When Is The Right Time To Have A Baby?

According to most specialists, 30 years represents the perfect age to conceive a child. What about you? How do you know you are prepared to have a child? There are some situations that can help you find out if you are ready or not.

When Is The Right Time To Have A Baby

You are about the reach 30 years old and you know your biological clock is ticking. Any woman knows, medically speaking, that is best to conceive a baby before reaching 30s or at least not to go too far beyond this age. And you may have reached this age, but you still aren`t sure if you are ready or not.

A child is not like a cat or a dog that you only need to take him for a walk a few times per day. A child will take away your nights, ruin your schedule of going out with the girls, impose his own schedule of breastfeeding, sleeping, playing or going outside. Shortly, a baby will turn your life upside-down, completely.

This shouldn`t scare you, especially if you like children and you want to enrich your life with a little one that always laughs and is making noise around the house.

When Is The Right Time to Have a Baby?

In order not to be completely take up by surprise by the wave of changes that a child makes in your life, here`s a list that could guide you in finding out whether or not you are ready to have a child.

1. Do You Have a Stable Relationship?

Before anything, you need to be in a stable relationship in order to conceive a baby. There shouldn`t be any daily arguments or fights, no pressure and no unresolved issues between you and your partner. For instance, if you feel that your relationship isn`t exactly what you`ve wanted, it`s not appropriate to think about having a baby, no matter how much you want children. – More details!

You may know 1 or 2 women who decided to raise a child on their own. But this isn`t a desirable situation! Therefore, when you are ready to have a baby, it`s supposed to have a solid and beautiful relationship with someone that you are preferably in love with.

2. You Know that You Count on Him, but You Trust You Can Handle the Situation yourself just in Case

Yes, you should have a steady and beautiful relationship. This is the ideal situation. But you never know what could happen. It`s good that you trust your partner, know that he`s able to change diapers or walk the baby in the park. But you should also know that in case anything happens, you`ll be able to handle everything yourself, because in life you can never be too sure and we never know what could happen next year, not to mention in 5 or 10 years.

If you just got married, wait for a while before choosing to become a mother. See how your marriage works, how you understand each other, how is to live with one another, who prepared is the future father to take responsibility. When you`ll have the things set up and well balanced, the pregnancy will come somehow naturally.

3. You Like Children and You Don`t Feel Pressured by Others

When you are ready to have a child, you look around you and it`s like you seem them everywhere – through parks, malls or at the beach. You really like kids and you enjoy their presence with any change you have. If you are at a birthday party and you sit down and play with them, you are painting your face or you are curious to see what toys they have – do this naturally, without feeling any pressure from those around you. It shouldn`t matter that your mother, grandmother or aunt give you headaches with the whole idea of having a child. – Check this out!

4. You Made Your Medical Examinations

If you want to find out when you are ready for a child, you should visit your doctor as well as your gynecologist for a routine checkout. But, if you know you have genetic diseases in your family, you can visit a medical genetics clinic as well. Babies are usually born without these tests and you`ll do a ton of such investigations anyway, but for your peace of mind, it`s best if you do all the necessary investigations if you plan to have a healthy child. When you know you are healthy, you have a green light to go forward with your pregnancy.

5. You have a Job that You Like

If you think about having a child, you should take into consideration your profession as well. Do you have a lot of professional experience? Are you in a professional field that you enjoy and you want to stay? Ask yourself these questions before deciding if you want to make a baby or not at this point in your life, because bringing a child into this world will completely change your entire plans. You may not have so much time for any specialization courses and you may not be able to risk a job change later. Besides this, you don`t want to have a stressful job or one that you don`t like. How much time you would be able to resist in an unpleasant environment, especially when you know that you`ll have a busy life at home as well, at least during the first few years of your child`s life?

6. Do You Earn Enough Money?

When you want a child, money is important. Of course, children can be raised with less money as well. But you want to what is best for your child; from beautiful clothes to healthy food and from recreational activities to piano courses. A good bicycle, swimming lessons, summer camp – all this cost money. So, it would be better if you and your partner earn enough money.

7. Do You Have Someone with Who to Let the Child from Time to Time?

If you really want a child now, make sure you have someone close to the family (or hire a babysitter) that could help you with your baby when you have important things to attend. This way, you can go to work, vacations or simply go out with your friends without worrying about your child.

8. Are You Mature Enough?

Maybe you seen women who really wanted a child, but they had completely unbalanced lives. Short relationships, lost nights, emotional imbalance – and still, they wanted a child. When you think you are ready to have a child, it`s best if you are mature and well balanced. A child needs a stable environment, a healthy routine that will make him trust that life after birth is a friendly world for him. Are you ready to offer him this?

9. Is your Partner Mature Enough to Be a Father?

The maturity of the father, as well as how well is he prepared for the arrival of a child in your relationship are 2 essential things. Think about these 2 aspects and talk to your partner about extending your family, because it`s very possible for your partner to have different expectations and needs from your relationship. If sometimes it may be difficult for both of you to raise a child, think about what it would mean to raise him by yourself, if your partner isn`t ready to take responsibility as a parent.

10 You Have Some Friends Who Have Children

It`s rather important to have a few friends with children. And not to be the same as the rest of the world, but because it`s more fun to go for a walk with your baby in the park along with other friends. You`ll also go through the same stage together. It`s also good for the children, because they`ll be able to socialize. But it`s best for you because you won`t have to estrange yourself from your friends if you change your schedule because of the baby. You won`t want to be in the situation where you change diapers, while your friends go out to the club.

11. Did You Visit Half of the Places You Wanted to Visit?

You can take your baby in your travels. But some travels are different, you can be sure of that. You`ll think twice about taking your baby with you if you have to go to Africa. It`s maybe best to take a trip around Europe. So, before deciding to have a baby, make sure you checked enough places on your list to visit; or, if you aren`t the traveler type, you should be fine.

12. Taking Care of Yourself

Maybe you found out by now that when you have a child, you don`t have that much time to take care of yourself – and this is entirely true up to some point. Of course, after a while when the child will grow, things will get back to normal little by little. But until then, are you ready to wait of yourself for a while and focus on the baby? Because as soon as your baby will be born, the mirror won`t be your best friend anymore.

13. Free Time!

So, you should now from the start that your free time and going out with your friends will be replaced with hours of stolen sleep and making meals for the little one. And when you think that you have a bit of time to watch a movie, your baby will most likely start crying. Are you up to that? Because if you are not, you should maybe think again about having a child now!

14. Staying in Shape

This is one of the biggest fears for some women (actually, probably the hottest topic around for women up to 30 years old). Gaining weight is something you should learn how to deal with, if you want to remain pregnant. This isn`t negotiable! But, don`t worry – you should be fine and get away with only gaining a few pounds if you follow a healthy diet, which you will be able to lose immediately after birth anyway.

15. There`s No Drama if You Won`t Wear High Heels for a While

If you like to wear high heels, you should know that this won`t be an option for the next year or so, if you are trying to get pregnant. All your shoes with high heels will be replaced with sneakers and unhealed boots. Are you ready to such a change in your life? Because if you are, guess what? You`ll soon have something else to worry about – a little human being who will soon be able to call you “mom!”

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