What To Wear During Pregnancy?

With so much time you spend decorating the child`s room, getting his clothes, walking to medical consultations and getting busy with all the other activities related to your pregnancy, who has time to pick the right clothes to wear? But as weeks pass and your baby develops in your belly, you`ll soon realize that you cannot escape anymore: you need new clothes.

What To Wear During Pregnancy

If you struggle not to spent too much with your clothes for every centimeter that you add on your belly, don`t worry, it`s possible! There probably hasn`t been a better period to be pregnant and look amazing without emptying your wallet. Here are a few tips that should help you dress comfortably and in style without costing you a fortune.

How Can I Wear my Regular Pants during Pregnancy?

If you want comfortable pants during pregnancy, you have 3 options:

  • You could run to the store and get some maternity pants, this may be expensive and you probably won`t wear them after pregnancy.
  • Get a maternity belly band and continue wearing the pants or jeans you already have.
  • You could also make use of hair tie tricks. But although this type of tricks are great, they won`t work so well as soon as you get into the second trimester of pregnancy.

Can You Wear Leggings while Pregnant?

If you are prone to pain, try to avoid wearing tights on a daily basis. Leggings designed from natural fibers, like hemp, cotton or bamboo might feel rather comfortable, especially when talking in the summer season. Hold-up stockings are also a great option instead of tights. Still, they might irritate your varicose veins, a common symptom during pregnancy.

Can I Wear Jeans in Early Pregnancy?

Your baby won`t be hurt by wearing tight clothing items. However, they may make you feel rather uncomfortable. You can go ahead and wear jeans, tight tops or bondage dresses if you want to show your belly.  Still, you may want to spend more time wearing sweats and yoga pants than slinky dresses.

What Kind of Bra to Wear during Pregnancy?

A nursing bra represents a brassiere especially designed to offer additional support to nursing women and allows you to breastfeeding comfortably with no need to get rid of the bra. This will be done using designed bra cups which have flaps that can be opened using one single hand for the exposure of the nipple.

If there`s a clothing item to which you don`t need to save, that is the bra. You`ll feel and look better if you invest yourself in a comfortable bra that would support your breast well. Towards the end of your pregnancy when you`ll be looking for breastfeeding bras, this can also be useful then. Find someone to help you in the store and ask for professional advice. – Similar info!

Can Wearing a Belt Hurt the Baby?

There is absolutely no need to begin wearing unflattering clothing items only because during pregnancy your tummy is bigger. Clingy clothes could flatter the best features that you now have. Still, remember that some parts of your body will need more space now to breathe. If you choose to wear a tight belt, you won`t really harm the baby in a direct manner, but it will make you feel uncomfortable without a real reason.

What to Wear during Pregnancy?

Don`t concern yourself too much with your increased sizes! When expecting a baby, feeling comfortable is the main ingredient! There are so many pregnant women wearing sweatpants, or worst, their partner`s clothing items, only because they feel comfortable and they fit. Why they need to do that when there are so many better options out there? Jeans, Jersey knits, leggings are always better. Why not embrace your belly, when you probably won`t be around such beautiful moments ever again?

If you aren`t sure how to proceed with your clothing items during pregnancy, here are a few tips that may help.

Take Advantage of What You Already Have

There are chances, if you are the kind of woman who wears jeans and t-shirts, for these to be the kind of clothes to make you comfortable during pregnancy. You shouldn`t necessarily go to the market and buy large clothes for pregnant women just because your tummy is bigger now. The best strategy is to pick something that you used to wear before becoming pregnant that you enjoy wearing. Depending on the cut, it may be possible to still wear some of what you already have in your closet for a few months. If you stick with the colors and styles that you love, this means that the investment you make is worth it.

Make a Small Inspection in your Partner`s Wardrobe

Take a big t-shirt, an unbuttoned shirt and a pair of black tights (the best friends of a pregnant woman) can become a cool outfit during pregnancy. Sweatpants or large pajamas can also be useful when expecting a child and you can no longer pull the zippers up, close your buttons or stretch your usual clothes around your belly because of your belly.

Borrow Before Buying

Don`t forget: millions of women have gone through this already, so it`s logical to try and find what you can borrow from someone in the family or friends before attempting to buy anything. And try to not be too pretentious; take what you are offered and get rid of the items that you don`t think you`ll wear. And it`s also better to try and keep what you don`t think you`ll wear; those clothes that you now reject may prove to be just what you need in the final weeks of pregnancy when comfort becomes crucial and nothing seem to fit.

The borrowed clothes may help you figure out what fits before investing in new clothes. Maybe you prefer the elastic applications on the tummy, elastic bandage or bands. Or you may you look better in an Empire type of dress.

Of course, you shouldn`t forget to return the favor that you got after your pregnancy ends. If the person who borrowed the clothes doesn`t want them back, give them to someone who can use them.

Items That You Need to Have

No matter your waist, budget or style, there are some clothing items that you need to have. Those black tights, white big t-shirt, jeans, black dress, long shirt and some elastic comfortable pants are some versatile elements with a classic and elegant aspect that can be mixed depending on your personality. If you love to wear flowering jerseys, there are lots of items from which to choose.

So, it`s logical to buy some classic elements if you cannot borrow. Then you can mix them with new items, so you can feel comfortable with your fresh look during the last trimester of pregnancy, Some of these items can be useful after you give birth and before regaining the shapes that you used to had before becoming pregnant.

Refreshing your Outfit

Regarding the lingerie, you don`t really need to buy expensive panties. Lots of women say they don`t like wearing bikini because they cover their belly. Other ones, on the contrary, they prefer bikini to over their tummy until their waist. In simple words, it`s best to wear something that makes you comfortable.

It`s easy to forget about your legs, but they may increase their size during pregnancy as well. If your legs start to swell, you`ll have to buy more comfortable shoes bigger with one number. You may need them after birth until you recover your original shapes as well. Shoes that enter easily on your foot are a good choice during the third trimester of your pregnancy, when bending becomes more problematic. Perhaps, this isn`t the moment to wear high heels or platforms! However, you can definitely find footwear which alleviates your tired legs.

In some days, you`ll desperately need to refresh your outfit. This is the moment when accessories well chosen can save you. A beautiful colorful scarf, some daring earrings and a pair of sneakers might just give you the look you are looking for. And the beautiful thing at these new accessories is that you can wear them after pregnancy as well.

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