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What Stone Is Good For Fertility?

For hundreds and hundreds of years precious stones and crystals have been endowed by men with various properties when it comes to conceiving, from the Tibetan Shamans to the American Indians. No one can really tell if these fertility stones can help a woman get pregnant, but if they offer you confidence and makes you feel certain of yourself, why not try them?

What Stone Is Good For Fertility

Myths & Legends

An ancient myth of ancient Rome says that Iunona, the wife of Jupiter, a goddess who helps women at birth, has sown lots of precious stones of various sizes on Earth, which were designed to alleviate labor and breastfeeding and protect pregnant women.

What Stone Is Good for Fertility?

In some areas of Asia, there`s a real tradition in what it means the relationship between pregnancy and precious stones. It`s said that it`s good to offer jewelry with previous stones to future mothers, as well as to babies at birth. In other cultures, the miracle of pregnancy or birth is often associated with the magic of precious stones.


A ruby ring worn on the little finger seems to help conceive a baby, while earrings or pendants with rubies bring benefits during pregnancy as well. However, during labor rubies shouldn`t be worn as it seems they may lead to hemorrhage.


It`s considered the talisman of mothers. It alleviate pain and offers strength during labor. It also seems to offer protection against infections after birth. It`s said that it brings a maximum effect when it`s worn in a silver mount on the little finger.


It`s considered a fertility stone. An old myth is saying that in order to conceive a baby, if the couple is infertile, the partners need to drink from the same cup of amethyst. Amethyst needs to be worn especially like a silver ring`s stone, and it must be worn by a pregnant woman on her left hand`s ring finger.


With its milky shade, lots of traditions still consider this stone quite beneficial for pregnancy. In some cultures, it was customary for the pregnant woman`s midwife to receive an amber necklace as a gift which she had to wear while attending to birth. It seems that this necklace was designed to protect the baby from any negative influence.


It also referred to as the “woman`s healing stone.” Many cultures used this stone to balance the woman`s menstrual cycles and hormones. It was also of real help to have around during delivery.


This ornamental rock, known especially for its green versions that most featured in ancient Asian art, was believed to help with fertility and assist with childbirth.


This stone used to be great for balancing the woman`s reproductive system and harmonizing the atmosphere around the future mother for a healthy pregnancy.


It brings luck to those who want children and health in the family. In the past, small pieces of coral that imitate a man`s shape were hidden among diapers in order to protect the baby from the devilish eye.


This quartz helps women in labor, especially in its green version. Pregnant women who enter labor used to wear this particular stone in their hip area or in their hands.


They symbolize tears, offering fertility and love. Pearls also protect from negative events and energy.


It`s very protective while pregnant, aiding to guard the mother and baby from any possible harm. It also discourages miscarriages.

Do Fertility Bracelets Really Work?

You should know from the start that there isn`t any actual evidence or research claiming that fertility bracelets in fact work. Even with no proof whatsoever, there`re lots of women who are able to swear these particular bracelets have increased their levels of fertility. These bracelets might work or not. It`s up to you to see if this is actually true. But even if they might not have any physical effect, it might still provide improvements on a psychological level, which in situations when a woman is attempting to conceive can prove to be more than helpful. It might very well act as a reminder on a subconscious level or a good luck charm that might improve your self-esteem.

What Crystals Promote Fertility?


It`s used to enhance fertility and encourage pregnancy. It used to be seen as a “stone of life,” promoting self-confidence and optimism, and boosting all emotions and feelings. It was also used to believe that aventurine can aid to win over a loved one`s heart.


This is a variety of agate which, in some Czech villages, used to have to role of protecting pregnant women against miscarriages.


If you struggle with increased blood pressure while expecting a bay, Labradorite is known to help.


This particular crystal is amazing for reducing muscle cramps that occasionally occur during pregnancy.

Rose Quartz

Also known as a “bubble bath for the soul,” this stone is known for its power in increasing fertility and wonderful for calming down pregnant women, relieving various pregnancy symptoms and side effects like migraines, depression, headaches, ear aches or sexual dysfunction.


It isn`t just the birthstone of the December month, it`s also a stone which offers strength, protection, luck, courage and love. This gemstone represents a token of friendship as well. Probably its most powerful property is to relieve negativity. Lots of Indian tribes associated it with fertility.


Just like Amazonite, this specific crystal is well known for aiding to relieve muscle cramps experienced while pregnant.

Lapis Lazuli

Just like Labradorite, this particular crystal is also known for decreasing blood pressure. Lapid Lazuli also improves your mood, a common symptom during pregnancy.

Overall Conclusion

According to those who used to believe in the power of these stones, it was believed that their magical virtues used to manifest only if they`ve been worn according to some rules. Each month of pregnancy was associated with a heavenly body, which in turn was associated with various stones.

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