When To Start Buying Baby Stuff?

When to start buying baby stuff? Here`s a question that soon or later all pregnant women need to face.

When to Start Buying Baby Stuff

The first things for the baby from your belly need to be bought even since during your pregnancy. Give up on all those superstitions which tell you that it`s not a good idea to buy something for the little one when he`s still in your tummy and prepare for his arrival as you should. You don`t want to be unprepared when you`ll have him in your arms.

When to Start Buying Baby Stuff?

Lots of mothers would tell you that there`s no right moment to buy baby stuff during the 9 months of pregnancy. These are superstitions and myths with no real base which mostly confuse and make things worse for the future mothers. The moment of birth will find them unprepared and despite the exhaustion and fatigue, they`ll have to run to all the stores around them in the first days after birth to buy the necessary things for the baby.

Experts say that the first trimester of pregnancy remains the most sensitive period and with high risk for any pregnancy. That`s why, it`s best to focus better on your personal care than to concern about what baby stuff to look for. However, towards the end of the second trimester of pregnancy you need to start looking for everything you think your baby may need after birth and for when you`ll bring him home.

In our days, most mothers have given up the superstition of not buying anything for the baby until after birth and prepare them from good time for his arrival. Even if the future father will help you a lot, documents himself and he even seem skilled when it comes to everything necessary for a newborn during the first weeks of his life, you should still go together to the store. Besides the fact that it`s best to take these decisions with your partner, it will be very exciting to go shopping for baby stuff together. If you are also in the situation of preparing yourself for the arrival of your baby, here`s what to start with.

Baby Hygiene

Even from the first days of his life, your baby will need special hygiene products for newborns. Don`t think about the fact that you can buy them when you get out from the hospital, because as mentioned above, you`ll probably be too tired and busy to go shopping, and dads, although most of them are good at following detailed shopping lists, they`ll encounter stressful difficulties in front of the many choices that they`ll need to make.

  • Baby bath tubone of the most important items that you need to buy before bring your baby home is the baby bath tub. When you buy it, be careful not to have a skid surface and even have something to support the baby. You`ll find it easier when you bath him.
  • Shampoo with no tears & baby soap – these are special cosmetic baby items, so don`t try to use other soap that you think is “better,” because your baby`s skin is very sensitive.
  • Wet napkins – for any event, it`s best to have them in your house, but especially when you go outside for a walk. – Learn more!
  • Bath towels – don`t think about using for your personal towels for your baby, no matter how good you think you can wash them. Buy a few soft baby towels made of cotton and put them separately than your towels, maybe in his own wardrobe. Also, you should wash them separately, not together with your own stuff.
  • Massage oil – your baby`s skin has the tendency to break down during the first few days of his life, and some massage oil would do him very good. Also, as after each of his bath, your baby will enjoy quite a lot and will probably sleep better after massaging him on his entire body with baby massage oil.
  • Diapers – you`ll need at least 3 boxes of diapers. For now, these are the items that you`ll need in large quantities, but their size will change along with your baby`s development.
  • Pump & physiological serum for his nose – your baby doesn`t know how to blow his nose, so you`ll need to do it for him on a daily basis, usually after his baths.
  • Ear chopsticks – there are some who say you don`t really need them, but we think they are necessary. Your baby`s ears produce sebum and it`s good to clean him after each of his baths to avoid the formation of wax plugs that can affect his hearing later.
  • Nail scissors – any baby needs to have a little scissors for cutting his nails, just as mommy has her own scissors.
  • Comb – even if your little one doesn`t have a lot of hair for now, he`ll still need a haircut from time to time. Buy him a comb with soft teeth.

Baby Clothes

Regarding his clothes, you need to be as realistic as possible, meaning you won`t need to buy him lots of clothing items because he`ll grow very fast at first and everything you buy him today, he may not be able to wear them next month. You shouldn`t buy them too few either, because he may get dirty quickly and you don`t want to wash clothes after him all day long. Therefore, for now it`s recommended to buy him:

  • 7 cotton outfits (blouse and trousers).
  • 7 body blouses.
  • 2 overalls pajamas.
  • 3 thin caps.
  • 5 t-shirts.
  • 2 thick suits (if it`s autumn and winter).
  • Thick hat and bootees.
  • Thick gloves.

Furniture & Accessories

For your baby`s room, you`ll need a few pieces of furniture. Be careful with what you choose. Don`t forget that your baby will soon grow, and the furniture needs to be adjustable for his future needs as well.

  • Baby`s bed – choose an adjustable bed that you can use for a longer period of time. For the bed, you`ll probably need 2 or 3 cotton linens, bedside protection and 1 or 2 baby blankets, especially during winter. – More like this!
  • Baby changing table – don`t think that it`s a furniture item that you won`t probably use for too much. You`ll see how useful is when you`ll look for a stable surface to change your baby, where to have near you everything you need. Moreover, baby changing tables are usually quite practical, with little drawers underneath that you can use to store other things for the child.
  • Clothing wardrobe – even if you think that it`s too much to have a little wardrobe just for the baby`s clothes, think about the fact that he`ll grow and he`ll have more and more clothing items. More than this, it`s much more hygienic to keep his clothes separately than your clothes.
  • Breastfeeding armchair – yes, it`s not for him, it`s for you! If you don`t have an armchair in your house, now you have the perfect reason to buy one. You`ll find it very useful when breastfeeding. You can even try a rocking chair – you`ll find it very relaxing.
  • Stroller – It`s very necessary for obvious reasons. Your baby will need to be walked and no matter how much you love him, it`s not too comfortable to walk him around in your arms all the time (either for you or for him). It`s recommended to choose a 2 in 1 stroller (for economical and practical reasons).
  • Car seat – if you didn`t already bought a 2 in 1 stroller, you`ll also need a car seat. Don`t disregard the quality of the product even if you`ll need to spend more money. You cannot put a price on your baby`s safety. – Read more!
  • Cradle – If you have enough space in your house and you don`t a limited budget, you can also purchase a cradle for your newborn. Again, it`s very practical when the baby is agitated and you are too tired to walk him around in your arms. Be careful at the age indication on the product.

These would be the first things you need to buy for your newborn. Remember not to wait your baby`s birth to shop for this stuff, because you`ll find it much harder.

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