What To Do If Pregnant And Don`t Want It?

So, “What to do if pregnant and don`t want it?” you may ask yourself. The answers for such questions are never simple as long as they involve changing a great deal of important things in your life.

What To Do If Pregnant And Don`t Want It

There are cases when the news “I`m pregnant!” is a complete unexpected surprise. It`s an unwanted pregnancy and from various reasons, you cannot keep it. You want to interrupt it, but there are lots of questions that concern you – what is the safest method, what is the deadline and what side effects there are after an abortion? There are a number of right solutions for a pregnancy that you don`t want, and today we are about to find them out.

What To Do If Pregnant And Don`t Want It?

You`ve been delaying the moment, but if you know you are pregnant for sure, don`t despair and don`t take hasty decisions. – More details!

  • Talk to someone – Either is your mother, sister or best friend, communication is extremely beneficial in such situations. It`s pretty traumatic that you confront with an unwanted pregnancy, so it`s not really appropriate to keep such a burden only for yourself.
  • Unload yourself – It`s ok to cry and be upset for a while. As much as we are happy when getting the news of a pregnancy that we desired, that much upset we should feel when talking about a pregnancy happening at a bad moment. Cry, talk about it – unload yourself!
  • Talk to the child`s father – You didn`t get pregnant by yourself, so it`s perfectly normal to talk to your unborn baby`s father about these issues. Sometimes you may be surprised about the advice and help that men can offer.
  • Consider all 3 options – When you find out you are pregnant, you can do 3 things: keep the baby, do an abortion or give it for adoption. Take all 3 options into consideration and imagine how your life would be in each of those situations. Don`t think things just for now, but rather think more about the consequences. – Read more!
  • Talk to specialists – the opinion of a specialist is quite beneficial all the time. First of all, because he can be objective, secondly because he has no reason to influence the pregnancy, and third of all because he is a professional in the field.
  • Don`t be discouraged if your family or friends aren`t there for you – Sometimes those closest to us instead of being there for us, they judge and reproach us things when we least expected. You must`ve noticed this by now, so it`s not necessary to hear the same thing over and over from all directions. Don`t let yourself influenced by the negative thoughts around you. Try to look at the situation from all angles and take a decision that you won`t regret it later.

Before anything, you need to confirm the pregnancy by using a pregnancy test. These tests are available in pharmacies and are quite safe. Then you need to take the “hard” decision by discussing with your closed ones and analyzing your possible options. Still, if an abortion is your only solution, you have to talk to a gynecologist that is well prepared to get a professional consultation about the safest abortion methods, risks, complications and how to prevent these.

Some states from the U.S. have legalized abortion. Among these we remind a few: Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota or Texas. Each woman who performs an abortion needs to be informed properly and she`s free to choose her own method of abortion and anesthesia, based on the received information.

What Does Safe Abortion Mean?

Abortion is a safe medical procedure when is performed by a qualified medical personnel with proper equipment and in compliance with sanitary standards.

For abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy, it`s recommended manual or electrical vacuum and medical abortion, but only up to 9 weeks of pregnancy.

After the week 12 of pregnancy, the preferred method is only medical abortion, and from the surgical procedures is recommended the dilation of the cervix and evacuation of the conception product by vacuum suction. – Click this!

When talking about non-recommended methods, we remind dilation and curettage in the first trimester of pregnancy as well as a few other methods used until recently. Surgical scraper is a dangerous method compared with others, and a lot more painful for the woman. In a lot of countries, abortion by curettage has been replaced by vacuum aspiration, as the frequency of complications exceeds 2 – 3 times the incidence of complications caused by vacuum aspiration. Traumatic methods can lead to bleeding, infections or even infertility, but unfortunately they aren`t generally practiced anymore.

How About an Unwanted Pregnancy on Advanced Terms?

For terms longer than 12 weeks, but up to 22 weeks, there`s a list of medical and social indications, according to which the woman may obtain her pregnancy discontinued. But it`s a lot more difficult, because it`s necessary to present herself in front of a committee with a series of documents that prove what she claims. – Click here!

The preferred method after 12 weeks of pregnancy is the medical one, and from the surgical procedures, it`s recommended the dilation of the cervix and evacuation of the conception product by vacuum aspiration.

What to Know After the Procedure?

After abortion, the woman can immediately fit into everyday life, and the resumption of sexual life is possible as soon as her physical condition is normal. However, be careful because in 10 to 12 days, the woman can remain pregnant again.

At the same time, after the interruption of the pregnancy there are a few side effects, like abdominal pain and bleeding, which may occur for a few weeks. However, if there is also experienced fever, dizziness, loss of consciousness, more abdominal pain and you have to change 2 or 3 large tampons per hours, you need to ask for medical assistance immediately.

The best medical advice is to prevent an unwanted pregnancy by using proper contraceptive methods, and if the pregnancy still occurs, talk to a doctor as soon as possible. Ask for proper, objective and detailed medical consultation regarding a safe abortion procedure by vacuum aspiration or medications.

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