When Do Your Breasts Start Growing During Pregnancy?

Breasts in pregnancy change their size, shape and appearance. Due to these changes, breasts become sensitive to touch and the pregnant woman may experience pains and tingling. It should be known that pregnancy during pregnancy need special car.

When Do Your Breasts Start Growing During Pregnancy

Do Breasts Become Bigger during Pregnancy?

It seems that breasts grow in volume and experts confirm this. All breast changes occur in all women, some women experience only a slight swelling of their breasts in early pregnancy. In other women, the size changes are substantial and they have to change their bra size each month.

Although the breasts of all pregnant women are growing, no standards can be established, because no pregnancy is the same. In the case of subsequent pregnancies, even if there is a spectacular increase in breast size at first birth, it doesn`t necessarily mean that at the next pregnancies, breasts will grow even more; sometimes, the changes may be minor.

When Do your Breasts Start Growing during Pregnancy?

Starting with the weeks 6 – 8 of pregnancy, you might notice the breasts increasing their size. They will continue to increase throughout the 9 months of pregnancy. It`s quite common to change the sizes of your bra with a cup or two, especially for your first pregnancy. As your breast`s skin stretches, they might become itchy and might even experience stretch marks on your breasts. – More like this!

Breasts during Pregnancy in the First Trimester

Changing your breasts might be an indication that you`re pregnant. Immediately after conception, the breasts start to change and let you know that there may be some new changes in your body. You`ll experience signs in breasts similar to those before menstruation, only that they are more intense and pronounced.

  • The first change that you`ll notice will be weakness in the breasts, especially when touched.
  • Also, in the first weeks of pregnancy, they won`t be so firm, but rather soft and tender.
  • Slight pains at touch are part of the symptoms of pregnancy. The breasts will be slightly inflamed, just like in the premenstrual period.
  • The nipples will become more painful and sensitive in the first weeks.
  • Some women notice their breasts increase in size in the first trimester, and also experience pain and inflammation.

Breasts during Pregnancy in the Second Trimester

Starting with the second trimester, there are changes that occur which are enjoyed by any woman. Pain and discomfort in the breasts start to disappear, and their form is becoming more and more appealing.

  • So, as the pregnancy advances, your breasts will get bigger in size. It`s the period when your breasts grow naturally.
  • While your breasts increase the uncomfortable symptoms that you have experienced during early pregnancy, they start to diminish.
  • Prepare you change the size of your bra more often, because you`ll need it. Experts say that the size of your breasts may increase even up to 10 – 15 cm during this period.
  • The middle period of pregnancy brings with it changes in your nipples. The areola and nipples may double in size at this particular stage. They may even remain like this even after birth.
  • The pigment around the areoles and nipples is typically pinkish. In the second trimester of pregnancy, it starts to change becoming darker in color and rather brownish-reddish than pink. This is due to increased blood circulation in the breasts that enhances color.
  • Pruritus starts to appear, and as breasts grow longer, it will be more pronounced. It`s not a dangerous sign, but the itching occurs as a result of adapting breasts to new sizes.
  • From the end of the second trimester of pregnancy to the beginning of the last stage, it`s possible to notice small secretions of your breasts. You don`t need to concern – now your breasts are preparing for the next stage, breastfeeding, and then the lactation process starts.

Breasts during Pregnancy in the Third Trimester

During the last trimester of pregnancy, the breasts start to become uncomfortable again, just like in early pregnancy. But at this stage, the discomfort is more pronounced due to the weight gained by the entire body, as well as due to the beginning of colostrum production. The breasts are getting ready for breastfeeding and they take all the necessary steps to ease the process for both the bay and you.

  • The breasts continue to grow during this period, but you won`t enjoy it so much. Their weight starts to become a burden and cause you quite a significant discomfort.
  • The breasts start to prepare for breastfeeding, starting the lactation process and also producing colostrums, which make them even harder at touch.
  • On the areola, there are some overflows known as Montgomery tubers. These small glands produce essential oils that make breastfeeding more comfortable (after birth).
  • The nipples become more elastic in the idea of helping more during breastfeeding.
  • There might be some white stripes on the skin or stretch marks. Not all women experience them, but there`s a possibility for them to occur due to the sudden and fairly pronounced breast size, forcing the skin to stretch excessively.
  • Itching in the breasts is more pronounced as the pregnancy reaches its end. This is a sign that arises from breast augmentation. It shows that your breasts start to adapt to the breastfeeding process.

Take Care of your Breast while Pregnant

To avoid any pains or tingling of your breasts getting worse, you should dress properly for a pregnant woman.

Wear cotton bras or bustiers, which will support your breasts and won`t be too aggressive. The most common models are those without stitches, without supporting wires, as the inflammation risk is increased and your breast`s health can be in danger.

Try not to “press” your breasts into the brassieres which matched you before pregnancy. It`s time to purchase bras with 1 or 2 sizes more. It won`t hurt to get a special bra for breastfeeding – anyway, you`ll need such a product after birth. – Click this page!

Avoid tight clothes, as they may cause discomfort.

To prevent the occurrence of stretch marks on your breasts, use special creams to hydrate the breasts that are now more sensitive during pregnancy. These help both in preventing stretch marks and alleviate them if they already exist.

Turn to creams based on natural ingredients and don’t forget to apply a generous amount of cream on a daily basis that need to enter fully in the breast`s skin, otherwise you might issues, like itching, local irritation or sweating.

You can start using such creams from the first months of pregnancy, because initially the changes might seem insignificant, but they exist and are quite essential.

Regarding the daily hygiene, the breasts should be washed with warm water and soap, but the surface area and the area under the breasts. Then massage easily with a towel, so that blood circulation is stimulated.

Later in pregnancy, breast leakage might occur. Therefore, it`s necessary to apply small gauze compresses to the breasts to avoid dirtying your bra or clothes. It`s necessary to wash the nipples a few times per day, so you can avoid redness or irritation. – Read this!

Your breast`s health also depends on the correct position of the body. So, avoid bending your shoulders. Adopt a right position of the vertical column. Otherwise, there`ll be back pain, breast issues and spine deviations.

Gymnastics to Maintain the Breast Tone

Breasts are predominantly formed from adipose tissue, so you cannot shape them through physical exercise, as you can do with the abdomen, buttocks or calf muscles. Still, you can do something to stay in shape, by forcing the pectorals which support the breasts. Any aerobic exercise is useful, but especially swimming. In the water, part of the body`s weight is taken over by the water. However, it`s not good to exaggerate to physical movement. But in early pregnancy, the organism secretes relaxin, a hormone that will soften the joints, ligaments and muscles. You`ll then become more flexible than usual, but also more fragile and get hurt more easily. Any exercise is useful, but according to most doctors, excess should be avoided. – Visit this link!

How Does Breasts Milk Appear?

The production of milk is controlled by 2 hormones. Prolactin, a hormone which starts to be secreted after the expulsion of the placenta, stimulates the milk production in the mammary gland. Oxytocin is a hormone which causes the contraction of muscle fibers that pushes breast milk into the breast.

It was noticed that the secretion of oxytocin increases immediately as sucking starts. When the 2 hormones get into their function, you may feel a slight local warming, although the phenomenon passes pretty fast and often unnoticed by mothers. Immediately after birth, the new mother`s breast start to produce colostrums, a precursor of milk, very rich in vitamins and proteins. They ensure the protection of the baby against microbes and diseases. The transition from colostrum to hyperproteic milk ends in 3 – 5 days. – Read more!

After 2 days from birth, full milk is matured. Its color varies during breastfeeding. At the beginning, the milk is more aqueous, “whitening” as the baby nourishes. Also, the consistency and taste vary, at the beginning being more aqueous to soothe the thirst and thicker towards the end of the meal for fullness. The infant notice these differences, just as the adults notice that they consumed more dishes at lunch.

Will My Breast Decrease in Size When Breastfeeding Ends?

A lot of women noticed that, after increasing in volume, the breasts then decreased no matter if they breastfed or not. Other ones noticed after birth they were left with the same changes accumulated during pregnancy. For experts is clear that every woman reacts differently to the pregnancy and breastfeeding. The organism changes more or less, as is the size or shape of the breasts.

Image courtesy of AmericanPregnancy.org

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