When Does Nausea Or Morning Sickness Start During Pregnancy?

You are very happy of the little soul which slowly starts to grow in your belly, but the presence of nausea darkens your smile, especially in the morning. Morning sickness and nausea affect almost 3 quarters of pregnant women, so there are big chances for you to experience these symptoms as well. If you are interested in learning when does nausea start during pregnancy, what you can do to prevent it and when it stops, you need to read the lines below.

When Does Nausea Start during Pregnancy

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When Does Nausea Start during Pregnancy?

As already mentioned, nausea affects almost 3 quarters of pregnant women in the first trimester of pregnancy. Almost half of them experience nausea and vomiting, a quarter experiences only nausea and another quarter experience sleepiness, morning sickness, breast sensitivity, vomiting headache or cravings.

Nausea starts to occur around the 6th week of pregnancy, but it might also appear around the early signs of pregnancy, meaning the 4th week. The pregnancy sign starts when the level of hCG (a hormone specific to pregnancy, known as human chorionic gonadotropin) from blood reaches the upper limit. Incidentally, this hormone becomes active once the egg has installed in the uterus, and its concentration increases gradually until the first pregnancy symptoms appear under the form of nausea.

Around half of all pregnant women confront themselves with nausea during the 9 months of pregnancy, but these early pregnancy symptoms disappear completely after 14 weeks. Still, you aren`t in the clear because nausea can reappear and you may even have the surprise of it to disappear and reappear for the entire pregnancy. For a small percentage of women, these symptoms persist until birth.


Nobody knows for sure that causes nausea during pregnancy, but a possible cause may be several physical changes in the woman`s body. The possible causes are:

  • Human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG: it`s also known as the pregnancy hormone, is secreted only during pregnancy and is responsible for a positive pregnancy test. The level of hCG doubles at every 72 hours and reaches the highest peak during the 11th week of pregnancy, then it will decrease while the pregnancy develops.
  • Estrogen: The level of this hormone increase at the beginning of pregnancy. It`s produced by the placenta, and its level increase gradually until birth.
  • Increased sensitivity to odors: It`s something new for a pregnant woman that she feels overwhelmed by all the smells around her. Certain aromas can instantly trigger the gag reflex, also known as vomit. That`s why, some foods that you tolerated or liked in the past, now can give you nausea.
  • Sensitivity in your stomach: Gastrointestinal tract at some women is simply more sensitive at the changes from the beginning of pregnancy. The sensitivity of the stomach appears during pregnancy because the digestive system functions more slowly due to hormonal changes. Another cause can be the fact that as the uterus develops and increases in size, it pushes the stomach.

When Does Nausea Stop during Pregnancy?

There aren`t 2 identical pregnancies and is the same thing with symptoms of nausea or morning sickness. Nausea can last for several weeks or months, and sometimes for the whole pregnancy, although this is very rare. Until the end of the 3rd month, most women stop experiencing nausea. Unfortunately, mild nausea can appear and disappear for the entire period of pregnancy. Most of the times is triggered by certain odors, but it`s something rather different for each and every woman. There are women who resisted the 3 months of vomiting during the first pregnancy, but the smell of potatoes made them experience nausea one day before giving birth.

What Happens if I Vomit Often that I don`t Retain Food?

Talk to your doctor! You should sick for assistance if you don`t have an appetite. Fortunately, this syndrome (

Does Nausea Affect the Baby?

Mild nausea, usually associated with morning sickness, won`t affect the baby as long as you are able to retain food (without eliminating through vomit), eat healthy and drink lots of liquids. Lots of women with this pregnancy symptom find out very soon what they are able to tolerate and what not, or how many times they feel the need to eat throughout the day. If you aren`t able to swallow prenatal vitamins or you find it difficult to do it, try taking them with food as it`s easier to tolerate them by your stomach. If you cannot swallow them like this either, you could take them in the morning with cereals. And make sure you have a diet rich in all the vitamins your baby needs.

A Pregnancy without Nausea Can Indicate a Pregnancy without an Embryo?

Which are the symptoms of a pregnancy without an embryo?

In case you experience a pregnancy without an embryo, it`s possible for you not to have your period, and the result of the pregnancy test to be positive. The reason is that the placenta secretes a pregnancy hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

It`s possible to have symptoms of pregnancy, such as fatigue and breast tenderness. But then, when the placenta stops from growing, and the level of the hormones decreases, the pregnancy symptoms will disappear. At this moment, it`s possible for you to experience abdominal cramps, or a mild bleeding.

What to Do to Help with Morning Sickness or Nausea?

You might be one of the lucky ones who experience no morning sickness or nausea. But if you experience these symptoms, generally speaking there are a few things that you need to consider when you experience such symptoms:

  • A portion of pretzels or crackers placed next to your bed to eat before getting out of bed might be quite useful.
  • The lemon will become one of your best friends, so gather as much as feel you need and use them to make lemonade every time you confront with nausea.
  • If hot liquids hurt you, like tea, try cold liquids.
  • Nausea can lead to vomiting, which in turn may lead to dehydration. That`s why it`s recommended to drink as much liquids to prevent this.
  • Avoid smells that you feel they bother you, even if this will mean giving up your favorite perfume.
  • In the morning when you wake up, breath fresh air, open your window and make a few steps around the room before starting your day.
  • After each meal take a short break of maximum 5 minutes, sit on a chair and avoid lying in bed or drinking water during meals.
  • Avoid alcohol or caffeine. Besides the fact that caffeine can contribute to worsening your symptoms of nausea, it can also pass through the placenta to the fetus. Caffeine will influence his heart beats and in rare situations can even lead to premature birth. Consuming alcohol or caffeine in excess can lead to miscarriage or the baby may be born with abnormalities, heart issues or retardation.
  • Avoid places where the internal temperature is very high.
  • Foods with lots of spices, especially the ones that are extremely spicy can be another reason for nausea.
  • Before going to bed drink a glass of milk and eat a few pretzels. The same crackers or pretzels can be eaten during the night if you are used to wake up. They`ll help you alleviate your morning sickness.
  • Eat regularly and in small food portions. Also, choose to consume homemade foods. Experts recommend starting to eat something every 2 – 3 hours until your symptoms of nausea will disappear. Your diet should include foods based on complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice, whole bread, fish, etc.
  • Consume ginger – its effects against nausea during pregnancy were proven scientifically. More than this, if consumed moderately for a long period of time, its effects will maintain for the whole 9 months of pregnancy.

Did You Know that?

  • Iron, which is recommended during pregnancy, can be one of the causes for nausea during pregnancy? Talk to your doctor about changing your vitamins with some with less iron.
  • You can take nutrition supplements, vitamins prescribed by your doctor, in the evening before getting to bed with a small snack;
  • A candy bar or ice cream of lemon or ginger can alleviate your nausea, preventing even vomits;
  • There`s a bracelet made of silicone which can combat nausea. The bracelet after attached to one of your hands will put a small pressure on the nerve responsible with these symptoms.
  • If your nausea worsen, extends during the entire day and cannot be stopped no matter what, and more than this will be experienced with other symptoms as well, it`s time to contact your doctor right away.

If you`ll consider these tips, you respect your body, get enough rest and follow the natural rhythm of your body during your pregnancy, these symptoms will reduce significantly. Enjoy your pregnancy and try one by one as many natural remedies as you can until you find the ones that suit you best.

If morning sickness and nausea will persist during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy as well, you can get in touch with a nutritionist which can offer you a specific diet that will contain the right food to help you overcome these symptoms.

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