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How Long Does The Umbilical Cord Stay On?

The umbilical cord has a crucial role in the development of your baby. It offers both the transport of nutrients from the placenta to the baby as well as the elimination of toxic metabolic substances. It also helps the baby breathe during delivery until his lungs will fill with air for the first time.

How Long Does The Umbilical Cord Stay On

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APGAR Score`s Parameters & Meaning!

Being the first test made to your baby, the APGAR score is performed right after birth. The test was designed for a quick evaluation of the physical condition of the newborn after birth and to determine any immediate need for additional medical intervention.


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Convulsive Cough In Children: Causes, Risk Factors, Symptoms & Treatment!

One of the most serious types of coughing of a child is convulsive cough. Vaccination prevents the illness along with its severe forms. On an annual basis, there are thousands of children who experience this medical condition, and worldwide this infection is seen as the Nr. 1 cause of death from the preventable diseases through vaccination.

Convulsive Cough In Children

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Inappetence In Children: 8 Causes For Loss Of Appetite!

The word “inappetence”  comes from the French word “inappétence,” which represents lack of appetite, found in chronic, digestive and febrile illnesses. The term is synonymous with “anorexia,” but it`s different than “psychogenic/nervous/mental anorexia,” the latter denoting the repulsion of food, associated with a total loss of appetite and occurs most commonly in the teenagers obsessed with body weight (around 80%).

Inappetence In Children

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