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Family’s Role In The Child’s Education!

The family has a very important role in the child`s education. The family is the nucleus in which the child is formed as a human being. It has a decisive importance in what will mean the social and spiritual future of the child because we know that there are events that seal the child`s mentality.

Family's Role In The Child's Education

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How Much Appreciation Do Teenagers Need?

It`s almost common knowledge the fact that the relationship parents-children can be considered the most important one between the relationships that can generally form between people. Besides the fact that it`s a definitive and indestructible connection, it should also be the strongest possible link between people. Nothing in this world compares with a successful relationship based on love and respect, as the connection between parents and children is. Or at least, this should be the case when the child turns into a teenager. But we all know that this isn`t always the case, right?

Your Teenager Needs Appreciation

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How To Teach Your Child The Principles Of Positive Education?

There are often moments when children manage to get you out of your mind. You tell yourself that they are good children, but they may have their moments of “weakness,” in which there are angry, unmotivated, disrespectful or pretentious. And it`s true! They sometimes have their moments when they want too much and offer too little, or when they enter in defensive and use bad words.

Principles Of Positive Education

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Why Do Children Start Lying?

There are a lot of ways in which morality can be debated: biological, psychological, cultural, educational, etc. Probably the most important among these are those that shed light on the morality level at young ages, but also the ones that study its perspective culturally speaking.

Why Do Children Start Lying

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Depression In Adolescents: Signs, Evolution & Risk Factors!

One thing is certain: Depression is a very serious illness which, although so much is written about it, there is so little known. The most common illness of the century, this is one of the heaviest burdens that a human being can wear – heavier than any other physical illness – because those who suffer from this disease see themselves in a constant struggle, between their desire to live their lives normally and the thoughts that aren`t at all pleasant, balancing towards the darker parts of our mind.

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