The World of Pregnancy


Building The “Father – Baby” Relationship!

While the relationship between the mother and her baby is formed even from the womb, the baby being born with a great attachment towards the mother`s heartbeats or voice, the one between the father and newborn need to be developed with lots of attention and patience, because now the basis of the later relationship are built.

Father's Role In The Child's Life

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Depression In Adolescents: Signs, Evolution & Risk Factors!

One thing is certain: Depression is a serious disease which, although so much is written about it, there is so little known. The most common illness of the century, this is one of the heaviest burdens that a human being can wear – heavier than any other physical illness – because those who suffer from this disease see themselves in a constant struggle, between their desire to live their lives normally and the thoughts that aren`t at all pleasant, balancing towards the darker parts of our mind.

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Causes & Effects Of Verbal Violence On Children

Have you ever used emotional blackmail to get a desired reaction from your child? Of course, maybe you never thought that this is how is called and interpreted, a phrase that your parents have used it on you as well, and it doesn`t seem to have affected that much. Phrases that have become almost a tradition among some families, such as “no child will play with you if you get dirty,” “I`ll punish you if you don`t learn,” “Bau Bau will come and take you if you are not good” and many others, are in fact ways of emotional blackmail, which create a state of tension in the child`s psyche, which may have some repercussions in his adult life.

Verbal Violence On Children

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