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Can You Take Cough Drops while Pregnant?

Have you ever asked yourself: “Can you take cough drops while pregnant?” During pregnancy, the woman`s immunity decreases and the risk of catching colds increases.

Some women know from personal experience that in the last years natural treatments and alternative therapies have gained more and more ground. A special moment in which they focus their attention towards them is pregnancy, because during this period they try to avoid classical treatments for fear of harming the baby. Cough drops might seem harmless at first, especially if they are made from plants, but it`s recommended not to take anything without the doctor`s approval.

What Should You Know about Cough during Pregnancy?

A cough is a reaction of the organism to certain stimulants. This can be a sign of mechanical irritation of the respiratory tract, allergies or viral disease. Coughing isn`t a disease, but rather a symptom of the disease. If you are pregnant and you are coughing, you need to consult a doctor immediately to find out the diagnosis and to choose the proper drugs which won`t affect the baby.

If you are coughing during pregnancy, you need to alert yourself because this symptom can affect the baby.

What Are the Risks?

  • Weeks 1 – 14 of Pregnancy

During the first trimester of pregnancy, any type of cough is dangerous. Dry cough, paroxysmal cough and whooping cough, they all flex the abdominal muscles. During early pregnancy, coughing can lead to miscarriage.

The second thing that you need to know is that a strong and long-lasting cough removes the oxygen from the organism. The lack of oxygen during pregnancy can lead to a poor placental circulation, an inaccurate supply of oxygen and nutrients. In extreme cases, the lack of oxygen consumption by the pregnant woman can cause fetal hypoxia.

Wet cough during pregnancy can cause vomiting. Due to this process, you`ll be dehydrated and you`ll be lacking in vitamins and minerals.

Pay special attention to cough accompanied by wheezing. This can by a dangerous viral disease which may prevent the development of the fetus. If you suffer of this disease, most likely, the doctor will recommend you an abortion.

  • Weeks 15 – 26 of Pregnancy

During the second trimester of pregnancy, long-lasting attacks of dry coughing are the most dangerous. They may lead to giving birth to babies with low weight. Additionally, coughing at 15 – 26 weeks of pregnancy can lead to disturbances in fetal nervous system development.

  • Weeks 15 – 26 of Pregnancy

Coughing in the last trimester of pregnancy is the most dangerous. This can disturb the maternal milk production, cause strengthening of the placenta, amniotic liquid expectoration or causing premature birth.

If you are pregnant and you are coughing, you should treat it as soon as possible.

Preventing Coughs during Pregnancy

To prevent coughs or colds, you need to the rules of a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you are eating properly, sleeping enough and do exercises. It`s important to take vitamins, but only under the supervision and in accordance with the doctor`s recommendations. Uncontrolled use of vitamins during pregnancy can harm the fetus.

Wash yourself regularly on your hands! Use only utensils and personal hygiene products.

How to Treat Cough during Pregnancy?

A lot of times, we neglect simple rules of treatment and, thus, without taking into considerations the consequences, we catch a cold. For pregnant women, this diagnosis is unacceptable.

If you feel sick, you have a stuffy nose, you are coughing or have other cold symptoms, you need to follow simple rules:

  • Stay lied down in bed;
  • Get enough sleep at night and 1 – 2 hours during the day;
  • Drink a lot of water. Add chicken soup in your menu, and drink warm fruit or plant tea. Juices should be replaced with compote of dried fruits.
  • Eat well and choose lots of rich foods in proteins. Use small portions and eat often.

Pregnant women may be treated with coughing syrups or tablets, but only what the doctor`s recommended. Most of these syrups are used for dry coughing at first pregnancy.

Can You Take Cough Drops while Pregnant?

Cough drops are known to come into 2 different forms: mentholated or non-mentholated. The mentholated ones are known to numb any throat pain, but they most of the time contain oral anesthetic and cough suppressants. Non-mentholated ones have a soothing substance that coats the throat, and they don`t numb throat pain or suppress coughs.

Generally speaking, it may be best to abandon the idea of using cough drops during pregnancy because they mainly contain synthetic ingredients. However, some experts claim that particular brands of cough drops are acceptable; but again, not without speaking to a doctor first.

According to Women`s Care, some brands of cough drops are safe during pregnancy:

  • Halls Menthol-Cough Suppressant / Oral Anesthetic Plus Medicine
  • Ricola Cough Suppressant Throat Drops
  • Vicks Menthol Cough Suppressant / Oral Anesthetic Drops

On the other hand, claims that they aren`t safer than any other non-natural brands. If you still choose to use them, you shouldn`t eat them as candies no matter if you are pregnant or not. Some drops contain herbs which aren`t safe during pregnancy, so it`s best to avoid them.Can You Take Cough Drops while Pregnant

Additional Advices to Relieve Cough

Experts recommend that pregnant women should treat themselves like they would treat their babies. Less drugs they use, the better. Most allopathic cough syrups contain iodine, an expectorant which isn`t recommended during pregnancy because it can affect fetal development. Plantain syrup can be an option if the pregnant woman starts coughing. The future method can also choose to use Stodal syrup, a homeopathic drug good for any kind of cough.

  • Give up smoking! Smoking, even the passive one, can cause lots of problems. Try to breathe clean air, unpolluted.
  • Avoid irritants, like dust, smoke or other pollutants;
  • You can do inhalations to help the mucosa liquefy;
  • If you cannot sleep due to coughing, try to use an extra pillow;
  • You can gargle with salt water;
  • Massage your chest with menthol products;
  • You can take a steam bath;
  • Don`t use cough syrup without the doctor`s recommendation;
  • If you have fever, visit your doctor immediately.

Try to prevent colds and coughs during pregnancy. Don`t expose yourself to cold, don`t stay around sick people, dress yourself according to the season and try to remember that temperature differences can cause dry cough.

If you are allergic, stay away from anything that may trigger your allergies.

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