When Should Babies Start Wearing Shoes?

It`s quite exciting to see your little one preparing to make his first steps, but you should probably hold off those cute tiny shoes until he`s actually walking. Shoes at his age are mostly for protecting his feet, especially when he needs to walk outdoors. You won`t help him to walk better or faster if you put his shoes sooner.

When Should Babies Start Wearing Shoes

When choosing the right shoes for your little one, you need to look less and what`s trendy and fashionable, and more to the type of shoes that offers maximum support and protection for his growing foot. Keep in mind that:

  • A child doesn`t need to wear shoes until learning to walk (12 to 15 months).
  • It`s best to choose shoes with soft and flexible soles, such as sneakers.
  • It`s recommended to let him be able to move his little fingers inside, so you need to choose shoes wide enough to allow this.
  • If he would get off of his shoes often, it`s possible to feel some kind of discomfort. Try to notice if his shoes produce him areas of redness or other signs of discomfort.

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Barefoot Is Best for Babies

The actual truth is that the best possible shoes for new walkers are in fact no shoes at all. That`s exactly as you heard – barefoot is best for babies. When they are crawling cruising around the table or beginning to take their first steps, they have to be able to flex their toes. They also require lots of sensory input to feel the floor under them and be aware where their feet are in relation to their own body. They won`t have that much control in a hard-sole shoe.

When Should Babies Start Wearing Shoes?

You don`t have to purchase your little one his first shoes until he`s confidently walking around. While he`s learning to walk around you, let him walk barefoot. He`ll be able to coordinate his first steps and find his balance better if he`s able to feel the ground with his own feet. – Check this out!

When he starts to walk, it`s recommended to buy him special, age-appropriate shoes to support his legs and especially his ankles. The baby will walk whenever he/she will have the chance to be on the asphalt, grass or parquet, and the shoes will offer him the required protection against possible hot or hard surfaces. The shoes shouldn`t be worn all the time. Whenever possible, let him walk in socks or in his bare feet. The safest way to practice walking is the carpet.

What Kind of Shoes Should Babies Wear?

The little one needs shoes of a particular width and length. These lengths begin from size 3, while the most common widths of his feet are between F and G.

Search for a shoe with buckle or Velcro fastening, which would hold the feet of your baby in place. Check for the sole to be lightweight and flexible with a good grip.

Baby footwear should be so cute, small and perfect to fit an outfit that you can barely afford to keep you away from buying him something. Baby footwear comes in a wide range of styles, which include hedgehog shoes or the ones with elastic. Maybe the idea of putting your little one shoes doesn`t seem so bad. However, you should know from the start that shoes might weaken his leg mobility.

It`s also important to check the fit. Let your little one try on the new shoes. When standing, he needs enough room to squeeze a pinky between the shoe`s heel and the baby`s heel. You also need a full thumb-width between the front of the shoe and the end of his longest toe. His shoe needs to offer him just sufficient wiggle space without being too big. His little feet will grow very rapidly now, so it`s best to check his shoes if they still feet every month. – Visit this!

You should also take a look for problem spots. His shouldn`t require any breaking in. Let your little one around indoors to wear them around, then check for irritated areas on his feet.

How Do You Stop Toe Walking?

Most little ones start walking around 12 – 14 months having their feet flat on the ground. Still, some of the kids out there start walking on their tip toes first. This specific pattern typically disappears between 3 and 6 months from the moment when the child starts learning how to walk. It almost all cases is totally gone by the end of the 3rd year.

  • Tell your little one to bring his knees up high and then step with a flat foot.
  • It`s also good to make your child walk uphill.
  • Make him walk on uneven surfaces like sand or playground.
  • Make him walk only on his heels.
  • Have him practice squats. Have the little one lower his body slowly to the floor with his feet flat on the floor by bending his hips and knees but maintaining his chest upright.

What Size Shoe Is a One Year Old?

This is supposed to be considered a guideline to standard average sizes for baby shoes.

EU UK USA Approximate Age
15 0 0 0 – 1 month
16 0 1 0 – 3 months
17 1 2 3 – 6 months
18 2 3 6 – 9 months
19 3 4 9 – 12 months
20 4 8 12 – 18 months


How Do I Keep My Child`s Shoes On?

Toddlers are well known for not keeping their shoes on for too long and you need to always keep an eye on them so they don`t kick their shoes off. Here`re a couple of tips to keep their shoes on:

  • Make sure they fit: The most important aspect is for the actual shoe to fit without leaving marks when being removed. – Learn more!
  • Purchase shoes that can adjust to your child`s foot: Velcro, Laces or snaps that can be adjusted to aid keep his feet in place.
  • Stick with shoes that he likes: If the little one is attempting to take his shoes off, test different styles until you find something that he likes. You`ll have better chances of making him to keep his shoes on.

Best Shoes for Baby Starting to Walk

Watching your little one take his very first steps is an amazing milestone for both of you. And now that he starts cruising, you might want to take into consideration buying him his first pair of shoes.

There are lots of types on the market, but how do you know which ones are best for your child needs? The AAP has created various recommendations and guidelines to come in your help when attempting to find shoes which are helpful as your little one learns how to walk.

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers 3 particular tips that you have to follow when looking for the first pair of shoes for your baby.

  • Shoes need to be flexible and lightweight in order to support the natural movement of your baby`s foot.
  • Shoes need to be designed from mesh or leather to allow his feet to breathe.
  • Shoes need to have soles made from rubber to prevent sliding or slipping.

Based on these specific recommendations, here`re 5 baby shoes you may want to take into account for the first steps of your baby:

  • Pediped: The American Podiatric Medical Association has officially recognized this company`s shoes as beneficial for the growing feet of a child. Designed from premium grade leather, their system allows you to pick shoes made for the first steps or the next ones.
  • Jemos Footwear: It offers eco-friendly children`s shoes designed from real leather free of toxins, formaldehyde and lead.
  • Momobaby: It provides a large range of leather-designed shoes with soles made of rubber
  • Stride Rite: It offers shoes for the first steps of your baby which are durable, flexible and adjustable.
  • Robeez: The APMA has offered Robeez a seal of acceptance due to the fact that the brand`s shoes encourage natural foot support.
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