What Does White Spots On Testicles Mean?

Have you noticed the presence of some white spots on your testicles? A pimple on your genitals can be really uncomfortable sometimes if it becomes itchy and won`t seem to go away.

White Spots On Testicles Mean

What Does White Spots on Testicles Mean?

White spots on your testicles represent a harmless condition and are quite common. For most men, these dots appearing are nothing more than tiny pimples that cause no pain, while other ones, these dots might seem like large and rather painful bumps which are filled with dead cells and pus.

So, these white spots aren`t really an infection, but rather a symptom of an underlying infection. In order to avoid developing health complications in the future, you have to visit your doctor who`ll examine you and take blood samples so he can establish what`s the actual cause.

After finding the cause of your white spots, your health care provider will prescribe anti-itching and anti-inflammatory creams that are quite helpful in alleviating your pain. Oral antibiotic may be provided in order to speed up the process as well.

All these medications will be provided along with the treatment for the underlying cause of your white dots. For instance, if herpes represents the cause of your bumps, your health care provided may prescribe you Zovirax, Valtrex, and Famvir.

What Can Cause White Spots on Testicles?

There lots of things that can lead to white spots on testicles. For instance, they may be the cause of a genetic medical condition, or they might appear if you forget about your genital hygiene for a while.

They are also a frequent sign of particular STIs.

Jock Itch

The formation of painful and itchy rashes on your testicles or groin may be because of jock itch. This is a fungal infection which leads to white or pink-link bumps which may be itchy and a bit painful.

The most frequent cause of jock itch is rubbing, sweating or wearing tight underwear, diabetes or improper hygiene.

You are able to manage this medical condition by improving your hygiene, applying anti-fungal cream and wearing loose-fit clothing items.


Pimples occur when oil or dead tissue remain in the pores of your skin, leading to blockage. This will let bacteria develop and fill these pores with pus. This is also what will make the pimple`s head seem white.

Pimples are generally harmless and in time will clear. You should avoid popping pimples. Your inflammation will only worsen and result in scars that won`t go away anymore. Let pimples disappear by themselves!

You can apply salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide on the region of the body that is affected to help heal your pimples. You`ll aid clear oil, skin cells grown in excess or bacteria! Still, you should avoid using acne treatments on the testicles if they are intended for the face or other body parts.

Scrotal Shaving

Hair shaving on genitals is well known to sometimes lead to bumps when it comes to men. Most of the times, it seems to be an allergy to the blade. It may be because the blade wasn’t clean properly or it could have left certain cuts that led to some infections.

On occasion, after shaving your testicles, some hairs may develop inwards under your skin. This may lead to a medical condition known as ingrown hair. Your best bet to avoid this condition is to learn how to shave your testicles properly.

In order to reduce this medical condition, it`s recommended to try and avoid particular techniques for hair removal. These methods that will have to be avoided include: tweezing, waxing or chemical removal of hair methods. They may lead to small injuries which in turn might lead to an abnormal hair growth.

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Pilar Cysts

Pilar cysts may grow when a follicle of hair is filled with heratin. Keratin represents a protein which makes up your hair and nails. This may lead to a white bump appearing instead of the follicle.

This type of cysts normally forms in regions of the body with dense hair, such as scrotum or scalp, and frequently makes their presence in clusters. If they become infected, they might swell, becoming larger and more painful, or at least irritating.

If you are suspicious that you may experience a pilar cyst, get in touch with a doctor. He`ll recommend to choose:

  • Enucleation: The doctor may use various tools in order to pull this cyst out. The entire process won`t damage the skin or its surrounding tissues.
  • Micro-punch surgery: The doctor will use a particular device which pokes through the skin in order to remove this cyst as well as the surrounding tissues through the opening of the follicle.

Fordyce`s Spots

Sebaceous glands can be quite common on your skin or testicles. Fordyce`s spots represent a much more visible form of this type of glands. They are really small, white or yellow-tinged spots on genitals. They are also quite harmless and require no treatment whatsoever.

Herpes, Warts or STDs

A pimple on your testicles doesn`t really mean that you have an STD. In young males, these are quite painless unless they get inflamed. In certain situations, white dots on testicles could also mean an early sign of a sexually transmitted disease.

Herpes or warts infection are quite painful, so you won`t mistaken this for anything else. However, you don`t have to worry that much about them if you have protected intercourse. Herpes is seen as one of the major illnesses that present signs of white dots on genitals. – Learn more!

Warts represent a medical condition that has the tendency to appear on the testicles. It may very well be the reason why you experience hard lumps on your testicles. Genital herpes and warts occur as painful bumps, such as growths that might be pus-filled.

White dots on genitals might occur as ulcers and lead to lesions that tend to spread.

Cancerous Growths

If you notice a big spot on your testicle that may be getting bigger or harder, this isn`t a medical condition to take lightly. This may be the beginning of some kind of a cancerous growth. It`s advisable to get in touch with your physician for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

How to Treat White Bumps on Genitals

Depending on the cause of the bumps, you`ll have various options of treatment available. You have to visit a doctor immediately in order to be advised about your possible options.

Corticosteroid Injection

Corticosteroids represent a drug which decreases inflammation caused by a large range of illnesses and conditions. You can take them orally, inhaled, injected or applied on your skin. Various examples of such medications include prednisolone and prednisone (oral), methylprednisolone sodium succinate injection.

So, if these medications are manufactured to decrease inflammation, they are pain relievers. When these alleviate pain, it`s due to the fact that they managed to reduce the inflammation which caused the pain.

While the inflammation for which these medications are taken may appear again, corticosteroid injection may offer months or even years of relief if they are used correctly. This type of infections can even cure illnesses when the tissue involves tissue inflammation to a small body region, like tendonitis or bursitis.

Proper Shaving Methods

A wet shaving technique adopted properly, along with shaving skin care and a product chosen carefully may help you feel really good. It will help avoid razor bumps, irritation or razor burns. A good shave along with a proper wash associated with post shave moisturizer products can only lead to optimum skin health.

This is what you have to do:

  • Make your hair wet before starting to shave.
  • Use a good quality shaving cream.
  • Use a good quality razor.
  • Clean and sooth your scrotal skin after you finish shaving.

Gel & Creams

Over-the-counter gel or cream may serve really well to clean and sooth the white dots on your testicles. There are also anti-inflammatory creams available on the market, and they might also help reduce these dots. Creams also relieve itching.

You need to be careful though as some of the creams out there may lead to allergies. If this occurs and you see you cannot get rid of your bumps, you should stop applying the cream you are using and get in touch with a physician.

Maintain a Good Intimate Hygiene

Hygiene doesn`t only mean to stay clean. It`s defined as lots of practices and techniques to aid men remain clean and healthy. Maintaining a proper personal hygiene is good for 2 specific reasons:

  • It aids prevent men from catching or spreading diseases.
  • It aids men feeling good with their own bodies.

Due to sebum being produced, sometimes hair follicles may become clogged as the oil isn`t able to escape for the skin`s pores in good time to allow space for new sebum. If dead cells and sebum accumulate in the hair follicle, there`ll be a white dot forming in the pore.

If the pore is clogged, the follicle will start swelling and creating a white spot. If this pore stays open, its surface might become darker due to a chemical process occurring inside the pore, therefore leading to a darker spot.

Tips that Help with White Spots on Testicles

  • Try to avoid touching those white spots on your testicles over and over again. If they don`t harm your body in any way or cause pain, why not leaving them alone?
  • Try to avoid wearing undergarments designed from synthetic fibers. This is because constant irritation and rubbings might lead to local inflammation.
  • Try to avoid sharing personal care products or clothes.
  • It`s advisable to practice protected sex, so you can reduce the risk of STDs.
  • Dry your scrotum and genitals properly after taking a shower, and maintain hygienic conditions at optimal levels to minimize the risk of getting any infection.
  • You should also use anti-bacterial agents at least twice per day in order to clean that region of the body (e.g. benzyl peroxide). This will definitely aid in keeping the risk of infections at low levels.
  • Apply tea tree oil over the affected area as it has great anti-bacterial properties and will help you control these spots from spreading.
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