead to this medical problem. Genital herpes and sores may lead to rashes filled with pus. They generally burn and itch during sexual contact.

Even if your life partner has a small yeast infection, it might very well affect you as well. Both you and your partner have to perform a medical examination every 6 months. Some women often neglect personal hygiene when doing sex, but this is vital for fertility.

Such infections might spread in women and lead to PID. The whole genital area will experience itching and inflammation.

  • Chlamydia.
  • Syphilis.
  • Genital herpes.
  • Gonorrhea.
  • Genital warts.


Even through the sensations are kind of the same, this isn`t to be confused with urinary tract infection. This represents the urethra`s inflammation due to bacteria. Sometimes, bacteria have very much to do with an STI, while other times non-bacterial UTIs are to blame.

No matter the reason, this will hurt quite some time when peeing after sex if no treatment is followed. And it can get worse if it`s ignored. The burning might occur a couple of days after intercourse since sufficient time has passed for the bacteria to grow within the body. The medical condition is frequently treated with antibiotics as it cannot improve on itself.

Anatomic Discrepancy

As painful as it is to write this, sometimes our bodies don`t seem to line up as they should. This will obviously create a problem. Although during intercourse everything may seem fine, if your 2 bodies are too varied as they were built, it will most likely lead to some pain problems.

Dr. Sheila Loanzon, a gynecologist from the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology who also wrote “Yes, I have Herpes: A Gynecologist`s Perspective In and Out of the Stirrups,” says that the vaginal opening of a woman and penile girth may lead to skin stretching that during or after intercourse may be felt as vaginal burning.


Among the most frequent causes of painful intercourse is represented by vulvodynia. This condition consists of a burning around the vulva without no apparent reason, like neurologic disorder, infection or cancer.

The most frequent cause of pain during sex is often misdiagnosed. The medical condition is believed to affect around 16% of women. However, this number is believed by some experts to be a lot higher.

This particular pain frequently prevents most women from performing their daily tasks, physical exercises or having sexual intercourse. In extreme situations, they are finding difficult to even walk.


Painful muscle spasms at the vaginal opening might consist an appropriate, although involuntary response to stimuli. This type of muscles spasms might occur because of a few factors, which include painful sexual events in the past, sexual abuse, painful intromission, or sexual conflict that remained unresolved.

When it comes to women, doctors might advise towards behavior therapy, which may include exercises involving vaginal relaxation.

Bladder (UTI) Infection

As already mentioned, urinary tract infections happen quite frequently among women. You might even sense a bit of back tenderness around your kidneys or when you want to pee. More commonly, women won`t really feel like hurting if they have to pee, but they`ll frequently feel a necessity to pee more for no apparent reason.

There`re OTC drugs which might aid you get rid of your burning, but you`ll have to talk to a doctor about it. The most common treatment for UTIs involves antibiotics.

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Cervical Problems

In this situation, the male penis might reach the cervix during maximum penetration. So, cervical issues, like infection, might lead to pain during penetration.

Injuries Involving the Vagina or Vulva

This type of injuries might include a tear related to birth or even from a cut performed in the skin area between the anus and vagina while in labor (episiotomy).

Allergic Reactions

No matter how much you love him, you might have allergic reaction to your partner`s sperm. This often happens due to the fact that sperms contain chemical substances which might irritate the vagina`s lining.

Burning during sex occurs because sperm starts exuding immediately after sexual arousal. You have to get in touch with a doctor and talk to him about this. If you have allergic reaction to your partner`s sperm, you`ll most likely experience inflammation and rashes around your genital organs.

A first method to counteract this is to use condoms. Glycoproteins and prostaglandins present in sperm might lead to allergies or burning during intercourse.

Interstitial Cystitis

This particular medical condition is referred to a chronic bladder inflammation with no apparent cause. Still, the most common sign is painful intercourse. A doctor might make a cystoscopy, which represents a procedure in which he`s able to take a look inside your bladder in order to stretch the bladder`s wall to attempt treatment.

Other types of treatments include oral drugs (e.g. Imipramine, Pentosan) or bladder washings with dimethyl sulfoxide.

Oncological Growth

Polyps or endometriosis might twist during intercourse. They`ll cause pain and this pain may include a large range of discomforts. A cancer involving the reproductive organs may be the actual cause of burning. Ovaries and cysts might twist during a trauma event during sexual contact.

These metastatic or benign growths might lead to infertility issues. They`ll prevent normal physiology and pregnancy. If you might be experiencing sensations of burning during or after sexual intercourse, you should tell your doctor right away.

Hygiene Products

Although somehow hard to believe, those products that you usually use for your personal hygiene can do more harm than good. You probably have heard something about your vagina being able to clean itself, and it`s completely true. – Read more!

You don`t have to shove a soap or bar into your vagina and try to clean it. Your vagina has its own mechanisms to maintain its pH balance. You could wash the skin around your vagina, your vulva using a mild soap, but you should definitely avoid those fragrance or dye-based products, especially in order to mask an odor that may seem abnormal.

Imbalanced Hormones

Sometimes it`s only a big coincidence that you feel pain when peeing after intercourse, but in reality a situation doesn`t have anything to do with the other one.

Imbalanced hormones might lead to bloody traces crossing paths with the stream of urine. If you had a baby recently or you already know your hormones may change, this may very well be the cause.

Not Enough Lubricant during Sex

Depending the attraction between partners, the woman`s reproductive stage, the time when sex took place or life stress, natural lubrication might not always be enough in order to avoid small tears or scratches during friction.

The result in the end it may be that it hurts when peeing immediately after sexual intercourse. If you might notice that your discomfort tends to go away little by little the next day, then this may very well be the reason.

If you are at perimenopause or menopause, be certain to tell your gynecologist or at least give a call to your doctor and find out more about it.

Too Much Sex

Experts claim that if there`s a marathon sex involved, this may lead to vaginal burning. No matter if you`ve done it 7 times in one single night or a few days in a row, it may be a good idea to easy things up a bit. Like anything else, the vagina might need a vacation from time to time. – Check this out!

What to Do?

If you experience burning during or after intercourse, you should seek for advice from your gynecologist. They might asses what is leading to the issue and whether or not you require any sort of treatment. For instance:

  • If you experience soreness, unusual discharge, burning or itchiness around your genital organs, a doctor might advise you to perform an STI test and follow treatment.
  • If you experience vaginal dryness, you might be recommended to try using a lubricating product – keep in mind to use products based on water if you are choosing to use condoms, as lubricants based on oil might damage them and lead to inefficiency.
  • If you experience an irritation or allergic reaction around your genital organs, you might be recommended to avoid using any products that may cause this.
  • If there is an anxiety or emotional reason that is causing issues, a sex therapist or counselor might be able to provide help – your health clinic or gynecologist will be able to refer you to a counselor.

When to See the Doctor?

There`s a rule of thumb when considering burning during or after intercourse and that is to be very careful to how frequently this occurs. Experts say that if this happen every once in a while (a year or so), there`s no big issue.

However, if you are experiencing discomfort every time or at least frequently enough to make your sex life a hell, you should definitely see a doctor. When it`s about treating a medical condition or infection, it can never hurt to talk to a doctor, especially when talking about your sexual life.

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