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6 Bad Habits That Will Be Transmitted From Mother To Daughter

Have you ever thought what impact has on your girl when you look in the mirror and you tell yourself that you gained weight or you are ugly in a certain outfit?

Bad Habits From Mother To Daughter

Well, from now on maybe you`ll be more reserved when doing certain remarks, because children are similar to sponges that absorb anything and everything around them.

It`s in vain to try and convince your little one to eat more vegetables, if she sees you always craving for a slice of pizza. It`s in vain to warn her that it isn`t nice to offend the ones around her, if you use bad words when you are driving.

The umbilical cord has been cut for quite some time, but the bond between the 2 of you is just as strong, and either consciously or unconsciously, your little girl tries to be same as her mother. The expression “Do what I tell you, not what I do” won`t help you for too long, so we recommend you to review your behavior and learn how to become a positive example for your child.

Reactions about Weight Are Contagious

You try a few clothes, you look in the mirror and you crook your nose saying that you got fat. Your little girl sees you and starts to have the same reactions as you. Keep in mind that this type of criticism will affect your self-esteem. Even worse is that it will indirectly affect your little girl as well.

Nowadays, all women are concerned the way they look and want to obtain great shapes similar to the stars they worship on television or magazines. The problem is that verbalization of this type of complexes affects the morale of little girls and influences them to have same behavior. There are more and more studies out there showing that children of 5 to 6 years of age are worried about their physical appearance and that they become teenagers who have a constant desire of losing weight.

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Solution: Now that you are a mother, you need to be careful what kinds of commentaries you make around your daughter. Get used to your body and try to look more to the positive aspects of your appearance. Try to send as many positive examples about your physical body to your little girl and focus on adopting a well balanced lifestyle, because this is essential for your little one.

Unhealthy Food Isn`t Healthy for a Child

You constantly repeat to your little one that she needs to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, but you didn`t eat a salad for months. If you do nothing else than braise the properties of green food, but you don`t consume it, your little one will “catch” your example. She`ll eventually notice that you don`t eat what you claim she should eat and she`ll ask herself what she needs to follow your rules.

Solution: Although you cannot always control what your little girl eats, you can still impose a particular lifestyle in your family, and she`ll follow the same rules as everyone else. This type of life lessons will persist throughout her life, so you need to be a good example and use your own creativity if your daughter refuses to listen to you. Try to involve her in the house chores, make healthy sandwiches together and adopt a healthy diet.

Don`t Transform Yourself in a Static Person

If your most difficult physical effort is to press the button of the remote, this means something is definitely wrong. Obesity becomes among the most frequent illnesses regarding children, and one of the most important causes is that they become more and more sedentary. Research shows that children follow the examples of their parents, and if adults don`t practice physical exercises, they won`t either. – Read this page!

Solution: There are so many possibilities through the family can influence the small ones to practice sport. For example, parents can enroll their children in swimming courses, dance, handball, karate, basketball or other types of physical activity that involve physical movement. Additionally, they might make a regular habit of choosing outdoor activities. It`s essential to want and respect this particular rule.

Be Careful to your Vocabulary

If you use ugly words and raise your voice every time you get mad, it`s time to correct your reactions. Children repeat everything they see and hear and take advantage of every chance they get to show their “talents.”

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Solution: All you have to do is to abstain yourself. Use the “jar method” to which Americans turns and put a coin in a jar every time a “pigeon” comes out of your mouth.

Don`t Offer Her Father

Women who talk badly about their husband, either they are in the relationship with them or not, offer a bad example to their little daughters.  By saying negative stuff about their partner, mothers put their daughters in a delicate situation. They`ll suddenly feel the need to take attitude, to protect their father and, therefore they`ll be between the hammer and the anvil.

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Solution: Think about the way you want your daughter to behave throughout life and, depending on these protections, try to change your behavior before it`s too late. The way your daughter communicates should be fair and well balanced, without resentment and bitterness. Don`t put your child in the situation of facing traumas later in life, which she may never be able to overcome.

Mixed Money Massages Aren`t Good Examples

You tell your daughter that she needs to save money, but after 2 days you buy yourself a new pair of shoes. Children shape their own habits after the examples they get from their parents. Studies show that adults are the ones who make their mark in children from the financial point of view, so you need to offer good examples to the little one from early age.

Solution: Teach your little girl how should behave when it comes to using money and, last but not least, follow the same rules you teach her. Use the allowance or savings money to offer her examples and put her in the situation when she has to save money in order to get what she wants.

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