Why To Wear A Postpartum Girdle?

Postnatal girdles represent among the most controversial subjects regarding pregnancy or postnatal care worldwide.

You have perhaps noticed stories involving various celebrities using them after delivery and praising as being one of the reasons they`ve been able to recover their original shapes so fast.

Of course, you may be one of those skeptical women who don`t believe anything they see online or in media, and you would like to try on yourself first before making a decision whether they are a good idea or not.

Actually postnatal tummy wrapping represents a tradition in many cultures and has been around for many years. Still, is there a particular reason for this?

Well, there`re lots of reasons to try out a postnatal tummy wrap and you should honestly believe that every fresh mom out there could benefit from this.

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What Is a Postpartum Girdle?

Postnatal girdles, also known as corsets or wraps, compress the belly, hips and backside, offering the woman wearing it a shapely feeling and look. Actually, this wonderful body shapers perform real wonders.

Benefits of Postpartum Girdles

Poatnatal girdles can help with supporting your back, offer support when nursing, reduce pressure on your legs and back, and aid with muscle memory. True abs compression wraps speed up with the process of recovery after a Caesarean birth and help in restoring Diastasis Recti or the medical condition in which the 2 abs halves split apart while pregnant.

When it comes to women who`re worried about swelling after delivery, postnatal wrapping could be quite beneficial. When done the right way, meaning you have to wear custom compression garments that involve medical-grade pressure, tummy wrapping compresses blood capillaries and vessels, flushing fluids away from your skin, minimizing postpartum bruising and reducing swelling.

Boosts Self-Esteem

It is completely natural for fresh mothers to feel themselves flabby. Your additional postnatal pounds would need time to burn off. It takes time for the skin and muscles to regain their original state as well. A postpartum girdle will aid in holding the skin and muscles in the proper position, therefore promoting a much better posture.

Maintains Midsection in Place

Postnatal tummy wraps prevent any uncomfortable skin movement around the midsection region. The movement of the skin won`t just make you feel various discomforts, but lead to stretch marks or damage the elasticity of the skin as well.

Thereby, preventing movement of any loose skin helps promote an appealing postnatal bump midsection and speed up recovery.

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Support your Back

Medical conditions like radiculitis, scoliosis and spinal curvature might worsen after birth. This is because the extra pressure on your back developing while pregnant and after birth. A postpartum tummy wrap might help the back quite a lot as it need extra support.

Helps with Caesarean Birth Recovery

Choosing to wear a postnatal girdle aids in alleviating the swelling of the belly region, as well as limits the painful movements of tissue. It will eliminate the fear of getting up from bed, laughing and coughing as the shape-wear will hold any incisions and stitches in place. Therefore, this will aid them head much quicker and prevent any reopening of these incisions.

Additional Benefits

There are so many benefits involving postnatal girdles:

  • Belly support.
  • Preventing fat cell enlargement.
  • Aiding compress the uterus to not only returning your uterus to the initial size, but also aiding swelling decrease and additional fluid come out.
  • Quicker bounce-back rate.
  • Straightening the spine.
  • Flattening the hips and belly.
  • Healing Diastasis Recti.

How to Find Out which Postpartum Girdle to Choose?

When you aren`t sure what exactly you are doing, one wrap or girdle might seem just as good as the other one. However, they are different in the way that they can affect how well they could function for your needs or how exactly you feel about them.

Here`re a few things that you have to consider before choosing one

How It Really Feels

If you are like most women out there, you probably like to be able to breathe, so you won`t want your wrap or girdle to be too skintight. And you should try and avoid itchy fabric because it will simply make you uncomfortable eventually. And you`ll surely want to avoid tight edges of the girdle to make you feel like the skin will going to be torn up.

How Easy It`s to Put on

If you feel like you wrestle your way into a rather wet swimsuit when you put your girdle on, you may want to turn to a different choice. Putting a wrap should not make you feel weak or sweaty, like you just finished a workout. You simply want to easily slip into it, not struggle.

How It Will Look under your Clothes

You will surely want a girdle that does not alert each person around you that you are wearing a wrap. It should not either be that thick that will become too obvious. You should appreciate discretion at this stage more than anything.

Is the Fabric Breathable?

This might seem fussy, but you`ll really want a girdle that is manufactured out of breathable fabric. You are going to want air to circulate underneath your wrap. This way you won`t feel sweaty all the time.

How Well It Will Stay in Place

You will not want to get stuck with pulling up your wrap which keeps shifting or sliding, because it will be very uncomfortable. You are going to have a lot on your mind without fighting your girdle.

Whether You Can Afford It

Having a baby isn`t cheap. If you are like most mothers, money might not be always enough with all the baby stuff you need to purchase as well as all the bills involving the hospital you are anticipating. Try to avoid overspending as there`re a few great girdles out there that you can surely afford.

When to Start Wearing a Postpartum Girdle?

First you need your doctor`s approval before using a wrap. It will all depend on whether you had a C-section or a natural birth.

When it comes to this last one, you could begin wearing the girdle after you give birth. When a C-section is involved, you need to wait a bit until the incision has healed. Still, there`re a few girdles described below which you could use right away as they are made for moms who gave birth through Caesarean birth. – More info!

However, talk to your doctor first before deciding on what postpartum girdle to wear.

Top 5 Postpartum Girdles

Pregnancy can change the beautiful shape of any woman rather fast, and it can make her slip into a dreadful postnatal depression pretty easily as well. Luckily, there`s an answer for this – postnatal wrap or girdle.

Bellefit Postpartum Corset after C-Section

Belletfit is among the most popular brands when talking about postnatal girdles. Its products frequently have high quality user ratings on online platforms, like Amazon, and are just about always among the top-sellers out there.

This item is featuring a front hook that can be adjusted and the eye closures, but also the Caesarean birth incision support as well as recovery.

It`s made of wonderful fabrics, it`s recommended by some of the doctors out there and look quite durable, which is practically no wonder as this particular postnatal wrap offers you relief for back pain and improve the posture as well.

The only disadvantage found by experts is that this specific product is not quite fitted for women with short hight. The corset`s top part may cut into the woman`s ribs, which at times feel rather uncomfortable.

As a general conclusion, this item is pretty great, as it offers all the advantages of wearing a postnatal wrap. It feels really comfortable and it is especially perfect for back pain relief.

Squeem Perfect Waist Firm Compression Waist Trainer

This product is manufactured by Squeem, coming with a special midsection part which doesn`t only feels smooth on the woman`s skin, but emphasizes the natural curves of the woman as well.

Just as expected, this product offers some great support for the back, and it is even believed to correct the woman`s posture in time. Unfortunately, there aren`t any studies made to prove this particular aspect.

Some women enjoy the internal boning, which isn`t just adjustable, but also blocks the garment to roll-in, and because this postnatal wrap is perfect for wearing with the off-shoulder dresses.

There is practically one disadvantage when it comes to this product – it has a rubber smell that sometimes is pretty strong, and isn`t something you would expect from such a product.

3 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Girdle Corset Belly Waist Pelvis

This girdle allows you to put in very easily on yourself and can be pulled in a equal manner from each sides, letting you readjust depending on how tight do you need it to be and allowing support for a long period of time.

This postpartum wrap aids ease transition of the woman`s uterus, helping it shrink down until the original size, holding the belly in, relieving back pain, supporting the lower back and redefining discomfort.

The product has three belts in one set, providing what a woman requires throughout the postnatal process of healing. This girdle aids the woman connect the posture, and its waist trainer aids to avoid the tummy band from rolling in when seating or moving.

It also provides support while nursing and offers comfort after Caesarean birth.

Lady Slim Womens Best Powernet Vest Waist Postpartum Post Surgery Chaleco Girdle

This is considered a must-have by lots of new moms. It can be worn after pregnancy, C-section surgery or a daily basis in order to aid the body to regain its shapes Due to the abs compression it provides, this postpartum wrap can be quite helpful.

It can be worn just about any time you would like, since it`s so comfortable. Every such product has its own unique measure table, so you should be careful when choosing your size. You should try and avoid going by other clothing size or body shapers brought at a previous time.

It includes three rows of eye & hook closure in order to maintain a very tight fit around the waist so it can reach a good waist cinching effect on long term. This girdle aids to shape the woman`s body transitionally, makes her reach a sexier shape and aids her posture with all her activities on a daily basis.

If the fresh mother puts on a postnatal wrap which fits properly, she`s able to notice results pretty soon. She`ll soon be able to notice an hourglass curve around her waist which gets rid of the muffin top as well as prevent the tummy from showing out.

If you`ll choose to wear this postpartum girdle, you`ll soon notice the look of confidence.

C-Section Postpartum Girdle by Wink

Next is Wink`s C-section postpartum girdle, and it`s certainly among the best products in the field.

It has a stretchy band which maintains the cloth item from falling down. It has 3 layers of eye as well as hook closures on each side, which are very useful for adjustment.

There`re other 3 padded layers located at the crotch as well, which makes those visits to the toilet a whole lot more easier; the very same can be said for the adjustment of the height. It`s a wonderful girdle, manufactured of medical grade fabric and is perfect beneath just about any clothing item.

There are not too many disadvantages to this particular product. Perhaps the only one would be its crotch region that can irritate some women, leading to redness under their skin.

Image courtesy of bellefit.com

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